Friday, 29 September 2017

Symptom of Diabetes: Gastroparesis

Stomach trouble is one of the
symptoms of persistent high
blood sugar
or diabetes. I have written in my
previous article that one of the
symptoms of persistent and
uncontrolled high blood sugar is
damage, a condition known as
neuropathy. Therefore, diabetes
or high
blood sugar can also damages
the nerve that helps stomach to
and transport food smoothly
through the digestive tract.
This inability of the stomach to
empty food quickly enough as a
of persistent high blood sugar
can lead to many diabetes
complications. This inability of
the stomach to process and
empty food
swiftly is a condition known as
1. This could cause unpleasant
problems like diarrhea,
constipation, or incontinence.
2. It may also lead to difficulty in
eating or swallowing.
3. Gastroparesis can make it
uneasy to control your high
blood sugar
or diabetes.
One of the consequences of
uncontrolled diabetes is poor
system as a result of nerve
damage. Try to control your
blood sugar as
much as you can to prevent,
control, manage and reverse

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Liver-Function, Disease and Remedy

The liver is a very vital organ of
the body since it performs
numerous functions. The average
weight of a liver is about 1.25kg.
It lies below the diaphragm and
located on the right side of the
abdomen. The color of the
normal healthy liver is dark-red.
The liver is regarded as one of
the most important organs in the
body of a mammal because of
the following functions it
Functions of the liver
1. The liver helps in the formation
of red blood cells i.e. erythrocytes
2. Heat production for the body
3. It helps in the regulation of
4. It helps in the regulation of
blood sugar by converting blood
sugar to glycogen
5. The liver helps in detoxifying
the toxic by-products of the body
6. The liver produces bile which
helps in the emulsification of fats
for easy digestion.
7. The liver serves as a storage
medium for vitamins
8. Manufacture of essential
protein is one of the vital
functions of the liver
9. It helps in the reservoir of
10. The liver helps in the
breakdown of red blood cells
11. As a medium for the storage
of iron
Despite the enormous functions
of the liver, it is one of the major
cause of sickness and death in
mammals especially man because
of the diseases it can
incorporate. Some of the major
disease of the liver and their
remedy are discussed below.
Disease of the liver
Diabetes mellitus
This is the major disease of the
liver and is one of global
significance. Diabetes mellitus is
caused by the inability of the liver
cells to convert excess glucose in
the blood to glycogen. Excess
glucose in the blood is not good
for the body. Therefore, it should
be converted and stored as
glycogen and whenever the body
lacks glucose, the glycogen will
be converted to glucose by
hormone known as insulin
according to the body needs.
Diabetes mellitus is therefore
caused as a result of the failure
of some group of cells in the
pancreas (Islets of Langerhans)
to manufacture enough insulin.
Effects of diabetes mellitus
It can leads to leathery skin,
lethargy, exhaustion or muscular
weakness, dehydration, blurred
vision, costly to manage.
Remedy for diabetes mellitus
Diabetes drugs as prescribed by
the physician should be used
Regular doses of insulin injection
if and as prescribed by the
Avoidance of carbohydrate and
sugar rich foods
Regular exercise as prescribed by
the physician
Restrict diet as directed by the
physician or doctor.
Infective Hepatitis
Symptoms are loss of appetite,
nausea, severe headache and
this is caused as a result of the
inflammation of the liver.
Remedy for Hepatitis
Patient should be placed on
special diet and should strictly
adhere to it.
Proper administering of
prescribed drugs or medication
Gall stones
Gall stones are hard objects like
stones which are formed in the
bile duct and which block the
passage of the bile.
Effects of gall stones
Inability to digest fats and oil
Yellowing of the skin and eyes
Remedy for gall stones
Oral feeding on a bile acid as
prescribed by a physician may
help to dissolve the stones
Proper usage of prescribed
Cancer of the liver
Cancer of the liver like other type
of cancer is caused by a distorted
form of production in liver cells.
Cancer of the liver is a deadly
infection if not treated early.
General weakness of the body
which can result to death.
The disease can be treated like
other cancer disease through the
use of radiation, chemotherapy
and surgery.
Cirrhosis of the liver
In cirrhosis of the liver, the liver
cells are replaced by dead and
lifeless fibrous tissue.
Loss of appetite which can result
to general weakness of the body.
Remedy for cirrhosis of the liver
Surgical operation
Total avoidance of alcoholic
drinks and beverages.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar : Numbness or Tingling

It is compulsory for every
diabetes people to know the
symptoms of the aftereffects of
high blood sugar. Knowing this
help patients to quickly respond
to the complications of high
One of the consequences of
consistent, persistent and
high blood sugar or diabetes is
nerve damage (called peripheral
NEUROPATHY). It is typically a sign
of chronically elevated blood
Adhering strictly to diabetes
medications and diets are some
of the
ways to prevent and control
Exercise is another effective way
to prevent or control neuropathy
relation to diabetes or high
blood sugar. Exercise such as
walking for
like 30 minutes or engaging in
other household activities that
make you active and sweat or
make your heart beat faster
everyday will
help you to control your high
blood sugar and nerve damage.
Make sure you are taking care of
your foot regularly if you are
1. Patients with diabetes
neuropathy may not
realize they have been injured
from a cut
2. Neuropathy diabetes may not
realize that a wound is becoming
3. Neuropathy may make
diabetes patients to be
oversensitive to pain as they
might experience severe and
constant pain from otherwise
painless stimulation.
4. Nerve damage as a result of
diabetes will results in numbness
tingling in your hands and feet,
as well as the inability to feel pain
temperature changes.
Persistent and uncontrolled high
blood sugar can cause diabetes
neuropathy or nerve damage.
This symptoms should prompt
diabetics to
quickly plan how to bring their
blood sugar down to the normal
through medications, diets,
exercise and other lifestyle

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Sugar : Swelling of Hands and Feets

Ability to read signs about the
level of your blood sugar is vital
overall health and vitality. High
blood pressure and diabetes are
twins. Most diabetes patients are
also suffering from high blood
pressure while consistent and
uncontrolled high blood pressure
lead to diabetes.
Persistent high blood pressure
together with diabetes, can
damage the
kidneys' ability to filter wastes
and fluid in the long run.
Therefore, your
hands and feet may swell as
builds up in your body. This is a
warning sign that you your
condition is affecting your
Therefore, it is advisable to be
using your high blood pressure
diabetes medications regularly as
prescribed by the doctor. If your
hands and feet swell as a
consequence of diabetes and
high blood
pressure, you can still reverse the
condition by making changes in
your diets and lifestyle.
You can still preserve
the kidney function by
taking your diabetes and blood
pressure medicines as
prescribed. Following the
recommended diabetes diets
may also help to
keep your blood sugar under
One of the symptoms to show
that your diabetes and high
blood pressure
is killing your kidney is swelling
of hands and feets. In the first
place try to avoid this by using
your high blood pressure and
drugs regularly. And you could
reverse the condition by working
your doctor on your condition.
Find out and eat foods that could
your blood pressure and blood
sugar balanced. Other lifestyle
could help. Exercise is one of the
ways to keep your blood
and sugar balanced.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar : Feeling Dizzy or Shaky

Every diabetes patients should
learn how to know whether their
sugar is low or high. In my two
previous articles, i wrote about
to know that your blood sugar is
high through excessive
thirty/frequent urination and
Feeling of fatique/tiredness. I
you to read those two articles
because knowledge is power.
Today, am writing about one of
the symptoms that your blood
sugar is
low. High blood sugar is the
problem or cause of diabetes but
sometimes due to many factors
blood sugar could drop low in
patients. It must be noted that
low blood sugar is a serious and
dangerous sickness on it own.
Low blood sugar is a silent killer
kill fastly.
One of the symptoms of low
blood sugar is DIZZINESS. Feeling
dizzy or
shaky can be a sign of low blood
sugar or hypoglycemia.
Low blood sugar is very
dangerous and kill fast because
brain needs glucose to function,
a drop in blood sugar means the
brain will malfunction which
lead to many things such as
dizziness, seizure and death.
diabetes people still need to
watch blood sugar if it is low. It
keeping the blood sugar balance
is the key not just keeping it
getting high.
Therefore, if you are feeling dizzy
or shaky especially after using
diabetes medication or other
actions, you could drink a glass
of fruit
juice as this will help to bring up
your blood sugar in
the short term. I know of some
people that drink soft drink
when their
blood sugar is low. Some take
sugar to bring the blood sugar
However, if you're
regularly feeling shaky or dizzy,
please talk to
your doctor. Your doctor may
advice you to make changes in
medications or diet.
Blood sugar of diabetes patients
can sometimes fall lower than
This condition is dangerous if
not taken care of. DIZZINESS is a
sign of low blood sugar or
glucose. Ability to read along this
can safe diabetics from sudden

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High : Fatigue or Tiredness

If you are diabetic, it is very
important to be able to read your
blood sugar level without meter
but through how you feel inside
Being able to read how you feel
from time to time concerning
will help you to balance your
blood sugar if it rises.
One of the symptoms that shows
your blood sugar is high is
feeling of
fatigue or tiredness.
Fatigue is one of the major
signals that
your blood sugar is high. The
reason why you are feeling
fatigue or
tired when your sugar is high is
that your sugar which is suppose
be diverted to your body's cells is
instead staying in your
bloodstream. Therefore, your
muscles do not have
enough fuel to use for energy.
The fatigue may range from
feeling only a little tired to
needing a
nap. When your blood sugar is
high you will be feeling tired all
time or after just a little work or
after eating a big
Fatigue for diabetes people is a
signal and symptom that their
sugar is high. Being able to read
along this line will help to quickly
react to the problem.
It is advisable for diabetes
patients to educate the people
them about symptoms of high
blood sugar level as they might
be the one
to remind them or pay their
attention to those symptoms.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Health Updates : Climbing Stairs Improves Health

Climbing stairs improve health
long time ago, a group of
researchers asked 69 sedentary
employees to use only the stairs
at their place of working instead
of using the elevators. The
researcher's found out after just
two weeks that the workers'
aerobic capacity had increased
by 8.6 percent and this allowed
for 15 percent decrement in
mortality risk from any cause.
The workers blood pressure,
weight, size and cholesterol also
improved. It was then concluded:
That taking the stairs regularly is
a simple and effective way to
improve health.
Ear tubes may not improve
children hearing over long term
Ear pain can occur as result of
allergy, chillness, filling of wax
and fluid in the ear, entry of
foreign object in the ear. It can
also occur due to infection in the
Eustachian tube.
According to a recent study on
the long term effect of
implanting ear tubes in children
with hearing disability termed
chronic otitis media with
effusion, the ear tubes implanted
in the ear to relieve pressure and
fluid buildup can only improve
hearing over a short term but
don't help the victims hearing,
speech or language over long
Other care of the ear
Avoid wetting the ear. Therefore,
you can close the ears with
cotton snubs while bathing.
If you have pain while lying
down, then try sitting down with
head up straight.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High: Thirst And Frequent Urination

There are many ways you could
know that your blood sugar is on
rise. First, people with type 2
diabetes need to be reminded
their blood sugar
levels can be keep under control
with diet, exercise, and drug.
However, you need to be
checking your blood sugar level
every day with a
meter, to get best results.
Therefore, it is advisable for
anyone with
diabetes to be checking their
blood sugar regularly as this will
them know the kind of action to
take or maybe to keep doing
what they
are doing right.
However, if you do not have time
or your needle has finished, one
the ways to know that your
sugar is high is that you will be
and excessively thirsty.
Thirst and frequent urination are
two significant symptoms of
diabetes due to too much sugar
in your blood.
You will need to urinate more
than normal if your blood sugar
is high
because your kidneys work
harder to
filter out the sugar, pulling more
fluids from your tissues in the
Being thirsty on the other hand
is your body's way
of letting you know that you
need to
replenish the liquids it's losing
through the fluid your kidney
In such situation, you need to
answer your body by drinking
water to
prevent dehydration.
Using meter is the best way to
measure your blood sugar.
frequent urination and excessive
thirst are two among the various
symtoms that your blood sugar is
high. So take note!

Monday, 11 September 2017

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Infants

Worldwide, many infants are
dying from sudden death (SIDS).
Medical personnel are working
round the clock to correct and
control this problem. According
to the Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA), it
seems that the risk of SIDS highly
reduces when infants sleep with
their back than with their belly.
Though, the relationship
between sleeping with the face
up in infants and SIDS cannot be
well established but some
researchers noted that sleeping
in this manner can prevent
infants from inhaling back the
carbondioxide that has already
been exhaled which can lead to
concentration of carbondioxide
in the blood stream. Making
infants to sleep with their belly
can also lead to excessive heat
Not the best sleeping position for
Many countries such as England,
New Zealand, Australia, Denmark
and Norway usually urge parents
to lay their child on the bed with
their face up and this has
resulted in great reduction of
SIDS death to 50 percent from
100 percent within one to two
Though, it was concluded that
the health status of a child will
greatly determine the best
sleeping position but one of the
ways to reduce SIDS is to make
healthy infants to sleep with their
back, i suggested.

Saturday, 9 September 2017


In my previous article, I wrote
about the importance of fiber to
diabetes diet. If you have not
read the article it is advisable you
do so. Reading it will give the you
the knowledge about the
importance of fiber for the
controlling and balancing of
blood sugar.
Food rich in fiber is usually
recommended for diabetes by
doctors. Diabetes people should
consider eating fruits and foods
that are high in fiber but low in
sugar calories, fruits, starch and
carbohydrates. Foods high in
vitamins and minerals are also a
must for diabetes diet.
The problem that most diabetes
patients have is that they
concentrated much on using
drugs that flush or balance their
blood sugar than on eating
foods that could equally do the
same or outperformed the drugs

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Excessive Eating Increases The Risk Of Eating Bacteria In Food

Excess food intake at a go can
increase the risk of fallen sick
through getting infected with
The acid in our intestine usually
kill the bacteria in the food we
eat. But excess food will be more
powerful than the acid in our
intestine thus reducing the
power of the intestine to kill

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How To Reverse Diabetes Type 2 With Diets

Reversing type 2 diabetes
with proper diet
It must be admitted that living
with diabetes is not easy
because you have to follow a
daily routine of using your
medications as at when due. It is
even a terrible case for those on
insulin, some diabetics take
insulin daily, as they need to be
injecting themselves with
Contrary to popular believe that
diabetes cannot be reverse, a
clinical trial has proven that type
2 diabetes, can be reversed and
with your diet.
Weight loss has been said to be
able to improve diabetes
condition. Accordingly, IU Health
Arnett Doctor Sarah
Hallberg helped to create a diet
for a weight loss study program
examining how a low carb
diet can serve as a treatment for
The diet was designed in such a
way that it is low in carbs,
moderate on protein intake and
suggests high levels of fat.
I know that you will be surprised
to read that the diet 'suggests
high levels of fat.'
However, the fat are not harmful
ones cause the fat sources are all
real food
sources from
dairy, butter fat, heavy whipping
cream, and coconut oil.
Hallberg said there are meat
sources for those people
who choose to eat meat but
adviced not to eat meat in order
to follow a
proper low carb high fat diet.
The following are 2 testimonies
from two people out of the many
that have participated and
benefited from the program.
Diabetes Neuropathy:
Symptoms, Causes and
1. Debra Jones has seen a reverse
her diabetes and other health
issues, and she gave the credit to
changing her
"I was on insulin and diabetic
medicine and I'm off of it now,
my sugar stay real low, and I'm
also off of my blood pressure
medicine, it's just, it's just
unbelievable," said Jones.
2. Lisa Asbury is another
who has been able to reverse her
diabetes through her
involvement in the diet study.
She encourage
people with diabetes to join the
weight loss program.
"This is the easiest way of eating
that I have learned in my entire
life, you can take your life back
you don't have to sit at home and
be depressed and not leave
home because you're so heavy,"
said Asbury.
The designer of the program
Sarah Hallberg said people can
control blood sugar levels almost
instantly with this
consistent diet. She also says the
response from
participants have been amazing
and encouraging.
"They cry because they are so
happy, like I can't believe I don't
have to take the insulin anymore
or I can't believe my blood sugars
are normal, or they'll cry more
commonly and say why didn't
anybody tell me this before. But it
really show, that we can use food
as medicine," said Hallberg.
She says the diet program can
help to maintain blood sugar
levels for people who have type 1
diabetes. About 500 people are
taking part in the diet program,
which will be evaluated by
doctors over two years.
Diet is one of ways to reverse,
control and manage diabetes
type 2. Following proper diabetes
diet will go a long way in
determining how your diabetes
story is gonna end. You can do
your own research and design a
diabetes diet for yourselves
according to your culture and
financial status.
To learn about participating in
the diet program, click the link

Sunday, 3 September 2017


Coronary or health disease and
vein disease are risky diseases
for some individuals who don't
have their diabetes under proper
It is very important for diabetes
people to keep their blood sugar
level under proper control
because they were twice as liable
to have heart issues and strokes
individuals who don't have the
Another reason it is advisable for
diabetics to properly balance
their glucose level is that it could
lead to blood vessel or nerve
damage which might likewise
bring about foot issues that, in
rare cases, can
lead to amputation.
10 Steps To Better
Diabetes Diets
7 Risk Factors Shared By
Diabetes And Certain
Tumeric Helps To Control
There are many diabetics that
have injuries especially on their
foot and toes and it heals very
fast because they properly
control their blood sugar.
It must be note many of the legs
and feet amputated are not lost
on account of an injury, but as an
aftereffect of this malady.
Symptoms of diabetes in relation
to heart disease are slow. It
means you will not take note of
cautioning signs until you have a
heart attack or stroke.
Damaged veins or blood vessels
as a result uncontrolled blood
sugar can brings quick sharp
pains on legs and feets, changes
in skin color, and less sensation
or feeling.
The best solution is prevention.
Many studies demonstrate that
controlling your
diabetes can offer you some
assistance with avoiding these
issues, or stop them
from deteriorating if you have
develop heart disease or vein
damage as as a result of
uncontrolled diabetes.
The link between diabetes and
heart disease is not directly
correlated because diabetes do
not necessarily lead to heart
problem. It is consistent
uncontrolled blood glucose level
that could lead to it. Lack of
proper control of diabetes can
also lead to blood vessels or
nerve damage.
However, all these can be
avoided by proper blood sugar
control. This can be achieved
through following the diets
recommended by doctors.
Exercise could also help to burn
calories and keep the body in
proper shape. Try to reduce your
weight if you are obese because
overweight is one of the major
causes of diabetes. Use the
recommended or prescribed
drug as indicated by the
physician. Don't be tired of using
your drugs or eating a routine
diets that are working for you. If
you are tired of using them, then
you are tired of life.

Friday, 1 September 2017

10 Steps To Better Diabetes Diets

Keeping a balanced weight is key
to prevent and control diabetes.
Eating a balanced diet or foods
low in fat and calories but full of
nutrients will help us to maintain
a balanced weight which is key
among the most critical things
you can do to bring down your
risk for type 2 diabetes. Type 2
diabetes is a condition described
by high blood glucose levels
brought on by either an absence
of insulin or the body's failure to
utilize insulin productively. Type 2
diabetes could affect anybody
regardless of their age. Before it
was thought that type 2 diabetes
only affect adults but now even
young kids are having the
It can appear to be difficult to
settle on good diet decisions,
especially in the event that you
are on a strict financial budget
and low income. In any case,
there are some basic steps you
can take to help you and your
family eat foods that are more
beneficial to your health and less
Diabetes Neuropathy:
Symptoms, Causes and
1. Have a Healthier Plate
Eat more of vegetables, organic
foods, and whole grains.
Purchase leaner meats such as
chicken, turkey. Eat whole grain
breads and oats.
Keep in mind that extraordinary
dietetic or diabetic nourishments
regularly cost additional cash and
you need to find a way to get
your food at low cost. Expensive
food does not necessarily
nutritious than low cost ones.
2. Shop Smart
Try to have a plan on the kind of
food you need to manage your
diabetes and how you will get
those food. Have a minimum level
that you want the food to fall
before getting another ones.
Having an arrangement or list
like this will keep you organised ,
can spare you time, anxiety and a
considerable measure of
additional times to the store.
3. Stock your storeroom with a
lot of beneficial stuffs, including
cocoa rice, entire grain pasta,
saltines and oats.
4. Keep in mind that crisp leafy
foods are normally more
beneficial than canned or
5. Make sure you follow your list
and don't get distracted. Make
sure you shop just from your
basic need list.
6. Keep away from foods that
contain high calories however
low in vitamins and minerals, for
example, treats, chips and soft
Meaning of Type 2
Diabetes: Two Causes of
High Blo…
Top 10 Causes of Type 2
7. Never shop when you are
eager and may be enticed by a
food with less nourishment.
8.To eliminate the sodium and
added sugar in canned food by
washing them before warming
in new water.
9. Purchase fruits in organic
form, or in juice (not syrup).
10. Make sure you have simple
appetite killing foods in your
stores. For instance, carrots,
grapes or biscuit that is low in
Since diet is so essential for the
management of diabetes,
following the above ten steps to
better diabetes diet will help to
manage diabetes effectively and
avoid the future complications of
the disease.

NTUC launches ready-to-eat meals suitable for people with diabetes

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