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11 Top Health And Nutritional Benefits of Banana Fruit

Banana fruit and it health benefits
The banana is a high herb that can attain up to 15 metres of height.
It is a perennial plant that grow from a bulb or rhizome. Banana takes
between 9-12 months before it is ready for harvesting and is available
all year long as it usually replaces itself.

Banana are best grown in tropical or rain forest region of Africa and
other continents with a yearly rainfall of 78-98 inches. Banana
require moist soil and a good drainage but can also grow abundantly
during the dry season.

Botanically, the friut belongs to the family of Musaceae.

Banana comes with nature gifted protective layer of skin which protect
it from contamination such as germs, dust and bacteria.

There are over 1000 known banana varieties in the world. The common
types include the popular yellow cavendish/the baby banana, the red
banana with pinkish flesh, the smaller apple banana and the plantain.

Banana is consumed as fruit by removing the peel and enjoy.

Uses includes can be use as fibre in textile and paper

2.As animal feeds

3.As fertilizer

4.As medicine and for skin care and some people rub the inside of the
banana skin with their skin to prevent swelling and irritation from
mosquito bites

5.It leaves can be used for wrapping food during cooking especially in Africa.

The banana can be keep at room temperature by hanging on a rack and
placed on a counter or expose them to the sun for fast ripening. You
can also peel the skin of a ripe banana and freeze.

The following nutrition are contained in 100g of banana

1.Energy 90kcal

2.Carbohydrates 22.84g

3.Protein 1.09g

4.Fat 0.33g

5.Cholesterol 0mg

6.Dietary fiber 2.60g

7.Thiamine(vit.B1) 0.031MG

8.Riboflavin(vit.B2) 0.073mg

9.Niacin(vit.B3) 0.665mg

10.Pantothenic acid(B5) 0.0.334mg

11.Folate(vit.B9) 20ug

Images for different variety of banana fruit

12.VIT A 0.64IU

13.VIT C 8.7mg

14.VIT 0.10MG

15.VIT K 0.5ug

16.Calcium 5mg

17.Iron 0.26mg

18.Magnesium 27mg

19.Phosphorus 22mg

20.Potassium 358mg

21.Zinc 0.15mg

22.Sodium 1mg.

Some health benefits of bananas

Brain sharpening
The potassium in banana is an essential nutrient that helps to improve
brain memory and alertness.

Lessen stress
Stress is not good for your body and eating a handful of banana fruit
can help you to lessen your stress because banana help our body to
re-filled the potassium it has loss due to stress. Potassium also
helps to send oxygen to the brain and regulates the water balance of
our body thus reducing stress.

Blood pressure regulation
High level of sodium in the body is one of the major causes of high
blood pressure. However, banana is high in potassium and low in sodium
thus constantly helps to find the balance by bringing our high blood
pressure back to normal.

Increase libido
Bananas are great source of sexual energy, libido and endurance
because of it helps in the production of testoterone. It is a great
source of energy because of it richness in vitamin B.

Lessen constipation
Banana helps to normalize bowel action, aid digestion thus prevent or
lessen constipation. This isdue to it richness in fiber.

More nutritional than apple
The vitamin A in banana is five times that of apple. The phosphorus,
protein, iron and carbohydrate in bananas are five times, four times,
thrice , and twice that of apple respectively.

Minimizes stroke
Experts say that regular eating of bananas can cut the risk of dying
from stroke and stroke related illnesses by 40 percent.

Production of blood
Bananas can help in the treatment of anemia because of it richness in
iron that enhance the production of red blood cells.

Reduces depression
Serotoxin make the body feel relaxed and banana contain a type of
protein called tryptophan which the body converts into serotoxin.
Banana is also rich in vitamin B complex which helps to calm the nervous system.

Good for peptic ulcer patients
Banana neutralizes excess acidity in the stomach and is naturally good
for peptic ulcer patients because of its soft texture and smoothness.

Miscellaneous health benefits
Banana can serve as a natural cure for such diseases like
hypertension, cancer, ulcer, diarrhea, constipation, asthma,
constipation, eye problem such as cataract etc
The plantain type is recommended for diabetes patient as it contain
less sugar and more fiber.

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