What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy
substance. Every cell in your body has
cholesterol and it's something
you need.

Cholesterol helps you digest food as well as make vitamin D
and certain hormones. How much you have is what will determine
whether is harmful to your body.

Cholesterol which is carry throughout your
system by a substance called lipoprotein comes in two varieties:
1. Low-density lipoprotein
( LDL). It's often called the
"bad cholesterol."
2. High-density lipoprotein
(HDL). That's the "good
When levels of LDL are too high,
your chance of heart disease
increases. You should try to
lower your LDL levels while raising the good HDL

You could do this by focusing on foods that
are low in natural cholesterol and
saturated fat but high in "good fats" such as
monounsaturated fats which give you lot of fiber.

doctor or dietician can direct you on how to measure how
much fat and dietary cholesterol
you're consuming.

Every day try to have less than 7% of your
calories from saturated fat and lower than 200 milligrams of
dietary cholesterol. This will help you to lower your LDL


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