Saturday, 13 May 2017

12 factors that might cause lupus

What causes lupus?
Lupus is a disease that affect the immune system. It makes the immune system to be over-reactive. That is why it is termed 'auto-immune' disease.
Most importantly, it is vital to realize that lupus is not infectious. So don't think you can infect someone with lupus or someone that infect you with it.
The question that what causes lupus is a very technical question because even health experts and specialists can't say for certain what causes lupus. The greater part of those in health field will concur that
a few variables may be causing lupus. Some of these
components are recorded underneath:
1. Hereditary qualities:
Having a family with history of lupus does not mean an individual will get lupus, but it means that the person incline or not 100 pure to the malady.
2. Environment-Research is going on with respect to
ecological and enviromental components that
may assume a part in being a trigger for lupus.
3. Exposure to UV light may also be a causing agent of lupus.
4. Smoking is known to cause several cardiovascular diseases including cancer. It might also be an agent of lupus disease.

5. Anxiety – Jesus Christ adviced us not to be anxious about our life, about what we will eat or wear. The greatest teacher said, who among you can through anxiety add to his life. Our Lord was right as anxiety is linked to many illnesses which lupus could be one of them.
6. Poisons- Since poison spoil the normal body mechanism, it could possibly be a contributing agent of lupus.
7. Hormones-Because ladies in their childbearing years are the most widely affected by lupus, study proposes that larger amounts of hormones, for example, estrogen and progesterone, are connected to
auto-immune illnesses like lupus. It is conceivable that puberty can be a trigger in kids with lupus.
8. Illness:
Sick People influenced with infections and virus, for example, parvovirus, hepatitis C, or Epstein-Barr (EBV) might develop lupus, yet a direct causal connection has not been established.
9. Pharmaceuticals: Some pharmaceuticals are suspected triggers of lupus and it symptoms. However, the good part of it is that people who shows symptoms of lupus because of certain medications usually reverse the situation once they quit taking the prescriptions.
10. A Combination of Factors-
Medical scientists fields believe that a blend of all the above recorded elements is likely making a few people more defenseless against lupus, than peoplewith perhap, only one of the elements.
11. Pregnancy:
Some women develop lupus during pregnancy. Which mean that certain hormone or hormones that have something to do with pregnancy might be hyperactive sometimes and can make the victim to develop lupus.
12. Identical twins:
It was found that there is high probability that one of the pair that make up the identical twins will develop lupus. Therefore, if you are a parent with identical twins is better you work with the doctor now on how you can avoid one of your beloved twins to develop it later in life. The same thing goes to all identical twins, don't wait till you develop the disease. Ask your doctor that you read it online and want to know your chances and how to avoid it.

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