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Sugar causes high blood pressure and heart disease regardless of weight

US medical expert says sugar causes
hypertension and heart illness regardless of our weight. However
pundits question
the results.

Sugar is a greater risk to wellbeing than people assume,
as indicated by a study which
claims it causes metabolic maladies, for example, high blood weight
and coronary/heart illness
regardless of whether we put on weight.The study was done
by Robert Lustig, a pediatric
endocrinologist in San Francisco
also, writer of the book "Fat
Chance: the shrouded truth about
sugar". He says the health of 43 fat
kids under the watchful eye of his center
drastically enhanced when the
sugar in their eating routine was supplanted
with starch sustenances like crisps.

They ate the same number of
calories, he says, but then their
metabolic sickness, which can
cause diabetes, was turned around within 10 days.


Chickenpox is highly contagious and it is caused by the herpes varicella-zoster virus. It is usually spread by droplets from a sneeze or cough, or by contact with the clothing, bed linens or oozing blisters of an infected person. The symptoms may last between 10 to 21 days after exposure. 
1. The affected person may have serious headache and pains all over the body.
2. Then chickenpox appears as a very itchy rash that spreads from the torso to the neck, face and limbs
 3. When it appears, it last seven to 10 days and the rash progresses from red bumps to fluid-filled blisters. 
4. Vesicles may also appear in the mouth, on the scalp, around the eyes or on the genitals, and can be very painful.
5. This cycle repeats itself in new areas of the body until finally, after about two weeks, all of the sores have healed. 
The disease is contagious until all the spots have dried up. Also, the virus is contagious for at least one day before the rash breaks out.

Zika Still A Problem In Florida And The Carribean

Zika Still A Problem In Florida And The Carribean
T he Zika outbreak in Florida is officially over. And cases are dropping across the Caribbean. However, the health problems it causes is still lingering as doctors say the risk to pregnant women there — whether residents or travelers — isn't gone.

Cancer diagnosis brings down families income

According to a new study, the average
U.S. adult diagnosed with cancer
will have to miss five weeks of work in
the first year. And this always have a negative effects on the family income.

On average, total family
income drop by 20 percent.


The following are the 7 easy steps to prepare milk kefir
1. Kefir grains, 
2. Milk, 
3. Jar,
4.  Breathable material like paper towels, dish towel,
5. Rubberband
1. Place kefir grains in a jar.
2. Pour in milk on top of the grains. 
3. For the first batch, add around 1 cup of milk per 1 tablespoon of grains.
4. Put a breathable cloth on top and secure with a rubber band. 
5. Put the jar in a cool, dark place like a cabinet.
6.  Let the kefir ferment for 24-48 hours. When you tilt the jar slightly and the kefir is thicker and more gel-like instead of just watery milk, then is ready.
7. Strain the kefir in a plastic strainer. (Never use metal strainer or spoons. The kefir liquid itself can touch metal but the grains cannot as this can "kill" them.)

Hair and skin care products are becoming source of problems

According to the analysis by Xu and colleagues at Northwestern, and which was reported in JAMA Internal Medicine, hair care products, skin care products and tattoos were most commonly reported as the source of problems.

The most common complaints, according to Xu, were hair loss or breakage and local skin irritation. Baby products, personal cleanliness products, and hair care and coloring products were found to have the highest proportion of serious adverse events, including serious injuries, hospitalization and death.

Safe sex and contraceptives

Safe sex and contraceptives

The use of contraceptives by adolescents is a sensitive issue in a country like Nigeria with strong religious attachments. Although government policy is to ensure availability of such service  for men and women who are ready and

No heart risks from Novartis’ Parkinson’s drug

Good news for drug manufacturing company Norvatis as U.S. health regulators
said on Monday that they found
no evidence of increased
cardiovascular risks related to
Novartis AG's treatment, Stalevo,
for Parkinson's disease.

Norvatis are the manufacturer of the drug Stalevo which is used for
treating Parkinson's disease. The story would have been different if
the FDA have discovered that their drug linked to any cardiovascular

Letgoonline : Top 11 Yoruba herbs and their English names

Merck’s Keytruda prolong life in lung cancer study

According to report, Merck & Co's
approved Keytruda lung cancer
treatment is said to provided superior
overall survival to chemotherapy.

This is confirmed
in a late-stage study of patients
with advanced disease whose
tumors produce a protein called
PD-L1 associated with increased
risk of the disease.

Processed meat and red meat can cause cancer – WHO

meat can
cause bowel
cancer in
humans while
red meat is a
likely cause of
the disease,
World Health
(WHO) experts
said on
Monday in
findings that
could sharpen
debate over
the merits of a
diet. The
Agency for
Research on
Cancer (IARC),
part of the
WHO, put
meat like hot
dogs and ham
in its group 1
list, which
asbestos and
diesel fumes,
for which
there is
evidence" of
cancer links.
"For an
individual, the
risk of
(bowel) cancer
because of
of processed
meat remains
small, but this
risk increases
with the
amount of
consumed," Dr
Kurt Straif,
Head of the
said in a

Letgoonline : Remedy for cold: Warm Salt Water

‘Black Death’ germ has afflicted mankind longer than imagined

The plague germ that caused the "Black Death" in the 14th century and
other ferocious pandemics has stalked humankind far longer than
previously known.

A study unveiled on Thursday of DNA from Bronze Age people in Europe
and Asia showed the bacterium, Yersinia pestis, afflicted humans as
long ago as about 2800 BC, more than 3,000 years earlier than the
oldest previous evidence of plague.

New warning: No alcohol is safe during pregnancy

According to a medical report, drinking alcohol during
pregnancy should be avoided as it increases the risk
the baby could have defects.
The safest thing is to not drink at all because every baby and mother will
react differently to alcohol.

(CNN)—In an effort to once and
for all put a rest to any debate
about drinking during
pregnancy, the American
Academy of Pediatrics has put
out a clear message: Don't do it.
Ever. At all. Not even a tiny bit.
"No amount of alcohol should be
considered safe to drink during
any trimester of pregnancy," the
group wrote.
The group released a report
Monday identifying prenatal
exposure to alcohol as the
leading preventable cause of
birth defects, as well as cognitive
problems later in life.
Health authorities in nearly every
other country also advise
pregnant women unequivocally
not to drink.

I also give my own piece of advice to pregnant women not to drink
during for the future of their child and theirs.

Remedy for cold and nasal congestion

Drink Hot Liquids. 
Hot liquids are good remedy for cold as they help relieve nasal congestion, prevent dehydration, and soothe the uncomfortably inflamed membranes that line your nose and throat. Try a hot toddy, an age-old remedy if you so affected with cold and find it difficult to sleep especially at night
Drinking a hot herbal tea is also an effective way to treat coldd

How To Prepare Ashwagandha Smoothie

Ashwagandha Smoothie

Serves 3


2 bananas2 cups almond milk1 cup plain yogurt1/2

96% of ex-NFL players had brain disease

Hitting your head against hard substaance can have an adverse effect o
n the brain. It can lead to CTE which is a progressive
degenerative brain disease
found in some athletes with
repetitive brain trauma.

According to CNN—Eighty-seven of 91 former NFL players who donated
their brains to science after
death tested positive for a brain
disease that is believed to be
linked with repeated head
trauma and concussions,
researchers said.
The former players were found
to have had chronic traumatic
encephalopathy, known as CTE,
according to the U.S. Department
of Veterans Affairs and Boston
It's not clear why some players
develop the disease and others
The study results don't
necessarily mean that 96% of all
NFL players are at risk for CTE,
said Dr. Robert Cantu. The brains
came from players who, while
they were alive, had concerns
about CTE. His group began its
work in 2008.
The data was published on the
website for the Concussion

Aspirin linked to higher risk of serious bleeding in the older people

Aspirin linked to higher risk of serious bleeding in the older people

A 10-year study has found that people who are aged 75 or older and take aspirin daily to ward off heart attacks face a significantly elevated risk of serious or even fatal bleeding and should be given heartburn drugs to minimiz

- WHO issues new guidelines for antibiotic use

- WHO issues new guidelines for antibiotic use

The change aims to ensure that antibiotics are available when needed, and that the right antibiotics are prescribed for the right infections

- Study finds teen pregnancy rates drop as government fu

New :women should start getting mammograms at 45 i

New :women should start getting mammograms at 45 i

The American Cancer Society has issued new rules saying
less screening for breast cancer is superior to more.

The association says ladies ought to
begin getting mammograms at 45
rather than 40, and that everybody can avoid the normal manual breast
checks by specialists.

Presently three key groups – the
American College of Obstetricians and, Gynecologists
, the American Cancer Society, and the U.S. Preventive Services
Team – prescribe
diverse ages for beginning standard mammograms: 40, 45
and, 50 respectively.

While mammograms recovery lives,
they can likewise bring about damage, so there must be balance to
manage the upsides and downsides of it.


 Stapylococcus Aureus is a deadly infection.  The bacteria form what is called cyst which is lipid in nature to cover their cells thereby escaping t

Death from air pollution is rising

The world is so contaminated for the human health. According to a
study by WHO, residential energy use and
agricultural emissions lead
causes of air pollution deaths.
According to the World Health Organization Globally, more than 3 million
people die prematurely each year
from prolonged exposure to air
pollution. WHO also estinate that by 2050, there could be 6.6
million premature deaths every year worldwide due to air polution.

The study says the air we breathe out could be harming more
people than ever.

Chronic exposure to air pollution particles
contributes to the risk of developing cardiovascular and
respiratory diseases as well as
lung cancer.
"The total number of deaths due
to HIV and malaria is 2.8 million
per year," said Jos Lelieveld, a
professor at the Max Planck
Institute for Chemistry in
Germany and lead author of the
study. "That's half a million less
than the number of people who
die from air pollution globally."

9 Useful Tips For weight, Beauty, Skin, Teeth, First Aids, Hair

9 Useful Tips For weight, Beauty, Skin, Teeth, First Aids, Hair

Weight Loss: Try baking apple slices as a healthy alternative to potato chips for Weight Loss.

BeautyTip: Coconut water is an excellent antioxidant. It can

30 Simple Ways To Clear Severe Pimples/acne

30 Simple Ways To Clear Severe Pimples/acne

Severe pimples/acne may be painful and emotional. The following are 30 simples strategies, home remedies and medical ways to get rid of pimples and acne.


1. Make sure where you are sleeping is clean

Mini human brains grown in labs may help cure cancer, others

Three 'gbosas' for medical scientists throughout the world as they
keep attaining new height everyday.

For instance, Ohio State biomedical research team grows nearly complete
human 'mini brain' Brain organoids which can be used
to learn more about diseases
like cancer, Alzheimer's and
Parkinson's and

According to (CNN):

A Harvard medical
pioneer calls it "astounding" —
an "incredible achievement" and
a "quantum leap forward" in the
battle against cancer, autism,
Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

What's going on? Scientists at
Ohio State University say
they've figured out a way to
grow the genetic equivalent of a
nearly complete embryonic
human brain.
Technically, they're not quite
"brains." They're called brain
organoids — pieces of human
tissue grown in petri dishes from
skin cells.
These little blobs of tissue, 2-3
millimeters long, could help
researchers test drugs…

Eating food low in potassium is good for kidney

The kidney is a very essential organ in the body. It is especially useful for processing and excretion of food and waste product

Plague was detectable some 3,000 years earlier

A study suggests the plague may have existed thousands of
years earlier than the .
sixth century and through
medieval times when the illness wiped
out millions of people.

Scientist analyse DNA of human teeth from Europe and Asia and their
finding showed the bacterium that causes the plague was detectable
3,000 years earlier than previously documented.

According to the study, the bacterium,
known as Yersinia pestis, was common, though it may have caused a
slightly different but still harmful kind of illness.

According to senior
study author Eske Willerslev of
the Center for GeoGenetics at the
University of Copenhagen:
They found that the Y. pestis lineage originated and was
widespread much earlier than
previously thought, and they
narrowed the time window as to
when it developed. The study changes their view of
when and how plague
influenced human populations and opens new avenues for studying the
evolution of diseases.

Eli Thompson — the boy without a nose has died, at the age of 2

Eli Thompson — the boy who was born in 2015 without a nose due to a rare condition — has died, at the age of 2, in his home state of Alabama.

“We lost our little buddy last night,” Eli’s dad, Jeremy Finch of Mobile, Ala., posted on Facebook Sunday, along with the link to an article about th

First Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation- linked cancer

A former
nuclear plant
worker has
with radiation-
linked cancer,
officials said
Tuesday, and
an expert said
the first
case since the
2011 accident
could be just
the "tip of the
iceberg". A
health ministry
official said the
unnamed man,
who was in
his thirties
while working
at the plant
following the
2011 crisis,
has leukaemia.
will likely
further inflame
opposition to
nuclear power,
and could
efforts to
evacuees in
around the
plant that have
been deemed


These days millions of people throughout the world are suffering from anemia, which is a condition whereby the body’s red blood cell count is less than normal.

When you are anemic, your blood
(red blood cells contain hemoglobin, an iron-based protein that helps blood cells carry oxygen) will not be able to supply the proper oxygen supply to your organs and tissues.



Guinea corn leaves which is known as poroporo oka baba in Yoruba language is also a good remedy for blood shortage or anemia. It is widely use as remedy to quickly supply blood to the body.


Boil the leaves with water. The red/blood-like solution can either be drinking alone or mix with milk to get optimum result. Poroporo okababa is popular in Western Nigeria as an ideal solution for anemia.

2. Beetroot

If you or anyone you know is suffering from anemia due to deficiency of iron, then Beetroot which is high in iron, fiber, calcium, potassium, sulfur and vit…

Health highlights: sugary foods are agents of obesity, diabetes and more

Health highlights: sugary foods are agents of obesity, diabetes and more
- Consumption of  sugar-sweetened foods and beverages has been identified as the cause of overweight or even obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome and more.
- According to Dr. David Wikenheiser, a Canadian naturopath who carries out biological age tests: "Aging is when we have loss of energy, eye-sight and mental ability. This used to start happening to people in their 50s and 60s, but now, I am seeing patient who have these problems in their 30s and 40s." 

- Maintaining a healthful diet helps people with diabetes manage their symptoms and improve their energy levels
- Bitter melon does affect blood sugar levels. It is found that bitter melon help people lower their blood sugar and manage the symptoms of diabetes.

9 benefits of tumeric to your health

Tumeric is a family of the ginger herbs but many people are ignorant
about it medicinal benefits compare to ginger. It is used for cooking
soup as spice just like ginger and could be found in traditional
market and kitchen. The following are the main eight restorative focal
points of turmeric.


1. Disease and virus resistant – As a resistant agent, it serves to
shield body from disease, for example, colds, flu and cough. Mixing
one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and drinking
it once daily is recommended for people suffering from cough, cold and

2. Relieves Arthritis

Turmeric are used for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
joint pain. It has been found that those suffering from rheumatoid
joint aggravation who eat up turmeric all the time experience much
easing from the moderate to delicate joint desolations and likewise
joint pain.

3. Quicken the repairing of skin – Turmeric furthermore helps…

The number of mole on your arm could ‘predicts skin cancer risk’

Counting moles on the right arm
was found to be a good
indicator of total moles on the
body. More than 100 indicates
five times the normal risk.
The study, published in the
British Journal of Dermatology,
used data from 3,000 twins in
the UK.
GPs could use the findings to
identify those most at risk, it said.
Melanoma is a type of skin cancer
affecting more than 13,000
people in the UK each year.
It develops from abnormal moles,
so the risk of being diagnosed
with a melanoma is linked to the
number of moles a patient has.
Researchers from King's College
London studied a large group of
female twins over a period of
eight years, collecting
information on skin type, freckles
and moles on their bodies.
After repeating the exercise on a
smaller group of around 400
men and women with
melanoma, they came up with a
quick and easy way to assess the
risk of skin cancer.
Moles, freckles and melanoma
Freckles are small usually pale
brown areas of skin, which