Monday, 10 October 2016


Many young people are now living with diabetes unlike before where the
disease is viewed as a sickness for the adults. There are concerns
worldwide about the rate at which young ones or teenagers are

developing type 2 diabetes. For instance, about 24 million American
are living with diabetes.

There is high number of people especially young ones that are living
with a condition known as prediabetes. This is a condition of high
glucose level in the blood but not yet turn into full blown diabetes.
It was estimated that additionally around 79 million Americans are

What makes prediabetes a problem is that many people living with the
condition are unmindful of the disease. Many diabetics would have
prevented the disease from turning into diabetes if they had known
because you have to be prediabetes before becoming diabetes.

Prediabetes implies that while
your glucose levels are higher than ordinary, that level
isn't sufficiently high to warrant a diabetes problem. Immediately, a
symptoms of diabetes begin to show then it is
time for prediabetes to anticipate diabetes.

Study shows that prediabetes is common in men than women. If you feel
you have prediabetes or you are having a feeling that you know is one
or more of the symptoms of diabetes, go for prediabetes test. Early
test will help you to know how you will reverse your condition before
it becomes a full blown diabetes.

A fasting glucose level of more than 100 but below 120 is a signal of

I know a woman that went for a test when she started noticing some
symptoms that are not normal. The test revealed that she is
prediabetes. Quickly, she changed her diets to foods that are good for
diabetes. With that she was able to reverse her prediabetes condition
and now her blood sugar is normal.

This shows that having early test is one of ways you can prevent
prediabetes from turning or developing into diabetes.

Prediabetes is a condition of high blood sugar that is more than
normal but not high enough to turn to diabetes. It is consistent
prediabetes that will turn into diabetes. It is reasonable that one
will have to go through prediabetes before diabetes. Therefore, take
note of your body language and go for test if you have any strange
feeling, especially one similar to that of diabetes.

Prediabetes could be controlled and reverse through change of diets to
food rich in fiber and low in calorie, exercise and other recommended

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