Monday, 13 March 2017

6 herbal foods for diabetes


Oat is one of the recommended foods for diabetic patients. WhY? It
fills your tommy for a while and helps keep your blood sugar level
safe at the same time.


Almonds may help lower bad cholesterol LDL and reduce the risk of
developing diabetes.


Carrots are rich in fiber that checks excessive cholesterol. This
soluble fiber makes carrots a top cholesterol-fighting food, control
blood sugar and invariably reduce the risk of diabetes

Fresh Herbs

Replacing salt, fat and cholesterol with fresh herbs make other foods
to be healthy. Fresh herbs can help protect us against diabetes and
keep our blood pressure and sugar balanced after developing the


Onion is used in treating diabetes. Onion has hypoglycemic properties.
It is natural and is effective herb to lower blood sugar level. Onion
is one of the herbs and vegetables that are very healthy yet less
valued by us. The reason is that most people believed that onion is
just a spice that should be used for cooking only in other to make the
food sweet or have a kind of pleasant aroma and taste. consuming a lot
of onions as a herbal medicine can help us to prevent, control and
cure some of our major illnesses.


Those who already have diabetes are advised to stay away from coffee
because caffeine in coffee can complicate diabetes and hypertension.

However, studies show that those who consume about 4 cups of coffee
daily can cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent.

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