Thursday, 31 August 2017

Stress Management Could Reduce Deaths And Disability From Heart Attack

Stress Management Could Reduce
Deaths And Disability From Heart
A team at Duke University School
of Medicine studied a single DNA
letter change in the human
genome, which has been linked
to being more vulnerable to the
effects of stress.
From the research, they found
that heart patients with genetic
change had a 38 percent
increased risk of heart disease
after seven years of follow up
compared with those with no
genetic change.
The study adds to evidence that
stress may directly increase heart
disease risk. This also means that
stress management techniques
and drug therapies could reduce
deaths and disability from heart
"This is one step towards the day
when we will be able to identify
people on the basis of this
genotype who are at higher risk
of developing heart disease in
the first place.
That's a step in the direction of
personalized medicine for
cardiovascular disease." -Says Dr.
Redford Williams, director of the
Behavioural Medicine Research
Center at Duke University School
of Medicine.
About 600 men and women in
the group of 6000 heart patients
that are studied had the genetic
change associated with bad
handling of emotional stress.
Therefore, if you always feel
anxious and worried about your
stress levels, try to make an
appointment and discuss it with
your doctor because identifying
people with the genetic change
can lead to early interventions for
heart patients who are at high
risk of dying or having a heart
According to Prof. Jeremy
Pearson, associate medical
director at the British Heart
Foundation, the study provided
further evidence that stress may
directly increase risk of heart
He said: "By finding a possible
mechanism behind this
relationship, these researchers
have suggested tackling the
problem either by changing
behavior or, if needed, with
existing medicines.
There are positive lifestyle
changes you can make to help
you cope with stress.
balanced diet and regular
physical activity will help you feel
better able to cope with life's

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

7 Risk Factors Shared By Diabetes And Certain Cancer

Medical scientists have
discovered that there is a link
between diabetes and some
form of cancer. They found out
that certain risk factors that
cause diabetes can also lead to
cancer. Scientists are trying their
best to make research and
discoveries in order to enlighten
people about their health. Many
people are ignorant about their
health. They are well educated in
other aspect of their lives, they
were educated and well
grounded in finance,
relationship, news,
entertainment, sports, market
and other aspect of life but when
it comes to health education,
their score is zero. Though,
having education on health does
not mean that one will not sick
but having the knowledge is
always better because
knowledge is better than
ignorance anytime any day.
The research shows that certain
factors that cause diabetes also
cause certain types of cancers
such as liver, pancreas, uterus,
colon, breast and bladder cancer.
Diabetes Neuropathy:
Symptoms, Causes and
Meaning of Type 2
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High Blo…
Top 10 Causes of Type 2
The medical researchers are still
learning more about the link
between type 2 diabetes and
those type of cancers.
Some common risk factors
shared by both type 2 diabetes
and certain form of cancer
1. Age – Age is a major factor for
both disease because the
research shows that as you get
older, your risk for both type 2
diabetes and cancer goes up.
2. Gender – Your type of gender
have an important role to play
when it comes to diabetes and
cancer. Overall, cancer occurs
more often in men. Men also
have a slightly higher risk of
diabetes than women.
3. Race/ethnicity – Race is
another key risk factors common
to cancer and diabetes. It was
noticed that African Americans
and non-Hispanic whites are
more likely to develop cancer.
Whereas, African Americans,
Native Americans, Hispanics/
Latinos, and Asian Americans/
Pacific Islanders are at higher
risk for developing type 2
4. Overweight – It is important to
keep a balance or lean weight
because obesity or being
overweight is known to increase
your risk of type 2 diabetes and
certain types of cancer.
5. Inactivity – Our body needs to
warm up regularly to perform to
optimum and keep us away from
disease. Therefore, make sure
that you involve in one exercise
or the other at least 30 minutes a
day. Make sure your heart beat
fast and you sweat during the
exercise. However, people that
have diabetes, high blood
pressure or heart problem
should get recommendation
from their doctors on the kind of
exercise that is ideal for them.
But, 'walking' according to your
strength and condition should
not be dangerous for anyone. It
has been proven that higher
physical activity levels lower the
risk of type 2 diabetes and
certain types of cancer.
6. Smoking – Smoking is not
good for your health. Smoking is
linked to several types of cancer.
Studies suggest that smoking is a
risk factor for the development
of type 2 diabetes and all forms
of cardiovascular diseases.
7. Alcohol – There is a medical
research that prove that
moderate alcoholic drinker live a
healthier life than excessive
drinkers and those that do not
drink alcohol at all. Therefore,
drinking more than one drink a
day for women or two drinks a
day for men raises the risk for
both diabetes and cancer.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Tumeric Helps To Control Diabetes

Tumeric is a very useful herb for
treating, managing and
controlling diabetes. There are
many herbs that can help
diabetes patients to better
manage their health condition by
controlling the glucose level in
the blood.
Diabetes patients are
encouraged not to rely on
Orthodox medication alone. Get
me right i do not say that
diabetes patients should not use
orthodox medicine, but they
should also take a look at herbs
that could work alongside the
orthodox medicine.
Meaning of Type 2
Diabetes: Two Causes of
High Blo…
God created these herbs for our
benefit and we should take
advantage of it. One of the herbs
that is good for controlling
diabetes is tumeric. Tumeric
contains many important
elements or properties such as
antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal,
anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic
and calming properties.
There is a post i wrote about
seven health benefits of tumeric.
In that post i wrote that tumeric
relieves arthritis, heal wound,
control diabetes, fight cancer,
powerful immune booster,
contain numerous nutrients and
vitamins and lower cholesterol
Meaning of Type 2
Diabetes: Two Causes of
High Blo…
Top 10 Causes of Type 2
However, i just want to extract
the number 3 usefulness of
tumeric on the list which is how
it helps to control diabetes.
Read the excerpt below:
Tumeric Controls Diabetes
Turmeric can be utilized as a part
of the treatment of diabetes by
serving to control insulin levels. It
likewise enhances glucose
control and expands the impact
of prescriptions used to treat
diabetes. Another noteworthy
advantage is turmeric's adequacy
in helping decrease insulin
resistance, which may keep the
onset of Type-2 diabetes. Be that
as it may, when consolidated
with solid meds, turmeric can
bring about hypoglycemia (low
glucose). It is best to counsel a
medicinal services proficient
before taking turmeric cases.
Diabetes Neuropathy:
Symptoms, Causes and
Meaning of Type 2
Diabetes: Two Causes of
High Blo…
Top 10 Causes of Type 2
Tumeric should be added to our
diet routine either diabetic or not
since it is useful as a preventive
agent against diseases as
mentioned above. It is highly
recommended for diabetes
patients because it will help them
to properly control their blood
sugar while also protecting them
against other opportunistic

Friday, 25 August 2017


This morning i bought
groundnuts and someone that is
diabetics asked me to give her,
so i did. I now decided to ask
from google whether eating
groundnut is good for diabetic.
Though, the answer i found do
not mention groundnut
specifically but it says the overall
effects of nuts as a whole on
diabetes and other sickness.
The article says diabetics can eat
any kind of
nuts as long as they
eat it in moderation and balance
it with healthy choices because
have general health benefits
which diabetics also can benefit
1. One of the reasons why
groundnut and nuts are good for
diabetes is that it helps to lower
High cholesterol levels is
detrimental to our health as it
contribute to the risk of heart
disease. However, the
unsaturated fats in nuts help
lower low-density
lipoprotein, the "bad" cholesterol
while raising the levels
of high-density lipoprotein, the
"good" form of cholesterol.
Type of Drug For Diabetes Can
Cause Heart Failure
Another reason nut helps to
lower cholesterol is that it is
highly rich in
fiber and plant
sterols. It was even
that eating 30
grams of walnuts daily over a
long period like 6-
month period could help people
with type 2 diabetes because it
could reduce LDL by 10
percent and raised HDL levels by
a good percentage.
2. The number two reason why
nuts might be good for diabetes
is that nuts help to lower
index of foods.
The glycemic index is a
measurement of how fast your
body absorbs certain
carbohydrates. Foods with
higher glycemic
index is harmful for
diabetics because they will be
absorbed fastly by the body and
faster absorption
raises blood glucose levels more
People with diabetes who eat
nuts along
with foods with a high-glycemic
index such as pasta could slow
their absorption
of carbohydrate and thus
stabilizing their blood glucose
levels because adding almonds to
white bread
lowered the glycemic index in a
research conducted on non-
3 Steps To Reduce The Risk of
3. The third reason nuts might be
good for diabetes is that nuts
help to reduce the risk of heart
Since diabetics have double or
the risk developing heart disease
than people without diabetes,
eating in MODERATION foods
such as almonds and
walnuts which are high in
vitamin E can slow plaque
development that leads to
atherosclerosis. Also walnuts are
rich in Omega-3 fatty
acids, which help to
reduce the risk of developing
irregular heartbeats and heart
attack. Other nuts such as
macadamia nuts, hazelnuts and
pecans also have
heart-protective benefits.
Another reason nuts are good
for the heart is that they contain
arginine, an amino acid found in
nuts, which make artery walls
flexible, thus preventing
blood clotting and ensure
smooth flow of blood to the
Nuts which groundnut is among
is good for everybody including
diabetics. However, it should be
taken in moderation or daily
right proportion especially for
diabetes patients.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Women who walks had a lower risk of stroke

Women who walks had a lower
risk of stroke One of the causes
of stroke is built-up plaque in
arteries or ruptured
blood vessels in the brain.
Recent research shows that
women who walk for at least
three hours
every week suffer less stroke
than women who walk less.
During the study, women who
walked briskly for 210 minutes
or more per
week had a lower risk of stroke
than women who are inactive.
These 210 minutes or more
briskly walker also had lower
stroke than
those who cycled or engage in
intensive exercise for a shorter
The study was carried out
through a questionnaire nearly
33000 men and
women make up the participants
whom are categorized into
exercise type and total time
spent for exercising per week.
The participants are given a
physical activity questionnaire
once in the mid-1990s as part of
a larger European cancer project.
The follow-up period, covered a
12 year span during which a
total of
442 strokes were recorded
among the participants.
For the women, 43% reduction
in stroke occurred in women
who walked
regularly compared to the
inactive group.
However, no reduction was seen
for men based on exercise type
or frequency.
Accordingly, WHO and U.S centers
for Disease and Control and
Prevention recommend at least
150 minutes-or-two-and-a-half
moderate exercise such as brisk
walking each week.
WHO predicted that stroke cases
will continue to increase as the
global population continues to
grow older.
Though, Dr.Wilson Cueva of the
university of Chicago in Illinois do
not know how seriously the
result of the study should be
taken, he
urged health consumers to
follow those guidelines for now.
" I wouldn't make much of the
results because they are for a
specific population. There is no
objective way to measure how
exercise they actually did. The
way the Spanish study was
Designed, it's difficult to draw
any conclusions, but we know
exercise is related to reduced
risk of stroke and other diseases.
About 795000 people suffer a
stroke each year in the US. What
this is
saying is that one American has a
stroke every 40 seconds and dies
from one every four minutes.
This shows how rampant and
deadly a stroke is. However,
recent study
shows that exercise work on the
body of women to prevent
stroke than
it does in men.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Diabetes Neuropathy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Nerve Damage

One of the consequences or
complications of uncontrolled
diabetes or high blood glucose
or sugar level is a condition
known as diabetic neuropathy or
nerve damage.
Diabetic neuropathy is a
condition that must be treated
promptly to prevent total damage
the nerves. Total damage of the
nerves will definitely have a
negative effects on other vital
organs of the body. Since blood
and other important nutrients
are transported through the
nerves, getting it damage will not
be funny.
In individuals with diabetes, the
body's nerves can be harmed or
damaged by diminished blood
stream and a high glucose level.
This condition is more probable
when the glucose level is not well
A large percentage of individuals
with diabetes create nerve
damage because at the initial
stage it is often hard for them to
control their blood sugar.
Symptoms of nerve damage in
diabetes do not usually surface
until many years after diabetes
has been developed. Though,
some people that have developed
the disease long before they
realized or diagnosed usually
have nerve damage earlier than
people who are diagnosed not
long before or immediately after
they developed diabetes.
Type of Drug For Diabetes Can
Cause Heart
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And Advance Breast Ca..
The kind of symptoms you will
have as a result of nerve damage
depend on the type of nerves
that were damaged.
Nerves in the feet and legs are
frequently influenced because
the negative effects of consistent
uncontrolled blood sugar as
relate to nerve damage typically
begin in the toes and feet.
1. Shivering or blazing in the toes
and fleets are symptoms of nerve
2. Profound throbbing pain.
3. After some time, the pains of
nerve harm can likewise
extended to the fingers and
4. As the nerve deteriorates, you
will likely lose feeling in your feet
and legs.
5. Your skin will likewise get to
be numb.
6. You might not feel any pain
when you venture or step on
something sharp
7. Another symptom of diabetes
neuropathy is that you might not
realize that you have a rankle or
little cut
8. Another symptoms of nerve
damage as a result of diabetes is
that you might not feel any pain
when your feet or hands touch
something that is excessively hot
or frosty
9. You might find it difficult to
digest food when the nerves that
control assimilation are
damaged. It is advisable to get
your nerve damage controlled
and treated before it gets to this
stage because how will your
drug s and medications will be
processed if you are having
problem processing or digesting
what you eat or consume.
Damage to nerves that
control assimilation quite often
happens in individuals with
serious nerve damage in their
feet and legs.
Feeling full subsequent to eating
just a little measure of food,
indigestion and bloating ,
queasiness, obstruction, gulping
issues, hurling undigested food
a couple of hours after a feast
are symptoms that nerves that
control digestion are getting
9. Diabetes neuropathy or nerve
damage may also damage nerves
in your heart and veins.
Feeling tipsy when you stand up
(orthostatic hypotension), having
a quick heart rate and having
some signs that comes before
heart disease and attack are
symptoms that the nerve
controlling your heart are getting
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1. Since nerves control sexual
activities, those with diabetes
neuropathy or nerve damage
may find it difficult to get
erection as the nerve controlling
erection will be weak or
2. Vaginal dryness in woman
3. Another side effect of nerve
damage is not having the
capacity to tell when your
glucose gets too low
4. Bladder issues, which
cause pee spillage or not
having the capacity to exhaust
the bladder.
5. Another consequences of
nerve damage is sweating
excessively, even at the point
when the temperature is cool.
6. One of the early side effects of
diabetes neuropathy is feet that
are exceptionally damp with
sweat and the advanced stage
side effect is exceptionally
dryness of the feet.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Meaning of Type 2 Diabetes: Two Causes of High Blood Glucose

Meaning of Type 2 Diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes is the
commonest type of diabetes and
is affecting millions of people
around the world.
Type 2 diabetes is characterized
by high glucose which specialists
allude to as hyperglycemia.
Type 2 diabetes is different from
other kind of diabetes such as
type 1 diabetes, gestational and
other types of diabetes because
it is characterized by high blood
glucose level. The danger of type
2 diabetes is high glucose in the
blood stream.
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This high blood glucose is
caused 1. high glucose are
insulin resistance and 2.
decreased generation of insulin
by the pancreas.
Predominance of Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious, common
disease affecting multi-millions
people throughout the world
and over 30 million individuals in
the United States alone of which
90 to 95 percent have type 2
diabetes. This indicate that very
nearly 10 percent of United
States population are diabetic.
Imagine if more than 30 million
have diabetes in the US, how
many people will have the
disease worldwide?
Diabetes should not be taken
lightly because it is currently the
seventh driving reason for death
among Americans, as per the CDC.
And the case of diabetes will
continue to rise because of the
modern lifestyles will live which
encourages diabetes and other
cardiovascular diseases.
On the off chance that present
patterns proceed with, one of
each three grown-ups in the
United States will have some type
of diabetes by 2050.
The CDC additionally evaluates
there were 1.7 million recently
analyzed instances of diabetes
among individuals matured 20
and more established in the
United States in 2012.
If you have diagnosed with
diabetes or any of your close
relation or friend is diabetic, you
are not alone as the disease
affect around 347 million
individuals presently round the
world, as indicated by the World
Health Organization (WHO).
Let us talk about the two Major
reasons why you might be
diabetic or have type 2 diabetes
to be precise.
1. Insulin Resistance
Insulin resistance is a state in
which the body's cells don't
utilize insulin productively.
Accordingly, it takes more insulin
than typical to transport glucose
(the fundamental kind of sugar
found in the circulation system)
into cells, where it can be utilized
for fuel or put away for later
It's not so much clear why a few
individuals create insulin
resistance and others don't.
It must be noted that is not
everybody that develop type 2
diabetes do so because of high
consumption of sugar or other
detrimental lifestyles. So many
many factors could cause it or
lead to insulin resistance.
2. Decreased Insulin Production
If there is insulin resistance the
pancreas reacts by discharging
more insulin. This higher-than-
typical level of insulin in the
circulation system is called
In the beginning the pancreas
may have the capacity to keep
the glucose level in the blood
balanced by discharging insulin
and glucose levels may stay
inside of the typical extent —
around 70 to 100 mg/dl before
suppers and lower than 140 mg/
dl after dinners. However, like
other engine, the pancreas will
no longer be able to keep up the
balance in the long run. That
means the pancreas will not be
able to supply the insulin needed
to balance the blood sugar or
glucose level. This break down of
the pancreas will lead to
continual rising of the glucose
In the early stages, higher-than-
ordinary glucose may bring
about no side effects. Be that as
it may, getting it early is critical,
on the grounds that after some
time, high glucose can damage
some major part of the body.
Type 2 diabetes is a condition of
high blood glucose level which is
detrimental to the body. This
high blood sugar level is caused
by insulin resistance and low
insulin production due to
overwork and consequent
breakdown of the pancreas.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Top 10 Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

So many factors or a single one
can cause someone to develop
diabetes. This article will analyse
some major risk factors or
causes of type 2 diabetes.
1. Eating an excessive amount of
food especially fat can cause
2. Engaging in little or no physical
activities or exercise is one of the
major causes of diabetes.
3. Type 2 diabetes happens
when the pancreas doesn't make
enough insulin, or the cells of the
body gotten to be impervious to
Insulin is a hormone made in the
pancreas that permits glucose
(sugar) to leave the circulatory
system, enter the cells to be
utilized as energy.
4. Being corpulent or overweight
puts you at noteworthy danger
for having type 2 diabetes. It was
revealed by one research that
90% individuals with type 2
diabetes are overweight or fat.
Therefore, it is advisable for
people that are overweight to
reduce their weight. If not, they
are writing invitation letter to
5. The number five factors that
causes diabetes on my list is
abundance fat, particularly
stomach fat. The fat that
accumulate in your tommy
changes the way that your body
reacts to insulin, prompting a
condition called insulin
resistance. With this
condition, your cells can't utilize
insulin to process glucose
out of the blood , bringing about
high glucose levels.
While not everybody with insulin
resistance creates diabetes,
individuals with insulin
resistance are at expanded
danger of developing diabetes.
6. The number six factors on my
list is poor eating habits
We need to be careful about
what we eat and drink if we
really want to avoid diabetes or
control the condition in already
diabetic individual.
We need to be eating less
high calorie food, refined
nourishments and drinks, for
example, soft drinks or juices,
and to eat more crude or natural
products such as
vegetables, and whole grains.
7. We need to limit the time we
spent in front of television. An
excessive amount of TV Time has
been revealed as one of the
causes of diabetes.
A study shows that individuals
who stared at the TV more
than two hours a day were more
likely than their associates to
have diabetes.
The reason why people that
spend long hours watching TV
could develop diabetes is that it
is likely they will be eating while
watching the TV. Since they will
stay in one position their body
cannot metabolise the food
However, cutting TV time
back to under 10 hours a
week and including an every day
30- minute walk prompted 43
percent less chances of
developing diabetes.
8. The number eight factor on my
list of possible causes of diabetes
is lack of physical exercise.
You need more muscle than fat
on your body to prevent
diabetes. That is why you need to
engage in one exercise or the
other because enough muscles
protect the body against insulin
resistance and consequently type
2 diabetes.
9. Rest Habits
Rest unsettling influences have
been named to influence the
body's utulization of insulin and
blood sugar by expanding the
work on the pancreas. After
some time, this can lead
to type 2 diabetes. Therefore,
balancing our sleep within 7 to 8
hours at night is the key to avoid
diabetes when it comes to sleep
10. Hereditary qualities
The number ten on my list of
possible causes of diabetes is
hereditary factors as diabetes is
known to run in certain families.
If you have a family member who
is diabetic , there is possibility
that you will develop diabetes.
Once, you have family member or
relation that is diabetic, start
learning about diabetes and
adjust your lifestyle and diets to
cut your chances of developing
the disease.
The aforementioned ten factors
are among the top possible
causes of type 2 diabetes.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Causes of Osteroarthritis

Osteroarthritis can be caused by
our genes as the whole genes
play a significant role in
predisposing us to
osteroarthritis. Though, only
three genes are linked to
osteroarthritis for now by
scientist, it is important to know
that each individual gene plays a
vital role in osteroarthritis
development and susceptibility.
Discovering more osteroarthritis
causing genes can help
researchers to indentify new
treatments and can be used to
predict osteroarthritis
Post traumatic osteroarthritis
This can also be referred to as
post tragedy osteroarthritis. This
usually occur after many years
victim has gone through a
trauma or tragedy such as
accident or severe injury
sustained during sport or
recreational activities such as
football, skiing,racing etc.
Medical researcher found out
that about 50 percent of patients
that have traumatic injury to
their knee develop osteroarthritis
about 10 to 20 years after the
That is why you see old people
complaining of severe pain on
the joint where they had
sustained injury some 20 years
back especially through vehicle
accident or a bad fall. I have quite
number of such victims around
me and it is painful to be
suffering from an injury
sustained so many years ago.
One of the reasons people suffer
this pain at old age is that there
will be some chemical and
biological changes in the joint
overtime and the old body can't
keep up with the natural
reparative process because of
the many changes that occurs in
response to old age.
When we sustain an injury, some
chemical reactions or changes
occur immediately after the
trauma and scientist are looking
for ways to monitor these
changes so that it won't lead to
osteroarthritis. With age our
body usually experience a lot of
cartilage loss, altering of cell
regulation, increased bone cell
turnover, inflammation and
degeneration. All these are
caused by the release of various
protein and oxygen-free radicals.
Research shows that the type of
injury sustained and grade of
treatment received, the acquired
body mass of the victim, age
(people who sustain injury at old
age are most susceptible) and
gender(women are more at risk)
are some of the risk factors for

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Shorter term for Indian prisoners who pass yoga exam

Prison officers
in western
India have
come up with
a novel way for
convicts to
secure early
release —
master some
yoga poses
and pass an
exam, an
official said
Inmates at
Central Jail in
state can cut
their sentences
by up to three
months if they
wardens in the
ancient Indian
practice, said
the prison
responsible for
"There's a
written and
physical exam
and those who
excel will be
remission with
respect to their
general of the
told AFP.
I know almost all the prisoners
will want to learn yoga and pass
the exam afterall is good for their

Friday, 11 August 2017

Loneliness linked to cancer and others

Loneliness linked to cancer and others

Don't let loneliness to be your friend because it has been linked to
everything from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease to Depression.

Loneliness is very unhealthy for us because cancers tear through the
body of lonely people easily and rapidly, and viruses attack them
easily and more

Loneliness also affect our immune system negatively. The pain of loneliness
activates the immune pattern of
a primordial response commonly
known as fight or flight.
Lonely people's white blood cells seem
to be more active in a way that
increases inflammation and
chronic inflammation has been
linked to everything from cancer
to depression. Inflammation is a natural
immune response to wounding
and bacterial infection.

Lonely people have lower
levels of antiviral compounds
known as interferons.
Lonely people are highly vulnerable to
cancer, neurodegenerative
disease and viral infections as

Loneliness is not encouraged because it shuts down people genes
that would make their bodies
sensitive to cortisol, which
lowers inflammation.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Moderate regular alcoholic drinkers live longer

Moderate regular alcoholic drinkers live longer

Objectively, I think we all believe or let me say some of us believed
that total abstinence from alcohol can keep us away from various
health diseases thus make us live longer. But recent research prove us
wrong as it shows that total abstinence from alcohol is not good for
our body as heavy drinkers are even found to live longer than those
who do not consume at all.

A recent research suggest that people who consume alcohol regularly
but moderately tend to live longer than chronic alcoholic drinkers
while heavy drinkers also outlive those that totally abstain from

The research was lead by Charles Holahan who is a university of Texas

The age of the controlled group were between 55 and 65 and included
1824 participants.

The experiment or research lasted for 20 years. During the 20 years
period, 69 per cent of participants who do not drink alcohol at all
died, 60 per cent of chronic drinkers died and only 41 per cent of
people who drink moderately died.

With the above proportional result, moderate alcoholic drinkers live
longer than both heavy drinkers and those who consume no alcohol.

Though, I do not encourage anybody to start consuming alcohol
especially if you are restricted from doing so for medical reason.

Research is there for human guidance until it is proved otherwise.

Monday, 7 August 2017

5 factors that can prevent old age damage of the brain (dementia)

Dementia can be greatly prevented through engaging in 5 factors which are

Regular exercise

Low body mass

Proper diets
Moderate alcohol consumption and

Not smoking

Though all the five factors can play a vital role in preventing
diseases including dementia that affect the brain of old people,
exercise is the most effective against dementia.

It is also found that people who follow all the five factors above
have lower rate of developing dementia, cognitive diseases, diabetes,
heart disease and stroke compare to those who do not.

Exercise is definitely keeps your brain active and this will help to
keep dementia at bay.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Ross fund sets up £1bn to fight malaria

A fund termed 'the Ross Fund' named after Sir Ronald Ross
who became Britain's first Nobel
Prize winner in 1902 for his
discovery that malaria is
transmitted by mosquitoes will be run in
partnership with US
philanthropists, Bill and Melinda
Gates to eradicate malaria totally from the surface of the earth
especially from africa.

It is estimated that a child
still dies from malaria every
minute in Africa, meaning malaria is so prevalent in Africa.

To eradicate malaria UK form a £1bn partnership
with the Microsoft founder Bill Gate and
his wife Melinda which marks a
"fundamental restructuring" of
the UK's aid budget.

Of the total:
£115m is earmarked for
research into new drugs,
diagnostics and insecticides
for malaria, TB and other
infectious diseases
A further £188m will be spent
on improving biodefences and
rapid response systems to
fast-spreading epidemics such
as Ebola.

According to
Chancellor George Osborne,
one billion people were infected
with malaria and 500,000
children die from the disease
each year.

He believed working with the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation will help to bring an end
to this global disease in our
Also, Bill Gates, co-chairman of the
foundation, believed eradicating
malaria and other poverty-related
infectious diseases would be
"one of humanity's greatest

Some of the ways to tackle malaria is using
bed nets,
drug artemisinin and spraying
homes with insecticide.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

AstraZeneca lupus drug works in mid-stage trial

lupus drug
performs in
mid-stage trial.

There is a new hope for people suffering from deadly and painful lupus disease.

According to report: AstraZeneca's
lupus (the
condition, in
which the
immune system
attacks joints
and organs) drug
significantly cut
disease activity
in a mid-stage
clinical trial,
boosting hopes
for a medicine
the company
believes could
become a $1
seller. The
drugmaker said
on Tuesday that
the new
treatment was
more effective
than another
sifalimumab, that
it had also been
testing in lupus.

There is limited drugs available for the treatment of lupus which
account for reason lupus patients keep suffering and dying from the
disease. Imagine,
only one new
drug –
Benlysta – has
been introduced
for lupus in the
past 60 years,
underlining the
difficulties of
treating the disease.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

7 Suggestions for healthy living

general health well-being. The
complication of lack of sleep are poor concentration, fatigue, anger,
cognitive impairment, hallucinations, disorientation, illusions,
persecutory ideas and many unnecessary attitude.
To have enough sleep, we should always try to sleep early and avoid
things such as sleep stimulant drugs, alcohol, stress, moderate
television watching, regular exercise that can affect our sleep – wake

2. Moderate consumption of alcohol
Excessive alcohol drinking can affect your brain thus given you
sleepless night or nights. Alcohol drinking can cause something that
make you feel like the room is turning upside-down or to wake up
earlier than normal and other symptoms such as headache, vomiting,
fear, nightmare etc
Therefore, it is advisable you moderate your drinking or avoid total
drinking of alcohol.
Alcoholic drinking is also linked with illness like hypertension,
brain damage, low memory, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes etc
If you feel like drinking alcohol, look for other interesting thing
you can do which will not be harmful to your health.

3. Lessen your stress
It is almost impossible to avoid stress which is normally associated
with our daily life activities. But to have a healthy living we must
learn how to manage or lessen our stress. Excessive stress can cause
fatigue and can weaken the body immune system thus exposing it to
diseases. Stress can also lead to several complication such as
hypertension and heart diseases.
We can keep our stress under control by having like 8 hours sleep
everyday. This will help us to revitalize our body cells, engage in
activities or works that make us happy. Some of the ways we can lessen
our stress is to know our alcohol consumption limit, avoid anxiety,
taking breaks from daily activities, job or going on vacation, get
enough rest like nap in the afternoon, eat in due time etc.

4. Regular Exercise
It is no news that consistent exercise help to maintain good health by
boosting the immune system . Therefore, exercise helps us to keep such
illness like hypertension, diabetes, and several health problems under
control or at bay. It is better to have a proper routine of exercise
on most days of the week. Regular exercise can keep your heart healthy
and increase your body fitness, energy, stamina along with good body
shape through reduction of cholesterol. At least 30 minutes of
physical exercise such as jogging, walking, cycling, swimming,
climbing the stairs are considered inexpensive. However, those with
health problems should consult their doctor before embarking on any
form of exercise.

5. Don't/Quit Smoking
Smoking can lead to premature death among both active smokers and
passive smokers as smoking is a major cause of cancer of the lung,
oral cavity, bladder, pancreas, esophagus, larynx, bronchitis and
Kidney. It can also cause other diseases such as chronic obstructive
pulmonary, emphysema, acute respiratory infections, asthma, ear
problems etc.

6. Have good diet
Having a good or balanced diet is essential to have a healthy living.
You can have good diet by making sure you always eat breakfast and as
early as possible in the morning. Eating home cooked meals is
healthier than restaurant meals which tend to have more fat, sugar and
salt, don't eat til you full, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole
grain snacks, and drink healthy beverages like water, milk, pure fruit
juice instead of soft drinks and alcohol.

7. Keep a happy mood
Many sicknesses are linked to emotional problems, anxiety and
depression. Therefore it is necessary you maintain a joyful positive
outlook of life. Journal of the American college of cardiology let us
know that "current findings suggest a harmful association between
anger and hostility and CHD [Coronary Heart Disease].

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