Saturday, 15 April 2017

Association Between Diabetes And Advance Breast Cancer

According to Dr. Lorraine

Lipscombe, a scientist at the

Institute for Clinical Evaluative

Sciences and Women's College

Hospital in Toronto, Women with

diabetes may have an increased

risk of being diagnosed with

advanced breast cancer.
She said:

"Our findings suggest that

women with diabetes may be

predisposed to more advanced-

stage breast cancer, which may

be a contributor to their higher

cancer mortality."
The research which took place in Canada analyzed data

from more than 38,000 women with age range 20 to 105 who were

diagnosed with invasive breast

cancer between 2007 and 2012.
The result of the study published

March 24 in the journal Breast

Cancer Research and Treatment shows that about "16 percent of the women

had diabetes and that women with diabetes were 14

percent more likely to have stage

II breast cancer, 21 percent more

likely to have stage III breast

cancer, and 16 percent more

likely to be have stage IV breast

cancer, compared to having

stage I breast cancer, which is

the most treatable stage.

Five-year survival for breast

cancer patients with diabetes

was 15 percent lower than for

those without diabetes."
The researchers also notice that

breast cancer patients with

diabetes were more likely to have

larger tumors and cancer that

had spread, compared to those

without diabetes due to lower

mammogram rates in women

with diabetes, which could

account for later-stage disease.
It must be clearly understand that the research only found a link

between diabetes

and advanced breast cancer and not that diabetes will cause advance

breast cancer or any type of breast cancer.

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