Moderate regular alcoholic drinkers live longer

Moderate regular alcoholic drinkers live longer

Objectively, I think we all believe or let me say some of us believed
that total abstinence from alcohol can keep us away from various
health diseases thus make us live longer. But recent research prove us
wrong as it shows that total abstinence from alcohol is not good for
our body as heavy drinkers are even found to live longer than those
who do not consume at all.

A recent research suggest that people who consume alcohol regularly
but moderately tend to live longer than chronic alcoholic drinkers
while heavy drinkers also outlive those that totally abstain from

The research was lead by Charles Holahan who is a university of Texas

The age of the controlled group were between 55 and 65 and included
1824 participants.

The experiment or research lasted for 20 years. During the 20 years
period, 69 per cent of participants who do not drink alcohol at all
died, 60 per cent of chronic drinkers died and only 41 per cent of
people who drink moderately died.

With the above proportional result, moderate alcoholic drinkers live
longer than both heavy drinkers and those who consume no alcohol.

Though, I do not encourage anybody to start consuming alcohol
especially if you are restricted from doing so for medical reason.

Research is there for human guidance until it is proved otherwise.


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