Thursday, 25 January 2018

9 Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Diabetes

Frequent urination – This is the common man sign or symptoms of diabetic. Though, not all frequent urination is related to diabetics but is one of the primary sign of diabetes. This is a result of elevated or high glucose level which can cause more frequent urination than normal. .

Increased thirst – Definitely , if you are urinating excessively, your thirst for water will increase. Drinking
more water than usual, drinking literally all day, or having an unquenchable thirst can also be a symptom of diabetes caused by high glucose levels. Urinating more than usual will make you dehydrated and because of that you will want to drink more water than usual in order to replace the one you have lost.

Increased appetite for food – Unbalanced blood glucose can increase your appetite for food more than normal , especially sugar-rich food.

Undue body weakness and fatigue – Glucose is needed for energy and vitality. This energy make us to be active in our daily activities. But in case of diabetes, the body will not be able to efficiently utilize glucose as a result of insufficient insulin or inability of the body to use insulin effectively. This will lead to undue body weakness and fatigue.

Undue weight loss – Excessive urination will make you loss weight because you are passing out sugar which an integral part of weight building. Then, as the body cannot manufacture insulin, then the body starts breaking down fat and muscle for the needed energy. However, one does not need to be panic because staying lean is one of the best way to manage diabetes.

Blurred vision – This can be a sign of diabetes as a result of fluctuating glucose level. People with diabetes are advice to properly manage their glucose level as this can turn them to early blind person. If you have a family history of diabetes and you started experiencing undue blurred vision, it is better you go for diabetes test.

Tingling or numbness in the feet – High levels of glucose in your blood can damage your nervous system and affect your hands and feet making you feel like you have pins and needle in your feet. I have someone, experiencing this and it is called neuropathy. It is a painful symptoms of diabetes especially in long time diabetic patients who does not manage their condition/glucose level properly.

Unhealed wound or bruises – is also a serious symptoms of diabetes and can be costly if not properly managed.

Other form of diabetes symptoms are gum or bladder infections, vaginal infections, dry or scaly skin, low mood or irritability and forgetfulness/ loss of memory.

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