Monday, 5 March 2018

Remaining deer at Winona County farm found to have disease

An updated results has been released by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health on a Winona County deer farm where chronic wasting disease was discovered in November.
In a release, the board says that the last seven remaining white-tailed deer harvested at the farm were found to have the disease. Samples from deer that the producer had moved from the farm to the Winona city park did show the disease.
The board making sure the disease is cleared by working with the owner to clean and decontaminate the enclosure that contained the deer.
The board says it is taking strict monitoring of one other farmed deer herd in the state, in Crow Wing County. That herd is quarantined and being tested for the disease.
Chronic wasting disease is fatal to deer and elk, and the most worrying thing is that there are no known treatments or vaccines.

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