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Insomnia which is known as sleeplessness can be described as a situation where the victim is unable to sleep in the night or any other time.

Lack of sleep could lead to several diseases since the body usually recovers well during sleep and hormones that are good for the body are released during sleep.


Pile which is also known as hemorrhoids refers to the varicose veins at or near the anus. Many people underestimate the damage that pile could do to the body, however, pile could be so damaging to the body if not treated early.


According to new findings, drinking coffee daily could help to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Dr. Kate Allen, Executive Director
of Science and Public Affairs at
World Cancer Research Fund

[List] Top 15 Celebrities Who Are Vegan

Today about 5% of the United States is veggie lover. About 2.5 % of the 5 % are vegans. In case you don’t know the meaning of vegetarians and vegan or the diffence between them : vegetarian don’t eat meat,
poultry, fish, however might in any case eat dairy and eggs.

4 Stages of Childbirth

Gestation period, which is the number of days a woman used to conceive her baby, usually lasts between 37 and 42 weeks.

Secondly, when the birth process is about to begin, the cervix

Several ways you can manage your health

Staying healthy or being healthy is a delight of many people or better still everybody.  Humans want to stay fine always because that is the way we can enjoy life and live longer. Health is wealth they say and this is highly true. You can only make more money by yourself if you are healthy. The reason why i use the words ' by yourself' is that some people make money when they are sick through donations and assistance from

Is Cassava Bread Edible For Nigerians ?

Some few months ago I read a post in punch newspaper written by an author in the name Tunde Fabunmi entitled “ Why I will not eat cassava bread.” I have decided to write a summary of it for my blog visitors to learn something from it. WHY CASSAVA

Lose 3 Inches of Belly Fat

Just about everyone wants to improve their appearance, but hardly anyone has the time to devote to exercising enough to get that six pack stomach. Fortunately, there are ways to trim inches off your waistline by only working out for a few minutes a day.  It's a method of healthy living that can fit in just about any lifestyle.

5 Natural Ways To Cure Eczema

If you're sick and tired of the continual itching from your eczema rash, then you will find this article useful. In it, you will find some tips for how to get rid of eczema at home using only natural methods and no medication. When your eczema condition is not severe, you can treat it with these eczema home remedies that don't involve using any medically prescribed drugs.
Moisturize Your Dry Eczema Skin

16 Health Benefits of Zinc To The Human Body

Below Are The Top Health Benefits of Zinc To The Human Body

1. Zinc help to repair and rebuild immune dysfunction

2. Zinc is an essential element helpful in increasing and reactivating sexual hypoactivity

10 health benefits of ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

Ganoderma lucidum is an herb that belong to the mushroom family. It is considers by some doctors, herbalist and medical scientist as the 'king of herbs.'
It is known to perform the following functions to the human body:

How To Check Your Body Temperature With Samsung Phone

Sometimes you may not like the temperature of your body and will like
to chect it degree.
What you need to do is,

10 Top Home Remedies for Kidney Infections

10 Top Home Remedies for
Kidney Infections
Kidneys are the excretory organs
and perform several other
regulatory functions, like

275,000 Women Worldwide Die From Cervical Cancer Every Year

275,000 Women Worldwide Die
From Cervical Cancer Every Year
A report by the cervical cancer
free coalition CCFC entitled "crisis
card," stated that India, Brazil,
Bangladesh and Nigeria
accounted for 50 percent of the

Why do we yawn?

"Scientist cannot explain why
every person on the planet
yawns – In most cases, several
times a day. Even babies in the
womb do it. So do hedgehogs,

African American women less likely to develop breast cancer

A study published in the
American Journal of
Epidemiologynvestigators by
investigators from the Slone
Epidemiology Center at Boston
University School of Medicine
(BUSM) have reported that

No Of Cancer Patients Reduces In The U.S

No Of Cancer Patients Reduces In
The U.S
"The number of cancer survivors
in the U.S has quadrupled since

14 causes of low blood pressure

1. Neurally mediated hypotension
Sometimes, someone that has
stand for a long hour can
suddenly collapse. The condition
is termed 'neurally mediated
hypotension.This disorder causes
blood pressure to drop after

Doctor implants artificial vagina

A study published in the Lancet,
to show the power of
regenerative medicine, shown
that four women have had new
vaginas grown in the laboratory
and implanted by doctors in the

What would happen if I cut down all the sugar in my diet (except fruits, honey)?

Incredible things happen when
you do incredible things.
I've deleted sugar from my life
about 1.5 yrs ago, along with
wheat and dairy and increased
the frequency of my running
exercise and thank G-d have
been feeling better than ever – in
every way, in mind and body (&
My diet does include sweets,
mainly fruits (including raisins
and dates) and honey replaces
sugar as desired.
Highly rec
Read More: https://

High levels of the hormone insulin can stimulate breast cancer

People with diabetes may have a
cause for relief because high
levels of the hormone insulin can
even stimulate the growth of
breast cancer.
melatonin is a sleep hormone
that help us to have a sound
sleep at night, but low levels of
this hormone in the body can
stimulate the growth of breast
some 75% of cases are in
women above 50 years. Thus,
risk increases with ages.
Treatment for breast cancer
The best treatments for breast
are restrictive diet and early
detection. Treatment depend on
the stage of the breast cancer.
When cancer is early detected it
can be confined to the organ it
started from where it can be
perfectly removed or cured. But if
the treatment is not commenced
early due to late detection, it can
spread to large area of the breast
as well to other vital organs of
the body. Making oneself
available for the screening
procedures (regular checkup)
can lead to early detection of
cancer while increasing the
chance for cur…

Too much flouride is bad for your health

Fluoride is a natural mineral
abound in water, soil and foods
like tea leaves, egg, fish and
meat. Fluoride is useful when
consumed in reasonable quantity
such as when small quantity is
used in washing our tooth and
mouth regularly.
Benefits of fluoride to our health
Fluoride helps to strengthen the
teeth and prevent cavities,
prevent against tooth decay
when taken in small quantity.
Journal of America Chemical
Society says, "Fluoride helps to
harden the enamel coating that
protects teeth from the acid
produced by decaying bacteria."
Fluoride makes it easy to wash
away decay-causing bacteria
through brushing and other
activity by preventing the
bacteria from having a strong
grip on the tooth.
Despite of all these
aforementioned benefits of
fluoride, it also have it side
effects on health especially if
used or consumed in excess. One
of the side effects of fluoride is
Dental fluorosis occurs during
tooth formation. It ranges f…

No evidence of relationship between fluoride and cancer

No evidence of relationship
between fluoride and cancer
Carcinogenicity studies in
rodents along with human
epidemiological studies have
been used to determine whether
a harmful relationship exist
between fluoride in drinking
water and cancer.
Five carcinogenicity studies in
animals have been reported in
the biomedical literature on
whether fluoride in drinking
water can cause cancer but no
association was found to exist
between fluoride and cancer.
Also, over 50 human
epidemiology studies have been
conducted to identify the
statistical association or
relationship between cancer
rates and fluoride. And again a
formidable association cannot be
established between cancer and


Everybody should be tested for
prediabetes and diabetes
regardless of your age, gender or
status. Prediabetes is a very
dangerous condition because it
can be in the body for a long
time without manifestation.
Though, few individuals may
show symptoms of diabetes, for
instance, weakness or increase
pee, many people's with high
glucose level will have no
outward signs by any stretch of
the imagination.
This implies that everybody
should be tested for prediabetes.
Anybody that falls under the
following categories should be
tested for diabetes. It is quite
advisable to go for diabetes and
prediabetes screening if you fall
under the following categories.

5 General health tips

General Health Tips
* Lowering blood pressure and
keeping blood glucose level in
proper check can greatly help to
reduce the risk of edema.
* White men born in the US
outlive black men born in the
same country at the same time
by 5.4 years while white women
outlive black women by 3.7 years.
Black men born in the US are
expected to live 70.8 years,
against 76.2 years for non-
Hispanic white men. Black
women born in America are
expected to be alive for 77.5
years against 81.2 expected from
non-Hispanic white women.
* Always start your day by eating
a big break fast. If you are
working make it your second
nature to be taking meal from
home instead of eating out.
* According to a report from
World Health Organization (WHO),
63 percent of deaths were
caused by diseases which are
classed as communicable disease
such as tuberculosis, malaria,
childhood diseases, diarrhea and
* Most adults needs about a day
sleep especially in the night to
gain back …

Is Fruits Good For Diabetes

Fruits are good for everybody.
Diabetics and non-diabetics can
benefit themselves from the
numerous health benefits of
The advice is that you should be
testing your blood sugar against
the safest fruits for diabetes.
What you can do is to test or
measure your sugar level with
meter after you consume fruits
to know which one is good for
your diabetes condition.
What that means is that a kind of
fruit that is good for one
diabetes patient may spike the
sugar level in others. However,
fruits with low sugar or with
bitter taste might be good for
diabetes. Fruits that can usually
spike blood sugar are those with
sugary taste. Therefore, it is
better for individuals to test their
blood sugar against such fruits.
Fruits are good for diabetes.
However, diabetes patients are
advised to test or measure their
blood sugar after they consume
fruits especially the sugary ones
to know how they affect their
blood sugar.

Symptom of Diabetes: Gastroparesis

Stomach trouble is one of the
symptoms of persistent high
blood sugar
or diabetes. I have written in my
previous article that one of the
symptoms of persistent and
uncontrolled high blood sugar is
damage, a condition known as
neuropathy. Therefore, diabetes
or high
blood sugar can also damages
the nerve that helps stomach to
and transport food smoothly
through the digestive tract.
This inability of the stomach to
empty food quickly enough as a
of persistent high blood sugar
can lead to many diabetes
complications. This inability of
the stomach to process and
empty food
swiftly is a condition known as
1. This could cause unpleasant
problems like diarrhea,
constipation, or incontinence.
2. It may also lead to difficulty in
eating or swallowing.
3. Gastroparesis can make it
uneasy to control your high
blood sugar
or diabetes.
One of the consequences of
uncontrolled d…

The Liver-Function, Disease and Remedy

The liver is a very vital organ of
the body since it performs
numerous functions. The average
weight of a liver is about 1.25kg.
It lies below the diaphragm and
located on the right side of the
abdomen. The color of the
normal healthy liver is dark-red.
The liver is regarded as one of
the most important organs in the
body of a mammal because of
the following functions it
Functions of the liver
1. The liver helps in the formation
of red blood cells i.e. erythrocytes
2. Heat production for the body
3. It helps in the regulation of
4. It helps in the regulation of
blood sugar by converting blood
sugar to glycogen
5. The liver helps in detoxifying
the toxic by-products of the body
6. The liver produces bile which
helps in the emulsification of fats
for easy digestion.
7. The liver serves as a storage
medium for vitamins
8. Manufacture of essential
protein is one of the vital
functions of the liver
9. It helps in the reserv…

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar : Numbness or Tingling

It is compulsory for every
diabetes people to know the
symptoms of the aftereffects of
high blood sugar. Knowing this
help patients to quickly respond
to the complications of high
One of the consequences of
consistent, persistent and
high blood sugar or diabetes is
nerve damage (called peripheral
NEUROPATHY). It is typically a sign
of chronically elevated blood
Adhering strictly to diabetes
medications and diets are some
of the
ways to prevent and control
Exercise is another effective way
to prevent or control neuropathy
relation to diabetes or high
blood sugar. Exercise such as
walking for
like 30 minutes or engaging in
other household activities that
make you active and sweat or
make your heart beat faster
everyday will
help you to control your high
blood sugar and nerve damage.
Make sure you are taking care of
your foot regularly if you are

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Sugar : Swelling of Hands and Feets

Ability to read signs about the
level of your blood sugar is vital
overall health and vitality. High
blood pressure and diabetes are
twins. Most diabetes patients are
also suffering from high blood
pressure while consistent and
uncontrolled high blood pressure
lead to diabetes.
Persistent high blood pressure
together with diabetes, can
damage the
kidneys' ability to filter wastes
and fluid in the long run.
Therefore, your
hands and feet may swell as
builds up in your body. This is a
warning sign that you your
condition is affecting your
Therefore, it is advisable to be
using your high blood pressure
diabetes medications regularly as
prescribed by the doctor. If your
hands and feet swell as a
consequence of diabetes and
high blood
pressure, you can still reverse the
condition by making changes in
your diets and lifestyle.
You can still preserve
the kidney function by
taking your diabetes and blood
pressure medicines as…

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar : Feeling Dizzy or Shaky

Every diabetes patients should
learn how to know whether their
sugar is low or high. In my two
previous articles, i wrote about
to know that your blood sugar is
high through excessive
thirty/frequent urination and
Feeling of fatique/tiredness. I
you to read those two articles
because knowledge is power.
Today, am writing about one of
the symptoms that your blood
sugar is
low. High blood sugar is the
problem or cause of diabetes but
sometimes due to many factors
blood sugar could drop low in
patients. It must be noted that
low blood sugar is a serious and
dangerous sickness on it own.
Low blood sugar is a silent killer
kill fastly.
One of the symptoms of low
blood sugar is DIZZINESS. Feeling
dizzy or
shaky can be a sign of low blood
sugar or hypoglycemia.
Low blood sugar is very
dangerous and kill fast because
brain needs glucose to function,
a drop in blood sugar means the
brain will malfunction which

Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High : Fatigue or Tiredness

If you are diabetic, it is very
important to be able to read your
blood sugar level without meter
but through how you feel inside
Being able to read how you feel
from time to time concerning
will help you to balance your
blood sugar if it rises.
One of the symptoms that shows
your blood sugar is high is
feeling of
fatigue or tiredness.
Fatigue is one of the major
signals that
your blood sugar is high. The
reason why you are feeling
fatigue or
tired when your sugar is high is
that your sugar which is suppose
be diverted to your body's cells is
instead staying in your
bloodstream. Therefore, your
muscles do not have
enough fuel to use for energy.
The fatigue may range from
feeling only a little tired to
needing a
nap. When your blood sugar is
high you will be feeling tired all
time or after just a little work or
after eating a big
Fatigue for diabetes people is a
signal and symptom that their

Health Updates : Climbing Stairs Improves Health

Climbing stairs improve health
long time ago, a group of
researchers asked 69 sedentary
employees to use only the stairs
at their place of working instead
of using the elevators. The
researcher's found out after just
two weeks that the workers'
aerobic capacity had increased
by 8.6 percent and this allowed
for 15 percent decrement in
mortality risk from any cause.
The workers blood pressure,
weight, size and cholesterol also
improved. It was then concluded:
That taking the stairs regularly is
a simple and effective way to
improve health.
Ear tubes may not improve
children hearing over long term
Ear pain can occur as result of
allergy, chillness, filling of wax
and fluid in the ear, entry of
foreign object in the ear. It can
also occur due to infection in the
Eustachian tube.
According to a recent study on
the long term effect of
implanting ear tubes in children
with hearing disability termed

Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High: Thirst And Frequent Urination

There are many ways you could
know that your blood sugar is on
rise. First, people with type 2
diabetes need to be reminded
their blood sugar
levels can be keep under control
with diet, exercise, and drug.
However, you need to be
checking your blood sugar level
every day with a
meter, to get best results.
Therefore, it is advisable for
anyone with
diabetes to be checking their
blood sugar regularly as this will
them know the kind of action to
take or maybe to keep doing
what they
are doing right.
However, if you do not have time
or your needle has finished, one
the ways to know that your
sugar is high is that you will be
and excessively thirsty.
Thirst and frequent urination are
two significant symptoms of
diabetes due to too much sugar
in your blood.
You will need to urinate more
than normal if your blood sugar
is high
because your kidneys work
harder to
filter out the sugar, pulling more
fluids from your tissues in the

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Infants

Worldwide, many infants are
dying from sudden death (SIDS).
Medical personnel are working
round the clock to correct and
control this problem. According
to the Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA), it
seems that the risk of SIDS highly
reduces when infants sleep with
their back than with their belly.
Though, the relationship
between sleeping with the face
up in infants and SIDS cannot be
well established but some
researchers noted that sleeping
in this manner can prevent
infants from inhaling back the
carbondioxide that has already
been exhaled which can lead to
concentration of carbondioxide
in the blood stream. Making
infants to sleep with their belly
can also lead to excessive heat
Not the best sleeping position for
Many countries such as England,
New Zealand, Australia, Denmark
and Norway usually urge parents
to lay their child on the bed with
their face up and this has
resulted in great reduction of
SIDS death to 5…


In my previous article, I wrote
about the importance of fiber to
diabetes diet. If you have not
read the article it is advisable you
do so. Reading it will give the you
the knowledge about the
importance of fiber for the
controlling and balancing of
blood sugar.
Food rich in fiber is usually
recommended for diabetes by
doctors. Diabetes people should
consider eating fruits and foods
that are high in fiber but low in
sugar calories, fruits, starch and
carbohydrates. Foods high in
vitamins and minerals are also a
must for diabetes diet.
The problem that most diabetes
patients have is that they
concentrated much on using
drugs that flush or balance their
blood sugar than on eating
foods that could equally do the
same or outperformed the drugs

Excessive Eating Increases The Risk Of Eating Bacteria In Food

Excess food intake at a go can
increase the risk of fallen sick
through getting infected with
The acid in our intestine usually
kill the bacteria in the food we
eat. But excess food will be more
powerful than the acid in our
intestine thus reducing the
power of the intestine to kill

How To Reverse Diabetes Type 2 With Diets

Reversing type 2 diabetes
with proper diet
It must be admitted that living
with diabetes is not easy
because you have to follow a
daily routine of using your
medications as at when due. It is
even a terrible case for those on
insulin, some diabetics take
insulin daily, as they need to be
injecting themselves with
Contrary to popular believe that
diabetes cannot be reverse, a
clinical trial has proven that type
2 diabetes, can be reversed and
with your diet.
Weight loss has been said to be
able to improve diabetes
condition. Accordingly, IU Health
Arnett Doctor Sarah
Hallberg helped to create a diet
for a weight loss study program
examining how a low carb
diet can serve as a treatment for
The diet was designed in such a
way that it is low in carbs,
moderate on protein intake and
suggests high levels of fat.
I know that you will be surprised
to read that the diet 'suggests
high levels of fat.'
However, the fat are not harmful


Coronary or health disease and
vein disease are risky diseases
for some individuals who don't
have their diabetes under proper
It is very important for diabetes
people to keep their blood sugar
level under proper control
because they were twice as liable
to have heart issues and strokes
individuals who don't have the
Another reason it is advisable for
diabetics to properly balance
their glucose level is that it could
lead to blood vessel or nerve
damage which might likewise
bring about foot issues that, in
rare cases, can
lead to amputation.
10 Steps To Better
Diabetes Diets
7 Risk Factors Shared By
Diabetes And Certain
Tumeric Helps To Control
There are many diabetics that
have injuries especially on their
foot and toes and it heals very
fast because they properly
control their blood sugar.
It must be note many of the legs
and feet amputated are not lost
on account of an injury, but as an
aftereffect of…

10 Steps To Better Diabetes Diets

Keeping a balanced weight is key
to prevent and control diabetes.
Eating a balanced diet or foods
low in fat and calories but full of
nutrients will help us to maintain
a balanced weight which is key
among the most critical things
you can do to bring down your
risk for type 2 diabetes. Type 2
diabetes is a condition described
by high blood glucose levels
brought on by either an absence
of insulin or the body's failure to
utilize insulin productively. Type 2
diabetes could affect anybody
regardless of their age. Before it
was thought that type 2 diabetes
only affect adults but now even
young kids are having the
It can appear to be difficult to
settle on good diet decisions,
especially in the event that you
are on a strict financial budget
and low income. In any case,
there are some basic steps you
can take to help you and your
family eat foods that are more
beneficial to your health and less

Stress Management Could Reduce Deaths And Disability From Heart Attack

Stress Management Could Reduce
Deaths And Disability From Heart
A team at Duke University School
of Medicine studied a single DNA
letter change in the human
genome, which has been linked
to being more vulnerable to the
effects of stress.
From the research, they found
that heart patients with genetic
change had a 38 percent
increased risk of heart disease
after seven years of follow up
compared with those with no
genetic change.
The study adds to evidence that
stress may directly increase heart
disease risk. This also means that
stress management techniques
and drug therapies could reduce
deaths and disability from heart
"This is one step towards the day
when we will be able to identify
people on the basis of this
genotype who are at higher risk
of developing heart disease in
the first place.
That's a step in the direction of
personalized medicine for
cardiovascular disease." -Says Dr.
Redford Williams, director of the

7 Risk Factors Shared By Diabetes And Certain Cancer

Medical scientists have
discovered that there is a link
between diabetes and some
form of cancer. They found out
that certain risk factors that
cause diabetes can also lead to
cancer. Scientists are trying their
best to make research and
discoveries in order to enlighten
people about their health. Many
people are ignorant about their
health. They are well educated in
other aspect of their lives, they
were educated and well
grounded in finance,
relationship, news,
entertainment, sports, market
and other aspect of life but when
it comes to health education,
their score is zero. Though,
having education on health does
not mean that one will not sick
but having the knowledge is
always better because
knowledge is better than
ignorance anytime any day.
The research shows that certain
factors that cause diabetes also
cause certain types of cancers
such as liver, pancreas, uterus,
colon, breast and bladder cancer.

Tumeric Helps To Control Diabetes

Tumeric is a very useful herb for
treating, managing and
controlling diabetes. There are
many herbs that can help
diabetes patients to better
manage their health condition by
controlling the glucose level in
the blood.
Diabetes patients are
encouraged not to rely on
Orthodox medication alone. Get
me right i do not say that
diabetes patients should not use
orthodox medicine, but they
should also take a look at herbs
that could work alongside the
orthodox medicine.
Meaning of Type 2
Diabetes: Two Causes of
High Blo…
God created these herbs for our
benefit and we should take
advantage of it. One of the herbs
that is good for controlling
diabetes is tumeric. Tumeric
contains many important
elements or properties such as
antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal,
anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic
and calming properties.
There is a post i wrote about
seven health benefits of tumeric.
In that post i wrote that tumeric


This morning i bought
groundnuts and someone that is
diabetics asked me to give her,
so i did. I now decided to ask
from google whether eating
groundnut is good for diabetic.
Though, the answer i found do
not mention groundnut
specifically but it says the overall
effects of nuts as a whole on
diabetes and other sickness.
The article says diabetics can eat
any kind of
nuts as long as they
eat it in moderation and balance
it with healthy choices because
have general health benefits
which diabetics also can benefit
1. One of the reasons why
groundnut and nuts are good for
diabetes is that it helps to lower
High cholesterol levels is
detrimental to our health as it
contribute to the risk of heart
disease. However, the
unsaturated fats in nuts help
lower low-density
lipoprotein, the "bad" cholesterol
while raising the levels
of high-density lipoprotein, the

Women who walks had a lower risk of stroke

Women who walks had a lower
risk of stroke One of the causes
of stroke is built-up plaque in
arteries or ruptured
blood vessels in the brain.
Recent research shows that
women who walk for at least
three hours
every week suffer less stroke
than women who walk less.
During the study, women who
walked briskly for 210 minutes
or more per
week had a lower risk of stroke
than women who are inactive.
These 210 minutes or more
briskly walker also had lower
stroke than
those who cycled or engage in
intensive exercise for a shorter
The study was carried out
through a questionnaire nearly
33000 men and
women make up the participants
whom are categorized into
exercise type and total time
spent for exercising per week.
The participants are given a
physical activity questionnaire
once in the mid-1990s as part of
a larger European cancer project.
The follow-up period, covered a
12 year span during which a
total of
442 strokes were recorded

Diabetes Neuropathy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Nerve Damage

One of the consequences or
complications of uncontrolled
diabetes or high blood glucose
or sugar level is a condition
known as diabetic neuropathy or
nerve damage.
Diabetic neuropathy is a
condition that must be treated
promptly to prevent total damage
the nerves. Total damage of the
nerves will definitely have a
negative effects on other vital
organs of the body. Since blood
and other important nutrients
are transported through the
nerves, getting it damage will not
be funny.
In individuals with diabetes, the
body's nerves can be harmed or
damaged by diminished blood
stream and a high glucose level.
This condition is more probable
when the glucose level is not well
A large percentage of individuals
with diabetes create nerve
damage because at the initial
stage it is often hard for them to
control their blood sugar.
Symptoms of nerve damage in
diabetes do not usually surface
until many…

Meaning of Type 2 Diabetes: Two Causes of High Blood Glucose

Meaning of Type 2 Diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes is the
commonest type of diabetes and
is affecting millions of people
around the world.
Type 2 diabetes is characterized
by high glucose which specialists
allude to as hyperglycemia.
Type 2 diabetes is different from
other kind of diabetes such as
type 1 diabetes, gestational and
other types of diabetes because
it is characterized by high blood
glucose level. The danger of type
2 diabetes is high glucose in the
blood stream.
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Cause Heart Failure
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This high blood glucose is
caused 1. high glucose are
insulin resistance and 2.
decreased generation of insulin
by the pancreas.
Predominance of Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious, common
disease affecting multi-millions
people throughout the world
and over 30 million individuals in
the United Stat…

Top 10 Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

So many factors or a single one
can cause someone to develop
diabetes. This article will analyse
some major risk factors or
causes of type 2 diabetes.
1. Eating an excessive amount of
food especially fat can cause
2. Engaging in little or no physical
activities or exercise is one of the
major causes of diabetes.
3. Type 2 diabetes happens
when the pancreas doesn't make
enough insulin, or the cells of the
body gotten to be impervious to
Insulin is a hormone made in the
pancreas that permits glucose
(sugar) to leave the circulatory
system, enter the cells to be
utilized as energy.
4. Being corpulent or overweight
puts you at noteworthy danger
for having type 2 diabetes. It was
revealed by one research that
90% individuals with type 2
diabetes are overweight or fat.
Therefore, it is advisable for
people that are overweight to
reduce their weight. If not, they
are writing invitation letter to
5. The nu…

Causes of Osteroarthritis

Osteroarthritis can be caused by
our genes as the whole genes
play a significant role in
predisposing us to
osteroarthritis. Though, only
three genes are linked to
osteroarthritis for now by
scientist, it is important to know
that each individual gene plays a
vital role in osteroarthritis
development and susceptibility.
Discovering more osteroarthritis
causing genes can help
researchers to indentify new
treatments and can be used to
predict osteroarthritis
Post traumatic osteroarthritis
This can also be referred to as
post tragedy osteroarthritis. This
usually occur after many years
victim has gone through a
trauma or tragedy such as
accident or severe injury
sustained during sport or
recreational activities such as
football, skiing,racing etc.
Medical researcher found out
that about 50 percent of patients
that have traumatic injury to
their knee develop osteroarthritis
about 10 to 20 years after the
That is why you …

Shorter term for Indian prisoners who pass yoga exam

Prison officers
in western
India have
come up with
a novel way for
convicts to
secure early
release —
master some
yoga poses
and pass an
exam, an
official said
Inmates at
Central Jail in
state can cut
their sentences
by up to three
months if they
wardens in the
ancient Indian
practice, said
the prison
responsible for
"There's a
written and
physical exam
and those who
excel will be
remission with
respect to their
general of the
told AFP.
I know almost all the prisoners
will want to learn yoga and pass
the exam afterall is good for their

Loneliness linked to cancer and others

Loneliness linked to cancer and others

Don't let loneliness to be your friend because it has been linked to
everything from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease to Depression.

Loneliness is very unhealthy for us because cancers tear through the
body of lonely people easily and rapidly, and viruses attack them
easily and more

Loneliness also affect our immune system negatively. The pain of loneliness
activates the immune pattern of
a primordial response commonly
known as fight or flight.
Lonely people's white blood cells seem
to be more active in a way that
increases inflammation and
chronic inflammation has been
linked to everything from cancer
to depression. Inflammation is a natural
immune response to wounding
and bacterial infection.

Lonely people have lower
levels of antiviral compounds
known as interferons.
Lonely people are highly vulnerable to
cancer, neurodegenerative
disease and viral infections as

Loneliness is no…

Moderate regular alcoholic drinkers live longer

Moderate regular alcoholic drinkers live longer

Objectively, I think we all believe or let me say some of us believed
that total abstinence from alcohol can keep us away from various
health diseases thus make us live longer. But recent research prove us
wrong as it shows that total abstinence from alcohol is not good for
our body as heavy drinkers are even found to live longer than those
who do not consume at all.

A recent research suggest that people who consume alcohol regularly
but moderately tend to live longer than chronic alcoholic drinkers
while heavy drinkers also outlive those that totally abstain from

The research was lead by Charles Holahan who is a university of Texas

The age of the controlled group were between 55 and 65 and included
1824 participants.

The experiment or research lasted for 20 years. During the 20 years
period, 69 per cent of participants who do not drink alcohol at all
died, 60 per cent of chronic drinkers died and …

5 factors that can prevent old age damage of the brain (dementia)

Dementia can be greatly prevented through engaging in 5 factors which are

Regular exercise

Low body mass

Proper diets
Moderate alcohol consumption and

Not smoking

Though all the five factors can play a vital role in preventing
diseases including dementia that affect the brain of old people,
exercise is the most effective against dementia.

It is also found that people who follow all the five factors above
have lower rate of developing dementia, cognitive diseases, diabetes,
heart disease and stroke compare to those who do not.

Exercise is definitely keeps your brain active and this will help to
keep dementia at bay.

Ross fund sets up £1bn to fight malaria

A fund termed 'the Ross Fund' named after Sir Ronald Ross
who became Britain's first Nobel
Prize winner in 1902 for his
discovery that malaria is
transmitted by mosquitoes will be run in
partnership with US
philanthropists, Bill and Melinda
Gates to eradicate malaria totally from the surface of the earth
especially from africa.

It is estimated that a child
still dies from malaria every
minute in Africa, meaning malaria is so prevalent in Africa.

To eradicate malaria UK form a £1bn partnership
with the Microsoft founder Bill Gate and
his wife Melinda which marks a
"fundamental restructuring" of
the UK's aid budget.

Of the total:
£115m is earmarked for
research into new drugs,
diagnostics and insecticides
for malaria, TB and other
infectious diseases
A further £188m will be spent
on improving biodefences and
rapid response systems to
fast-spreading epidemics such
as Ebola.

According to
Chancellor George Osborne,
one billion people …

AstraZeneca lupus drug works in mid-stage trial

lupus drug
performs in
mid-stage trial.

There is a new hope for people suffering from deadly and painful lupus disease.

According to report: AstraZeneca's
lupus (the
condition, in
which the
immune system
attacks joints
and organs) drug
significantly cut
disease activity
in a mid-stage
clinical trial,
boosting hopes
for a medicine
the company
believes could
become a $1
seller. The
drugmaker said
on Tuesday that
the new
treatment was
more effective
than another
sifalimumab, that
it had also been
testing in lupus.

There is limited drugs available for the treatment of lupus which
account for reason lupus patients keep suffering and dying from the
disease. Imagine,
only one new
drug –
Benlysta – has
been introduced
for lupus in the
past 60 years,
underlining the
difficulties of
treating the disease.

7 Suggestions for healthy living

general health well-being. The
complication of lack of sleep are poor concentration, fatigue, anger,
cognitive impairment, hallucinations, disorientation, illusions,
persecutory ideas and many unnecessary attitude.
To have enough sleep, we should always try to sleep early and avoid
things such as sleep stimulant drugs, alcohol, stress, moderate
television watching, regular exercise that can affect our sleep – wake

2. Moderate consumption of alcohol
Excessive alcohol drinking can affect your brain thus given you
sleepless night or nights. Alcohol drinking can cause something that
make you feel like the room is turning upside-down or to wake up
earlier than normal and other symptoms such as headache, vomiting,
fear, nightmare etc
Therefore, it is advisable you moderate your drinking or avoid total
drinking of alcohol.
Alcoholic drinking is also linked with illness like hypertension,
brain damage, low memory, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes etc
If you feel…

Using bee venom as a cure for lyme disease

Bee venom has been discovered to have a potent power to treat several
diseases. In one online article, a scientist Ellie by name described
how she was cured from a harmful disease called lyme which is
affecting about 300,000 people anually.

Click on the link below to read the story of Ellie was cured from the
scaring lyme disease from several bee stings.

Bee venom destroy HIV and cancer

I was so surprised to read that bee venom can cure deadly diseases
such as Hiv, cancer and others. It seems this will be one of the hopes
for sufferers of those diseases.

According to a post from

Scientists have discovered that
apart from pollinating crops,
producing honey, beeswax ,
propolis, pollen and royal jelly,
bees could also be the solution to
the deadly Human
Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
and cancer.
Recently, a team of scientists at
the Washington University School
of Medicine, USA, used
nanoparticles carrying a toxin
found in bee venom to destroy
HIV without harming nearby
The report was contained in the
current issue of Antiviral Therapy.
Explaining the modus operandi,
Dr. Samuel A. Wickline, one of the
researchers said; "Bee venom
contains a potent toxin called
melittin that can poke holes in
the protective envelope that
surrounds HIV and other viruses.
It has even shown melittin-
loaded nanoparticles to be

Structure, Functions And Diseases of The Human Eye

The human organ of sight is the eye which is spherical in shape and
structured with visual receptor such as the rods for bright light and
the cones for bright light. The eye is so important to human because
without the eyes we cannot see and when we cannot see we cannot enjoy
the essence of life.

The following structures make up the human eyes

The sclerotic layer
This is a thick and fibrous tissue forming the white eye. Therefore
the sclera is the ' white eye ' and it gives shape and fitness to the
eye as well as protecting and supporting the inner parts of the eye.

It is that part of the sclerotic layer which burges out in front of
the eye. The cornea is transparent thus admits light into the eyes.
This it does by bending the light rays in order to bring them to a
focus on the retina.

Optic nerve
This is located at the back of the sclera. It helps in transmitting
sensory impulses to and from the brain.
It allows the passage of light into …