Friday, 9 June 2017

Mini human brains grown in labs may help cure cancer, others

Three 'gbosas' for medical scientists throughout the world as they
keep attaining new height everyday.

For instance, Ohio State biomedical research team grows nearly complete
human 'mini brain' Brain organoids which can be used
to learn more about diseases
like cancer, Alzheimer's and
Parkinson's and

According to (CNN):

A Harvard medical
pioneer calls it "astounding" —
an "incredible achievement" and
a "quantum leap forward" in the
battle against cancer, autism,
Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

What's going on? Scientists at
Ohio State University say
they've figured out a way to
grow the genetic equivalent of a
nearly complete embryonic
human brain.
Technically, they're not quite
"brains." They're called brain
organoids — pieces of human
tissue grown in petri dishes from
skin cells.
These little blobs of tissue, 2-3
millimeters long, could help
researchers test drugs and other
treatments that may help
prevent, fight and maybe even
cure some of the most
devastating disorders and
diseases of our time.
In addition to Parkinson's
disease, autism and Alzheimer's
disease, they could also lead to
unlocking the mysteries of
schizophrenia, epilepsy,
traumatic brain injuries and
post-traumatic stress disorder.
Millions of people suffer from all
these disorders and diseases
This lab-grown "mini brain"
includes most characteristic of a
human fetal brain including an
optic stalk and a bend in the mid-
brain region.

I think this should be a great news for the human race. I know we
cannot completely solve our sickness issue but atleast we will perform

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