Thursday, 3 May 2018

Instant noodles Quench hunger but harms the health

The famous instant noodles:
affordable, convenient, tasty,
filling and best served hot and
garnished with eggs, shrimps or
beef, sounds like a perfect meal
especially when you are too

tired or too hungry to prepare a
healthy meal, but how healthy
is it really? Instant noodles also
known as ramen is originally an
Asian delicacy. It consists of
Chinese-style wheat noodles
served in a meat- or fish-based
broth, often flavoured with soy
sauce or miso, and uses
toppings such as sliced pork,
dried seaweed, and green
onions. However this staple
food has come to stay in
Nigeria. It has moved from
being a staple food loved by
children to a delicacy meal
eaten by lots of adults. While
you probably don’t consider
them as healthy food, you may
think they’re not that bad, or,

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