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 Stapylococcus Aureus is a deadly infection.  The bacteria form what is called cyst which is lipid in nature to cover their cells thereby escaping t
he activities of drugs. It has a strong trick genetic mutation. It can study chemical components of many anti biotic be it orthodox or herbal and find a way to prove stubborn against them. 

 Staph Aureus damages the body cells a lot. It causes the inflammation of outer mamberane of the heart, it causes waist and joints pains,it kills the sperm cells causing watery sperm, it weakens the spongy tissue of the joystick causing weak erection.

Good immune function is vital for the successfull treatment of stapylococcus and over use of anti biotic weakens the immune system so much thereby giving the infection the opportunity to damage the cells of the body. The first line of defence in the body immune system is prebiotic which are also called the good bacteria. They help so much in building the body immune system but once they are cleared off the system by some harsh anti biotic the the body becomes weaker in fighting the infection. 


One usefulness of prebiotic is that they help a lot in food digestion and once they are clear off the body poor digestion and constipation become the result. Prebiotics are very fragile and not stubborn as pathogenic staph and are easily killed by antibiotic. Therefore, avoid excessive use of antibiotics.

Prebiotic act as check and balance against overgrowth of fungus in the body. Since all of us has some degree of fungus in our body, the fungus will overgrow once the good bacteria, prebiotic, are cleared off by over use of anti biotic. That is why is not a unusual for some people that have used antibiotic for a long time also have cases of candidiasis and some ecza-like patches on their skin. 

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