Saturday, 29 April 2017

14 Major Causes of Shortage of Blood or Anaemia

What causes Anaemia

The following are the various factors which could be responsible  anaemia or shortage of blood.

1. Certain clinical effects, like bleeding
from the intestine or gutCoeliac and Crohn's disease

2. Pregnancy

3. Heavy menstrual periods

4. HIV/AIDS especially in female victims

5. Thalassaemia

6. Leukaemia

7. Bone marrow problems

8. Kidney failure

9. Rheumatoid arthritis

10. Hormonal troubles

11. Improper diet

12. Surgery, Injury or accident

13. Sicknesses like malaria, typhoid etc

14. Deficiency of iron is considered to be the major cause of anaemia, which can be rectified by having iron-rich diet.

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