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12 Natural Cure For Upper Right Quadrant Pain

Upper right quadrant pain can be caused by several factor. It might
not be caused by the factors to be mentioned and it might be caused by
them. The factors are Biliary Colic, Cholecystitis, and Gall Stones
among others.

Biliary colic and cholecystitis are in the spectrum of gallbladder
disease. This spectrum ranges from asymptomatic gallstones to
biliary colic, cholecystitis,
choledocholithiasis, and

When gallstones temporarily
obstruct the cystic duct or pass
through into the common bile
duct, gallstones become
symptomatic and BILIARY COLIC develops. When the cystic duct or common
bile duct becomes obstructed for hours or
gallstones irritate the gallbladder, CHOLECYSTITIS develops.
CHOLEDOCHOLITHIASIS occurs when the stones become lodged in the common
bile duct, resulting in possible cholangitis and ascending infections.


1. Indigestion especially after fatty food.
2. Bloating, flatulence and wind.
3. Pain in the solar plexus (bottom of the sternam) pain to the right
of the solar plexus and pain radiating around back in line with the
waist, pain around right shoulder blade. If a stone is stuck in the
gall bladder exit tube it can cause severe pain that can occur in

Colic, Cholecystitis, and Gall Stone Congestion Of The Gall
Bladder And Liver

A. The GRADUAL Method

Foods That Help To Naturally
Remove Gall Stones And

Take these daily for months, this gradual method should remove even
the biggest gall stones.

1. Start at about 2 level household teaspoons daily of BLACK SEED OIL
move up to one and a half dessert spoons over a period of a few weeks,
and maintain for one to two months, thereafter maintain at 2 teaspoons
a day for general health and efficiency of the liver. This may be the
most effective remedy of the gradual method, may cause very loose
bowels for a period of a few days, this is part of the cleansing
process. However some persons may be over-stimulated by doses above
one teaspoon, but adaptation can occur so experiment to find the best
dose for yourself.

2. Hemp and or Olive Oil – Try about two desssert spoons daily

3. Lecethin granuals – Two dessert spoons daily

4.Turmeric – About half teaspoon daily of the powder

5. Raw Beetroot juice, radish – 6 a day

6. Lemon – 1 a day

7. Lime – 1 a day

8. Apples – 1 a day

9. Pears – 1 a day

10. Grapefruit – 1 a day

11. Chamomile and cleavers tea

B. Simple Gall Bladder FLUSH ONE DAY Method

12. Eat only organic or spray free apples on the day of the flush (or
raw apple juice up to one pint) green apples are the most effective,
but any type will help. You should not eat other food for the whole
day except apples.

At bed time warm two thirds of a cup of virgin olive oil to body heat
and mix with one third a cup of fresh raw lemon juice. Slowly sip the
entire mixture, and then go straight to bed lying on your right side,
with the right leg drawn up. In the morning stones will be passed in
the stool.

This procedure may need to be repeated several times for complete
clearance of the gall bladder and the liver. There is no need for an
operation to remove the gall bladder
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10 top symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis signs and
symptoms may vary in severity
and may even come and go.
Periods of increased disease
activity which is called flares, alternate with periods of relative
remission when the swelling
and pain fade or disappear.

The following are 10 among the signs and symptoms of
rheumatoid arthritis.


1. Tender, warm, swollen joints

2. Morning stiffness that may last for hours

3. Firm bumps of tissue under
the skin on your arms
(rheumatoid nodules)

4. Fatigue

5. Fever

6. Weight loss

7. Joints deformation and shifting


8. Rheumatoid arthritis will likely affect your smaller joints first
particularly the joints that
attach your fingers to your hands and the one that join your toes to your feet.

9. If not controlled early the symptoms often spread to the wrists,
knees, ankles, elbows, hips and shoulders.

10. In most cases, symptoms occur in the same joints on both sides of your body.

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your body, try to consult
your doctor. Early, diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis can be treated.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Early insulin treatment for diabetes may produce better outcomes

A pilot study of 23 adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes found

early insulin therapy to be as effective as 15 months of oral therapy

and may improve the body's ability to produce insulin.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

14 steps to make apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural product which offers many benefits to
our health. It is generally accepted that two to three tablespoons of
vinegar consume daily as a tonic helps in the following ways:

1. Decrease inflammation

2. Increase metabolism

3. Alleviate the pain of rheumatoid arthritis

4. Increase stamina and

5. Boost the immune system

6. Use to preserve herbs to make the herbs fresher and better among
other benefits.
apple venigar

It sometimes hard to get the vinegar to buy. Therefore, let us look at
the way we can make it at home. The method we are using is called
apple Cider Vinegar recipe and is an inexpensive way to make it at
home. The following 14 step-by-step instructions will guide us on how
we can make Apple Cider Vinegar.


1. Use water to wash 10 organically grown apples.

2. Cut the apples into four.

3. After cutting, leave the apples to rest at room temperature until
the color turn to brown.

4. The next step is to put the brown apples into a large, wide-mouth glass jar.

5. Then, pour enough water in the jar. Make sure the water cover all the apples.

6. Then, cover the jar with a cheesecloth. Allow it to rest lightly on
top, without too much tightening, so that oxygen will still be allowed
into the mixture.

7. The next step is to place the covered jar in a warm, dark place.
Anywhere, that is warm is okay. A hot water closet works well. It can
also be store in an attic.

8. You need to exercise patience for the next six months. You will
have to leave the jar to stand, covered for 6 months. Make sure you
are stirring it once a week. This is done in order to allow the it to

9. Take the jar at the end of the 6-month during which it will have
fermented very well. You will notice a layer of scum on top of the
liquid. The scum forms from normal bacteria as alcohol turns to

10. The next step is to filter the liquid through the cheesecloth
slowly into another wide-mouth glass jar. Make sure that all the
liquid is filtered and transferred to the second jar.

11. Then, cover the new jar of liquid with the same cheesecloth.

12. You still need to exercise patience as your cider vinegar is not
yet ready. Let the second jar stand in a warm, dark place for another
4 to 6 weeks.

13. Your vinegar is ready! After the 4-6 weeks the apple cider vinegar
is fully-fermented.

14. The last step is to store it in the refrigerator if you have one
or anywhere you desired to preserve it.

I hope you can now make your own apple cider vinegar at home. This
could be very essential because a daily consumption of apple is
recommended for optimum health. Also, two to three spoon of apple
cider vinegar is okay for daily consumption as a tonic. That is why
during the steps, i adviced to use a large jar. The apple cider
vinegar will last long as you are only consuming two spoons daily. It
worth the efforts and patience.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

23 health benefits of apple

Apple is one of nature's most significant and nutritious natural
product for human wellbeing. Every day eating of apple can help to
alleviate and cure numerous sicknesses. If you form the habit of
eating one apple daily, it will help you to keep the doctors at bay.

Apple contain fat, starch, protein, phosphorus, calcium, iron,
potassium, vitamin A, B, B2 and C.

Though, there are many medical advantages of apple, i have compiled
about 23 nutritional and health benefits one can incur from consuming
at least one apple daily.



1. For achievhng free bowels movement:

Apple is an incredible medicinal herb for the stomach and digestive
system. It has the
capacity to neutralize poisons or chemicals delivered inside the
digestive system.

2. For ailment and joint pain/arthritis –

These ailments can be brought about byhigh uric acid concentration. If
so, the malic acid contained in apple will help to neutralize the uric
acid. This will help to alleviate the crippling pain of arthritis. It
should be noted that too much uric acid in the body can lead to kidney

3. Lower hypertensions –

Apple are prescribed as a great fruit and supplement to control high
blood pressure. Frequent eating of apple will have a positive effect
on your blood pressure. Apple additionally offer assistance to actuate
urine emission which help to bring to blood pressure down.

4. Rich in vegetable fiber cellulose- apple is extremely rich in
vegetable fiber cellulose which help to neutralize free radicals in
the body. Taking apple at an early hour in the morning will help to
control ceaseless or chronic blockage.

5. Forestall dental issue – apple contains mouth cleansing
property than any other organic products. Apple is characteristic
preserver of the teeth and ought to be use to treat all instances of
tooth issue or ache. You need to chew the whole organic product/apple
very well to completely to bring out the acid substance that
eliminates germs
in the mouth.

6. It helps strengthen the working of the heart – potassium and
phosphorus are extremely crucial for fitting working of the heart.

Apple can assist the heart to perform to the optimum as it contain
high potassium and phosphorus. Hence, apple is helpful to treat all
sort of heart sicknesses.

7. Decrease inflammatory:

Two or three tablespoons of vinegar from apple daily works really well
to decrease inflammatory.

8. For sore throat:

The inner bark of the apple tree and blossoms can be used as an
infusion for sore throats.

9. As astringent tonic-
It is also known that the inner bark of the apple tree as well as
blossoms can also be used as astringent tonic.

10. Prevention of diabetes and heart disease-

The apple fruit can help prevent you from diabetes and heart disease
which are the major lifestyle disease of the modern era.

Other miscellaneous health benefits of apple are:

11. For athletes foot/ringworm

12. For cardiovascular diseases

13. Cholesterol elimination and reduction

14. Facial care

15. Hair treatment

16. Rheumatoid

17. Increase metabolism

18. Nutrition

19. Skin care

20. Weight loss

21. Sunburns

22. Antifungal

23. Laxative


1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

apple venigar
• picture of apple vinegar
2. Try to use two tablespoons of vinegar daily in your diet

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Smoking: 5 reasons why most Chinese smokers will not quit

Despite the popular advert on smoking cigarette that says 'smokers are
liable to die young' the trend is increasing everyday throughout the
world, and most especially in China.

According to report, China is consuming one out of three cigarette
produced in the world. And, this is becoming a serious health issue to
the Chinese people.

According to report from a new study that examines the devastating
toll of rising smoking rates on China's male population, smoking
deaths in China are set to triple to 3 million a year by 2050, if
urgent attention is not taking.

Report from the United States of America shows that smoking could be a
leading cause of death if care is not taking. According to the Center
for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking causes one in five deaths
in the United States each year.

Imagine a whole 3 million people dying yearly in a single country from

The report which was published in the British medical journal The
Lancet, reveals that nearly two thirds of young Chinese men pick up
smoking and at least half of them will die from the habit, if they
don't quit before it affects their health.

Scientists from Oxford University, the Chinese Academy of Medical
Sciences and the Chinese Center for Disease Control decided to
determine how harmful is smoking to the health of an average Chinese
smokers. They tracked the health effects of smoking over time in two
large, geographically diverse studies. Their study revealed that
cigarette consumption has grown substantially for men in both urban
and rural China over the last few decades while rates fell for women.

Accordingly, they found that urban males who started smoking before
they turned 20 had twice the mortality rate of non-smokers, with
substantially increased rates of death from smoking-linked pulmonary
disease, lung cancer, heart disease and stroke.

According to the scientists, the first generation of men to experience
the full hazards of smoking will probably be those born during the
1970s or 1980s.

Happily, smoking rate or trend in the USA is direct opposite of that
of China which shows that smoking trend in China can be changed. For
instance, smoking rates in the United States are less than half what
they were 50 years ago.

China now consumes a third of the world's cigarettes. And, China
government will not be able to do much about stopping Chinese from
smoking for five reasons.


1. According to the Tobacco Atlas, 26% of the price of a packet of
cigarettes is tax, compared with a WHO benchmark of 75%. Which means
income from tobacco sales and taxes are major sources of government
revenue in China. This make it difficult to really open the eyes of
smokers to public health implications of their habit.

2. Another reason it will be difficult to stop Chinese from smoking is
that there is this common myths about smoking. One of which is the
belief that
protective biological mechanisms specific to Asian populations make
smoking less hazardous to them.

3. They believe that it is easy to quit smoking

4. They believed that tobacco use is an intrinsic and ancient part of
Chinese culture.

5. Another reason it will be hard for increasing smoking trend in
China to reverse is that most smokers are ignorant about the danger of
smoking to their health and that of the public. According to a survey
from the World Health Organization, knowledge about the dangers of
smoking is still a long way
to go in China because half of adults questioned did not know that
smoking can cause strokes or heart disease. Also, more than one in ten
people did not know second hand smoke can cause lung disease in

It is advisable for government of China and Chinese people, both
smokers and non-smokers to take the health implication of smoking
seriously before is too late. I want to also suggest that they find
herbs or drugs that can neutralize the effect of smoking from the

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Lyme disease: meaning, symptoms, causes and prevention

Have you heard of lyme disease? Even if you haven't heard about the mental illness, the number of people contracting Lyme disease has quadrupled in the last 12 years to the extent that one famous sufferer describe it as "the most significant threat to human health" of our time.
According to figures from the The Daily Telegraph, more than 1,100 people were diagnosed with the disease in 2013.
The bacterial infection is carried by ticks often found in woodlands. Someone bitten by the tick will be infected and, if left untreated, will cause neurological damage and debilitating fatigue in humans.

Lyme disease is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria – AKA Lyme disease.
Billionaire Phones 4U founder John Caudwell, his ex-wife and three children have all tested positive. Other popular figures/celebrities that have also tested positive with lyme disease were Avril Lavigne, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid.
The disease is so devastating that John Caudwell believes lyme disease is really the most under-researched and most significant threat to human health.
He gave an example of his son who started with anxiety 10 years ago and now the anxiety became so severe that he couldn't leave the house.
He said despite having endless doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, the condition of the boy continued.
He said the most confident lad ever during his first 10 years of life turned to the most fearful lad.

People infected with lyme bacteria will got taken out completely by mental illness and eventually the
psychological symptoms will turn
to physical ones.
Potential causes for the increased infection rate are the greater number of housing developments in rural areas, warmer winters that prolong the life of ticks and immigration from central and eastern Europe,
where Lyme disease is more common.
How can someone protect him or herself from lyme disease?
One recommended way of reducing the chance of contracting lyme disease is to cover up your body when visiting wooded areas.

Are you after 50 years: watch out for stroke


One of the famous diseases that could develop after a person has clocked 50 years and above is stroke. Stroke is a condition whereby blood doesn’t get to parts of your brain or other part of the body like it should, and those cells start to d

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Famous Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya Died In Canada Of Cardiac Arrest

Famous Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya Died In Canada Of Cardiac Arrest

This was another sad news in the Nigeria Nollywood especially in the Yoruba movie industry.

Following the death of two prominent Yoruba actors, Olumide Bakare and pastor ajidara, another popular Yoruba Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya, 42-year-old, has died of cardiac arrest in Canada.

Moji was the daughter of Nigeria's high life music legend, Victor Olaiya.

Moji’s first marriage crashed in 2008. She remarry last year at a quiet ceremony in Nigeria.

She came to limelight with Wale Adenuga's production Super Story in the 90's. Since then she had featured in numerous English and Yoruba Nollywood movies.

She succumbed to death just two months after welcoming her second child in Canada, and just a few months after she officially divorced her first husband to remarry another one.

Tomato extract fights stomach cancer

Tomato extract fights stomach cancer
According to a new study, whole tomato extracts from two different Southern Italy cultivars inhibit gastric cancer cell growth and malignant features.

The researchers analyzed whole tomato lipophilic extracts for their ability to tackle various neoplastic features of gastric cancer cell lines. Extracts of both the San Marzano and Corbarino tomato varieties were able to inhibit the growth and cloning behavior of malignant cells.

 This has pave the way for future studies aimed at implementing lifestyle habits not only for prevention, but potentially as a support to conventional therapies.

According to Daniela Barone, researcher at the Oncology Research Center of Mercogliano:

"Their antitumoral effect seem not related to specific components, such as lycopene, but rather suggest that tomatoes should be considered in their entirety."

Disease you can develop after 50 years : Heart Attack

Disease you can develop after 50 years : Heart Attack

When you are above 50 years of age, there is high probability that one can develop heart attack. It is estimated that 735,000 people have one every year. 

There is 50% chance that a person, especially a man above 50-year-old man will develop heart disease at some point in time. 

Therefore, if you are above 50 years, you need to be alert about your chances of having heart disease and start learning the necessary steps you can take to avoid developing the disease.

Senator Adeleke Was Killed By Overdose Of Painkillers & Banned Drugs- Prof Akeem Lasisi

 Senator Adeleke Was Killed By Overdose Of Painkillers & Banned Drugs- Prof Akeem Lasisi

The Chief Medical Director, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Prof Akeem Lasisi has released the result of the autopsy test to know the cause of the sudden death of Nigerian Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

Prof. Lasisi testified that Senator Adeleke was given an overdose of an banned drug Analgin. Also the Senator was intravenously injected with 4 ampoules of 10mg of Diazepam, 1 ampoule of Pentazocine, 1 ampoule of Gentamicin after he complained of leg pain due to strenuous day of political activities in his home state Osun in preparation for a gubernatorial race.

Senator Adeleke's Autopsy Report Reveals High Levels Of Alcohol And Banned Drugs

Senator Adeleke's Autopsy Report Reveals High Levels Of Alcohol And Banned Drugs

The cause of the sudden death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke has been revealed by a pathologist.

 Dr. Taiwo Solaja, a pathologist involved in determining the cause of death of Osun state Nigerian Senator Isiaka Adeleke said the sudden death was due to "multiple aspiration" or choking due to drug overdose. The pathologist testimony was delivered at the Coroner's inquest set up by the Osun state government to reveal the real cause of Senator Adeleke's sudden death on April 23, 2017.

 In addition to the drug overdose, Dr. Osilaja also stated that his team of examiners also found excessive alcohol, sedatives, and painkillers such as Diazepam and Analgin in the body of the late Senator.

It must be noted that Analgin has been banned by the Nigerian government for over 10 years.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

10 million Nigerians suffer from Asthma, says Expert

10 million Nigerians suffer from Asthma, says Expert

According to Gregory Erhabor, Consultant Pulmonologist, Obafemi
Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Osun, more than 10
million Nigerians were suffering from asthma.

Erhabor, Managing Director, Asthma and Chest Care Foundation,
Ile-Ife, gave the figure in an interview in Lagos were he disclosed
that 500,000 patients died annually, globally, due to the disease. He
also said that Nigeria had not done much in the area of research.
"In the area of research, we are still not where we should be, but
notwithstanding, we are able to understand the cause of asthma and how
to control it.
"One of the challenges is that, many people do not know how to
prevent the ailment. "That is why the foundation is trying to make the
awareness for patients to know the symptoms of the disease and study
"The Asthma and Chest Care Foundation gives out free drugs to asthma
patients so that could be able to know how to control the ailment.

"Some of these drugs are not affordable and quite a number of them are
not available in the country. "We want a situation in which the
government will bring the drugs down to the level of common asthmatic

Buhari's health: presidency dismisses rumours of worse health

Buhari's health: presidency dismisses rumours of worse health

The Presidency has told Nigerians that the rumour making the rounds that something sad has happened to President Muhammadu Buhari is false and people should not pay attention to it.

A rumour went spiral on Sunday night that President Muhammadu Buhari has been put on life support in London where he has gone to receive medical treatment.

But, Senior Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said on twitter:

"the rumour is plain lies spread by vested interests to create panic.

“Baseless rumours are trending again that an unpleasant thing has happened to our beloved President, Muhammadu Buhari.”

“If you have received this information on WhatsApp or Facebook, disregard it because it is plain lies spread by vested interests to create panic.”

“Nothing unpleasant has happened to the President. No cause for apprehension,” he concluded.

6 top liver detoxifying foods

The liver is in charge of numerous vital capacities identified with absorption, digestion system, safety and the stockpiling of supplements in the human boy.
The liver is also an important organ that secretes chemicals required by different parts of the body.
If your liver is healthy, you will be healthy. A healthy liver aid digestion, expels hurtful poisons from the blood and from the body. The liver is doing a wonderful work for us because most of the harmful chemical substances and poison that suppose to harm us are being neutralized by the liver or remove totally from the body through proper monitoring by the liver. That is why it is not advisable to be drinking too much alcohol because the liver will see it as harmful substances or poison and will be doing a lot of work to expel it from the body. So, when the liver is doing this everyday, it can lead to breaking down of the liver. The liver additionally stores a few vitamins, iron and blood sugar glucose.
It is likewise in charge of separating insulin, hemoglobin and different hormones. What's more, it pulverizes old red platelets and produces chemicals required for blood to clump very well. There are various function of the liver which i could not mention now in this article.
I just mentioned the one above to show that the liver is a very vital organ of our body. Knowing the importance of the liver, let us now look at 6 of the top food that could make our liver stay healthy and help us to reverse or correct some maladies that our liver might have.
The below foods will assist to wash down, revive and detoxify your liver. This will help keep your liver sound and working the way you require it to.
1. Avocados

Avocados contain powerful chemicals that may diminish liver harm. This organic product is rich in glutathione, a compound required by the liver to rinse hurtful poisons and to work well.
The high measure of monounsaturated fat in avocados assists lessen with low density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol and expand high-density lipoproteins or high cholesterol. The liver effortlessly forms great cholesterol.
Besides, avocados contain numerous minerals, vitamins and plant supplements that bolster general liver wellbeing and assist breaking down fats.
Eat 1 to 2 avocados for each week for a few months to help reverse liver malady.
2. Grapefruit

Being a decent wellspring of vitamin C, pectin and cancer prevention agents, grapefruit additionally helps to cleanse and purify the liver.
Grapefruit is rich in glutathione, a capable cancer prevention agent that kills free radicals and detoxifies the liver. Glutathione likewise helps in the detoxification of substantial metals. In addition, the flavonoid naringenin in grapefruit assists with bringing down fat.
Drink a little glass of newly crushed grapefruit juice or consume one organic fruit every day.
3. Beetroots

Beetroots are another capable sustenance for purifying and supporting liver capacity. High in plant flavonoids and beta-carotene, they help invigorate and enhance general liver capacity. In addition, beetroots are regular blood purifiers.
Essentially add crisp beetroots or juice to your every day diet.
You cam also mixed powder beetroots with a spoon of cold pressed olive oil and any size of lemon juice, mixed with water and consume everyday.
4. Garlic

Garlic is a wonderful food and herb for the liver.
Garlic is incredible for purifying and cleansing your liver. It aides enact catalysts in the liver that assist to clear poisons from our system. It likewise contains two common mixes called allicin and selenium, which help in the liver-purifying process and shield the liver from lethal harm.
In addition, garlic diminishes cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can over-burden the liver and hamper its working.
Raw garlic is recommended for consumption. Raw garlic is beneficial than processed, minced or powder one.
Eat 2 to 3 crude garlic cloves day by day and incorporate garlic in your cooking at whatever point conceivable.
5. Lemons

This is one of the best food for detoxifying, cleansing and purifying the liver. In fact, from what i have read before, a respected doctor said, if your liver is healthy illness as strong as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, kidney disease and infection cannot live up to one hour in your body before they vanish.
Lemons help detoxify the liver essentially because of the cancer prevention agent D-Limonene present in it, which aides actuate catalysts in the liver that guide detoxification.
Additionally, the high measure of vitamin C in lemons helps your liver deliver more proteins to help assimilation. Lemons likewise support mineral ingestion by the liver.
The above doctor, recommended the following formula:
Divide a fruit of lemon into four and blend everything (whole fruit), put one spoon of cold pressed olive oil, add one cup of water. Drink it everyday till you feel that you have purify your liver.
And if you have illness like cancer, HIV, high blood pressure, diabetes and others, try to consume the above mixture for six months and see maybe you could be cured in Jesus name! Amen.
You can also make lemon water by including the juice of 1 lemon to a cup of water. You can include honey if you like. This is also good but i think it will not be as effective as the first one. One of the reason will blend the skin and the seed together in the first recipe is to dull the sugar in lemon.
6. Green Tea

By drinking green tea every day, you can assist your body to flush out poisons and fat stores, while expanding hydration levels.
The catechins in tea help empower lipid catabolism in the liver. This thusly reduces fat aggregation in the liver. Green tea help shields the liver from the harming impacts of dangerous substances like liquor.
Green tea is likewise useful in treating or counteracting liver ailment. As per a recent report distributed in Cancer Causes and Control, individuals who consume beverage green tea have a lower danger of creating liver tumor or cancer.
Drink a teabag of green tea daily or as recommended by the source because drinking green tea in excess daily can have an unfriendly effect on your liver and other body parts.
Note: the list is not yet complete, other liver toxifying foods like tumeric, ginger, carrot and many more will be added later.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Adeyemi attacks Tinubu on Buhari’s health: Stop deceiving Nigerians

Buhari’s health: Stop deceiving Nigerians – Adeyemi attacks Tinubu

Prof. Tayo Adeyemi, has admonished the APC Chieftain to stop engaging in “mere political ruse.”
In a statement he personally signed, Adeyemi said it would have been better for the APC chieftain to remain silent on the issue of Buhari’s health because he had failed to speak at the appropriate time.
 Adeyemi admonished Tinubu “to refrain from playing on the intelligence of the educated class of Nigerians.”

Adeyemi said, “Tinubu’s press statement has therefore unfortunately come too late as the political space has been contaminated by the undercurrents of anonymous sponsored articles in the media to portray Buhari in bad light by unidentifiable spin doctors and masters of propaganda normally used by political adventurers.
“Tinubu’s nonchalance to the Buhari administration’s strides and effort has been undisputedly apparent.
“Public analysts, political observers, the educated class, the electorate and Nigerians in general have read between the lines and realised this press statement to be none other than a mere political ruse.
“The press statement is, therefore, a faux pas and totally unnecessary. It is a sign of weakness or guilt complex..

Monday, 15 May 2017

#HIV: FG, States should ensure free health services for adolescents with HIV - PATA

#HIV: FG, States should ensure free health services for adolescents with HIV - PATA

At a stakeholders’ forum on ‘Advancing the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Adolescents Living with

5 symptoms of low blood sugar

5 symptoms of low blood sugar

The following are warning signs you will have if your blood sugar is lower than normal.

1. Undue hunger

If you’ve already eaten but


Sesame Seeds for Anemia

If you are anaemic or you have someone close to you who is, then i advice you to consider using sesame seeds as


BLACKSTRAP MOLLASSES contain high levels of iron together with folate which is a natural source of folic acid. There are many B vitamins too in molasses. With all these components, molasses can increase red blood cell production efficiently. Another

Scientists want to make pig organs for humans’

According to new research, gene-editing method could
one day make pig organs
suitable for use in people.
Prof George Church and
colleagues used a technique
called Crispr to alter the DNA of
pig cells to create a better match
for humans.
The early work, in the journal
Science, aims to address
concerns about rejection and
infection by viruses embedded in
pig DNA.
If successful, it could be an
answer to the shortage of
human donor organs.
Years more research is needed
before genetically modified pigs
could be bred to grow organs
for people.
Gene editing
Crispr is a relatively new scientific
tool that lets scientists snip and
play around with the code of life
– DNA.
Prof Church, from Harvard
University, used it to inactivate a
retrovirus present in the pig cell
This porcine endogenous
retrovirus is potentially risky
because it can infect human cells
– at least in the lab.
In tests on early pig embryos,
Prof Church was able to eliminate
all 62 copies of porcine
endogenous retroviruses from
the pig cells using Crispr.
Next, he checked if the modified
pig cells would still easily pass
the retrovirus on to human cells.
They did not, although there was
still a small amount of
Prof Church says the discovery
holds great promise for using
animal organs in people – what
doctors call xenotransplantation.
Prof Church, who part-owns a
company that wants to develop
modified pigs to grow organs,
said: "It was kind of cool from
two stand points.
"One is it set a record for Crispr
or for any genetic modification
of an animal, and it took away
what was considered the most
perplexing problem to be solved
in the xenotransplantation field.
"With immune tolerance, that
completely changes the
landscape as well.
"These two things, immune
tolerance and now getting rid of
all the retroviruses, means we
have a clear path."
Dr Sarah Chan, an expert from
the University of Edinburgh, said:
"Even once the scientific and
safety issues have been
addressed, we should be mindful
of the possible cultural concerns
and societal impacts associated
with more widespread use of pig
organs for human
"Nonetheless, the results of the
study are valuable both as a
proof of principle and a potential
step towards therapeutic
advances in this area of much-
needed research."


Spinach for Anemia

Do you know that just half cup of spinach daily is what you need to cure your anemia. Spinach which is a dark green leafy vegetable is high on Vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, fiber, calcium and beta carotene. Just

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Ebola Outbreak In Congo: Nigeria Steps Up Surveillance At Airports

Ebola Outbreak In Congo: Nigeria Steps Up Surveillance At Airports

Following the outbreak of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the management of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has ass

WHO Statement on Ebola concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo

WHO Statement on Ebola concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo

A cluster of undiagnosed illness and deaths including haemorrhagic symptoms occured in Likati Health Zone, Bas U

What is antiretroviral therapy?

Meaning of antiretroviral therapy

Antiretroviral therapy combines three or more drugs which stop the HIV virus from progressing. It was first used

Venezuela health minister sacked over mortality stats

Venezuela health minister sacked over mortality stats

According to state media, Venezuela has sacked Health Minister Antonieta Caporale after her department released statistics

Surgeon Who Accidentally Removed A Womans Ovary Instead Of Her Appendix Is Struck Off

Surgeon Who Accidentally Removed A Womans Ovary Instead Of Her Appendix Is Struck Off After Being Branded A Danger To Patients

Dr Lawal Haruna, 59, botched up three operations over the course of two years - including removing a woman's ovary because he said the appendix and fallopian

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Govt Source: Nigerian Government Won’t Provide Updates On President Buhari’s Health Treatment

Govt Source: Nigerian Government Won't Provide Updates On President Buhari's Health Treatment

 The President had traveled to Londo


Tomatoes to Cure Anemia

One major reason why tomatoes are good as herbal /home remedy to treat blood shortage is that it helps to absorb iron easily. As a result you can use tomatoes

Exercise Is Beneficial To Older Adults

Exercise Is Beneficial To Older Adults

A recent report shows that older adults who maintain or begin any type of physical activity appear to live longer and have a lower risk of disability. 

The authors write:

Group tells FG to sanction individuals or groups using Buhari’s health to destabilise Nigerian

 Group tells FG to sanction individuals or groups using Buhari's health to destabilise Nigerian

A group named "The Buhari Youth Organisation", Lagos Chapter, on Friday

12 factors that might cause lupus

What causes lupus?
Lupus is a disease that affect the immune system. It makes the immune system to be over-reactive. That is why it is termed 'auto-immune' disease.
Most importantly, it is vital to realize that lupus is not infectious. So don't think you can infect someone with lupus or someone that infect you with it.
The question that what causes lupus is a very technical question because even health experts and specialists can't say for certain what causes lupus. The greater part of those in health field will concur that
a few variables may be causing lupus. Some of these
components are recorded underneath:
1. Hereditary qualities:
Having a family with history of lupus does not mean an individual will get lupus, but it means that the person incline or not 100 pure to the malady.
2. Environment-Research is going on with respect to
ecological and enviromental components that
may assume a part in being a trigger for lupus.
3. Exposure to UV light may also be a causing agent of lupus.
4. Smoking is known to cause several cardiovascular diseases including cancer. It might also be an agent of lupus disease.

5. Anxiety – Jesus Christ adviced us not to be anxious about our life, about what we will eat or wear. The greatest teacher said, who among you can through anxiety add to his life. Our Lord was right as anxiety is linked to many illnesses which lupus could be one of them.
6. Poisons- Since poison spoil the normal body mechanism, it could possibly be a contributing agent of lupus.
7. Hormones-Because ladies in their childbearing years are the most widely affected by lupus, study proposes that larger amounts of hormones, for example, estrogen and progesterone, are connected to
auto-immune illnesses like lupus. It is conceivable that puberty can be a trigger in kids with lupus.
8. Illness:
Sick People influenced with infections and virus, for example, parvovirus, hepatitis C, or Epstein-Barr (EBV) might develop lupus, yet a direct causal connection has not been established.
9. Pharmaceuticals: Some pharmaceuticals are suspected triggers of lupus and it symptoms. However, the good part of it is that people who shows symptoms of lupus because of certain medications usually reverse the situation once they quit taking the prescriptions.
10. A Combination of Factors-
Medical scientists fields believe that a blend of all the above recorded elements is likely making a few people more defenseless against lupus, than peoplewith perhap, only one of the elements.
11. Pregnancy:
Some women develop lupus during pregnancy. Which mean that certain hormone or hormones that have something to do with pregnancy might be hyperactive sometimes and can make the victim to develop lupus.
12. Identical twins:
It was found that there is high probability that one of the pair that make up the identical twins will develop lupus. Therefore, if you are a parent with identical twins is better you work with the doctor now on how you can avoid one of your beloved twins to develop it later in life. The same thing goes to all identical twins, don't wait till you develop the disease. Ask your doctor that you read it online and want to know your chances and how to avoid it.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

A father’s lifestyle may determine grandchildren’s health

More responsibility now falls on the shoulders of fathers as recent examination has progressively appeared that the health ramifications of a man's lifestyle such as liquor use, tobacco smoking and different practices can influence the wellbeing and future health of offsprings, even before conception.
The study reveals insight into the components basic that cause this impact, while finding that a man's life practices may even effect the wellbeing of his grandchildren.
The study recommend a man's life practices may affect not only his own health but of his kids and grandchildren.
That is why i said fathers need to be more responsible on how they live their life.
Various studies have shown that a tyke's wellbeing may be influenced by nature and life practices of their dad.
Though researchers know this but they do not know what drives this affiliation. The larger part of exploration in this field has taken a gander at how certain natural and way of life variables may have impact on particular atoms that tie to DNA in request to control quality expression.
To find what cause the affiliation between father and offspring in terms of health, a group of scientists set out to examine whether proteins called histones – a part of sperm that is
transmitted amid ejaculation –
assume a part in heritability.

The analysts clarify that histones – however separated from DNA – join with DNA amid cell arrangement. The DNA wraps around the histones, which makes a difference
to make it more smaller and better ready to fit into the cell core.
The scientists test their hypothesis on mice by modifying the histone of mice.
The analysts made mice in which the biochemical data on the histones was changed amid the development of sperm – a procedure that can happen with certain ecological exposures. They then evaluated the improvement and survival of two eras of posterity/offspring.
The group found that the posterity of the mice were most certainly not just inclined to conception deformities, likewise they had unusual skeletal development and diminished
survival. Besides, these impacts could be seen over two generation.
The analysts say they were surprised by these discoveries,
which demonstrate that something other than DNA – the modification of histones – assume a part in the wellbeing and advancement of offspring.
The study highlights the discriminating part that fathers play in the soundness of their youngsters and even grandchildren.
Since substance changes on histones are powerless to natural exposures, the work opens new boulevards of examination for the conceivable aversion and treatment of maladies of different sorts, influencing health crosswise over generation.
The study offers a plausible clarification in the matter of why fathers may pass ailments and adverse phenotypes to posterity without hereditary transformations.
As it is, the result of the research will give specialists certainty to seek after histone maintenance in the male germ cells in order to pass a system of good health legacy to their posterity, and likewise will serve as a suggestion to fathers to live a healthy life so as to pass good health legacy – germline- to their unborn generations.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Daily consumption of beetroot juice can lower blood pressure

Beetroot is one of the fruits that are very healthy for our body and health. In one of my articles, i wrote that beetroot is very good for detoxifying the liver in order to make the liver as pure as possible. Many people do not know about beetroot and am sure many will be hearing about it for the first time through this article.
The most outstanding thing about fruits is that they have more than one health benefits.
Accordingly, a new trial suggest that consuming one glass of beetroot juice a day is enough to significantly reduce blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure. This was concluded after researchers conducted a placebo-controlled trial in dozens of patients.

The reason why beetroot can bring down high blood pressure is because beetroot contains high levels of inorganic nitrate just like other leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage.
The trial was conducted at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in the UK, and was funded by the British Heart Foundation. The findings was published in the journal Hypertension.
The study finds that a daily glass of beetroot juice can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension – even those whose high blood pressure was not controlled by drug treatment.
This is possible because inorganic nitrate is converted to nitric oxide in the body which relaxes and dilates blood vessels.
64 patients aged 18-85 were recruited for the trial. The patients were divided into two groups.
One group consumed a daily glass (250 ml or around 8.5 oz) of beetroot juice, while the other group had the same except their beetroot juice was nitrate-free
(the placebo).
The patients consumed the juice daily for complete 4 weeks and were also monitored for 2 weeks before and after the study.
The trial was conducted in such a way that neither the administering clinicians nor the patients knew whether the beetroot juice they were given was the placebo or the active supplement.
At the end of the period, the study show lasting reduction in blood pressure from dietary nitrate.
Patients in the active supplement group (whose
beetroot juice contained inorganic nitrate) experienced a reduction in blood pressure of 8/4 mmHg (millimeters of mercury).
The first figure is the reduction in systolic pressure (when the heart is pushing) and the second figure is reduction in diastolic pressure (when the heart is relaxing). The 8/4 mmHg reduction is enough for most of the patients to brought their blood pressure back into the normal range.
Note: the patients' blood pressure returned to their previous high levels 2 weeks after they stopped taking the juice. This means that the juice should be taking daily or regular if you want to specifically use it to control your blood pressure.
That is the first study to show evidence of a long-lasting reduction in blood pressure due to dietary nitrate supplementation in a group of patients with high blood pressure.
But, there were no changes to blood pressure, blood vessel function or artery stiffness in the placebo group (whose beetroot juice did not contain nitrate) during the period of the study.
The trial also show that the reduction in blood pressure in the group that consume untampered beetroot juice is comparable to that of people taking medication which is 9/5 mmHg.
The study help us to know that nitrate in beetroot and other foods that contain it can really help in the management of high blood pressure. Therefore it is advisable to be drinking beetroot juice or consuming the fruit as a whole regularly as it can drastically help in bringing down high blood pressure.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Lose most weight with a simple food-timing trick

  Lose most weight with a simple food-timing trick

If you want to lose weight, you can use a simple food-timing trick sends messages to

Massaging can boost your well-being, reduce stress

Massaging can boost your well-being and  reduce stress

Do you know that massage can help to improve physical and mental well-being. A new study revealed that having or giving your partner a massage may have a positi

Sunday, 7 May 2017

4 major steps to relieve back pain

I have studied and taken courses in acupressure. Studied some on chiropractic. I also have looked into psychological issues to do with pain and medical problems. And I am also a Reiki Master.
So now that you have a little about my background, and what fuels my writing… let's get to the real content.
I am going to condense this article for convenience since it is a combination of four major studies in themselves, but you can get my e-book or read my full articles at my web site, which is
I have found that 4 major things play an important part in your spines health.

First, there is posture. I know this is not the first time you have heard this, but it needs to be said again and again.
Posture should be noted in sitting, standing, and sleeping. Start taking note of your posture at all times. If it is not straight, then start working on fixing it.
If you sleep in a position like I have in the past, with both hands under your pillow while you lay on your side, you can pinch a nerve in your neck if your shoulder of the arm that's up starts to relax and leans in toward your head or neck. It would be better to lay your arm of your upper hand down on your leg while one hand is under your pillow.
And if you can, buy a few different thickness pillows for throughout the night. I do not know about you, but I can not have a high, fluffy pillow when I lay on my back. But a thin pillow gives me neck ache when I lay on my side.
The second thing on our list is the flexibility of your back.
What you want to do when you notice your back goes out a lot and you experience pinched nerves, is in getting your spine back into alignment and having it flexible.

Of course if you feel a chiropractor is your best choice, by all means seek one. But think about your progress if you could align your own back when ever you needed to. It's not all that hard!
If you are in pain at the present, put ice or heat on the spot until the pain seems to lessen.
Do NOT, under any circumstances exercise while any of your nerves are inflamed or swollen!
To get your back more flexible you might want to learn kundalini yoga. Not all yoga styles are like those you may have seen on television, where they twist themselves up. Kundalini yoga has very good and useful spinal exercises developed to help flexibility. Kundalini Yoga is also a spiritual tool to help before meditation as well.
It is very important to strengthen your back and the surrounding muscles. This is the third step to a healthy back.
Doing sit-ups is one such exercise, You do not have to do many sit-ups until you feel you can… step by step.
Take all of these things slow and at the pace of your body. Your body will let you know what it is feeling. Pain is a warning sign.
Just remember… taking pain pills is okay when you really need them. But also remember that they do not heal the problem, they only mask the warning sign, they simply stop the warning sign, but not the underlying problem.
Health is more than just eating right. One has to consider mental health, environmental, and many other factors. It is not all that easy for a doctor to diagnose the complete problem and cure it, especially if it has roots in psychological issues and has gone a long time unchecked, and became a physical problem.
The fourth and last step in back health is to start a daily stretching routine. You have
seen cats and dogs stretch when they get up, try it for yourself!
The key to back health is in keeping it actively flexible and strong, or well supported by the stomach and back muscles. You may have to find that happy medium in between like I have, being too much strength in one area will pull out another.
Each person is uniquely different in many areas. So never think what worked for someone else is going to work for you. You may have to build on someone else's information and work it into your own, personal program.

There is link between tooth decay and the sugar

There is link between tooth decay and the sugar

If you have tooth decay, you could blame it on sugar. The sweetness of sugar is an obsession

Friday, 5 May 2017

Brief information about diabetes

Diabetes is defines as a lack of
production or improper use of
the hormone insulin within the
body. Insulin is the body's natural
sugar, starch and other foods
converter because it breaks
down the food you eat into
energy so you can burn it off.
Even though there are large risk
factors that can lead to diabetes:
obesity, low thyroid levels, low
activity rate, pregnancy, etc,
doctors have yet to pinpoint an
actual cause.

Both children and adults can
suffer from this disease and
about 18 million people have
already been diagnosed. Even if
you haven't been diagnosed, you
could have a high-risk lifestyle
that puts your blood sugar levels
at a dangerous possibility of
getting the disease in the future.
If you or someone you know
thinks they might be at risk for
diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

11 top natural/home treatment for chicken pox

It is better to know a bit about chicken pox before going to the remedies or treatments.
Chickenpox is created by the virus known as varicella-zoster the same virus that cause shingles and is very contagious meaning it spreads easily from one individual
to another.
This illness is very contagious and can spread through air or contact with spit, bodily fluid,
then again liquid from rankles of a contaminated person.
The contaminated
individual is infectious from two days before the rashes show up, until the time when all the
rankles have dried.
It usually take 10-21 days for
the symptoms to show. The most widely recognized
signs are an irritated rash and red spots or rankles everywhere throughout the body .
Symptoms include fever, weakness, loss of appetite, and
hurting muscles. Since most individuals get inoculated against chickenpox, it is generally common among infants, pregnant ladies and those with weak immune system.
For the most part, the most noticeably lifespan of chickenpox is between 14 to 21 days. Be that as it may, you can attempt some common solutions to ease the side effects.
Here are the main 11 common home solutions for chickenpox.
1. Sandalwood Oil
Sandalwood oil can be advantageous in the treatment of chickenpox sore because of its disinfectant and antiviral properties. It
will likewise help blur chickenpox
Just include a couple drops of unadulterated
sandalwood oil to a teaspoon of
a oil like almond oil and apply on the rashes. Do this
frequently until every one of the wounds and scars recuperate totally.
2. Baking Soda

Baking soda can help control the
irritation and disturbance from
Blend one-half tablespoon of
baking soda in a glass of water. Utilize a delicate washcloth
to put the arrangement on the
influenced parts of the body and permit it to dry.
Another alternative is to blend one-half or one measure of
baking soda in your bathing water and absorb it into body i.e let the water dry up into body without using towel.
3. Carrots and Coriander
A soup made of carrots and coriander is profoundly advantageous in
the treatment of chickenpox. It is
rich in cancer prevention agents that assist in
the mending procedure.
Cut up 100 grams of carrots to get around a cup of cleaved carrots and chop and cleave 60 grams or one and one- half cup of fresh coriander
leaves and boiled them in
around two and one-quarter cup of water until a large portion of the cup of water vanishes.
Drink the soup once every day for around a month. You can
likewise eat the boiled carrots and coriander leaves for
included quality.
4. Calendula Flowers
Calendula, otherwise called marigold blooms can likewise be used to soothe the tingling brought about by chickenpox.
Put two tablespoons of calendula blooms and one teaspoon of witch hazel
leaves in some water and give it a chance to sit overnight.
In the morning, pound the
blend completely.
Apply the glue straightforwardly on
the rashes.
Flush it off when it dries totally.
5. Oatmeal shower
A oatmeal shower is a prominent home solution for irritation
brought on by chickenpox.
Grind two measures of oatmeal into a fine powder.
Put the powdered cereal in two liters (half gallon) of lukewarm/tepid water.
Absorb the bathwater for 15 to 20 minutes.
6. Indian Lilac
Indian lilac, otherwise called margosa or neem is helpful in the
treatment of chicken pox as it has antiviral properties.
Moreover, it assists to dry the rankles and reduces itching to a
awesome degree.
Take a modest bunch of neem leaves,
squash them and apply the glue
on the influenced body parts. Including
neem leaves in shower water is moreover helpful.
7. Brown Vinegar
A standout amongst the best solutions for treating chicken
pox is brown vinegar. It will mitigate skin aggravation and help
recuperate the sores and forestall scarring.
Essentially include half measure o chicken
pox is brown vinegar. It will mitigate skin aggravation and help
recuperate the sores and forestall scarring.
Essentially include half measure of brown vinegar to tepid
bathwater, and absorb the shower
for around 10 to 15 minutes.
8. Herbal Tea
Anybody infected with chicken pox can t herbal tea made from
herbs such as chamomile, holy
basil, marigold and lemon balm.
Put one tablespoon of any of these herbs in a cup of
boiling water. Let it steep
for a few minutes and then
strain it. Add a little cinnamon, honey
and lemon juice and sip the
tea slowly and drink this herbal tea a few
times a day.
9. Honey
Honey will give help from irritation and help recuperate the
rankles brought on by chickenpox.
Get a decent quality, immaculate honey and coat the influenced body parts with it.
Rehash the procedure two to three times each day until the
scars are no more.
10. Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is also used to reduce skin irritation and itching caused by chicken pox.

Dilute a little lavender essential
oil with carrier oil like almond
oil or coconut oil and apply it on the influenced body areas and leave it on until it dries. Rehash the process 2 times daily.
You can also add a few
drops each of lavender and
chamomile essential oils in
lukewarm water and soak in
this bath for about 10
11. Coconut oil and water
Coconut is a very powerful antiviral food. Consuming coconut fruit as a a whole and applying coconut oil or water on the affected body parts could help to halt the growth of chicken pox virus and clear the blisters/rankles/rashes from the body.

Monday, 1 May 2017

8 natural treatment for shingles

It is ideal to comprehend the meaning of Shingles before knowing the natural ways it could be cured. Shingles is a viral disease that causes a difficult rash on the body. This rash can happen anyplace on the body, however it's most regularly found on the middle. The same infection or virus that created chicken pox causes Shingles. The virus name is varicella-zoster virus. When you have chicken pox, the infection stays torpid in your body. Sometime down the road, anxiety or disease can reactivate the virus, and you may develop shingles.
1. The first way of treating it is the use of antiviral drugs be it medical or herbal. Antiviral drugs are regularly recommended to treat the agonizing rash. These medications help abbreviate the length of time of shingles and decrease the side effects. Some common medications may be viable in reducing the agony and inconvenience of shingles.. These can be utilized as a part of conjunction with drug, or you can utilize only them while the infection runs its course.
2. Take a Cool Bath
Cool water can help reduce the excruciating, uncomfortable skin of shingles. Absorb the water for a few minutes, and after that dry your skin totally. Make certain the water isn't excessively icy because your skin will respond to water if the temperature is too low, which could prompt more agony.
Wash any towels that come into contact with your skin because open rankles or scratched skin can transmit the varicella-zoster virus.
3. Utilize a Wet towel
Douse a towel or fabric with cool water. Wring the water out, and after that apply the towel to your rash or blisters for a few minutes.
Once more, it's imperative you don't reuse any towels or fabrics that comes into contact with shingles blisters. Wash utilized towels to forestall passing on the infection or virus to another person.

4. Take a Healing Bath
Colloidal cereal showers and starch showers can assist recuperate with excruciating skin. Healing bath materials are accessible over-the-counter at a drugstore.
Try not to utilize boiling hot water. Boiling hot water may further disturb your skin.
On the off chance that you utilize an over-the-counter item from the drugstore, take after the bundle's directions. Dry your skin completely, then wash and purify any towels.
5. Utilization of Soothing Lotions
Not all salves or lotions will mend or help facilitate the impacts of shingles. Scented or perfumed salves might really be excessively aggravating and can bring about extra inconvenience. Utilizing relieving lotion or any lotion that is made for skin infections could help. Also any lotion that is use for chicken pause could greatly help.
Wash your hands subsequent to applying the creams, or ask any individual who applies the moisturizer to wash their hands instantly. The danger is little, however you could transmit the infection to someone else on the off chance that you don't altogether wash your hands with cleanser and water.
7. Use Natural Pain Relievers
A few creams that contain capsaicin may be helpful in lessening agony brought on by shingles. Capsaicin is a pepper concentrate, and it has been utilized for quite a long time as a characteristic pain reliever.
7. Orthodox shingles medicines, for example, antiviral pharmaceuticals, are extremely powerful at stopping the virus growth. On the off chance that you pick not to utilize the pharmaceutical drugs, you can use the natural ways of dealing with it.

8. Natural treatments can worked for shingles just like medical medicines. Therefore, if you have shingles, you can try any of the above methods and better still talk to your doctor. Natural treatments can often be used in conjunction with prescribed medication.
You can also go for herbal medicine and lotion for shingles.
One important point i also want to point out here is that shingles will be cured naturally by itself but it may take like three to four weeks. However, you need to take medication so as to cut the growth

NTUC launches ready-to-eat meals suitable for people with diabetes

NTUC launches ready-to-eat meals suitable for people with diabetes There is new innovation for providing food for diabetics and thos...