Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Urinating after sex can protect you from infections

Urinating immediately after
s,exual act brings great benefits
for you and your body, helping to
fight infections that may
endanger your physical well-
During s.ex, those microbes
and bacteria in the genital area
and rectum can enter and
accumulate in the urethra, and this established the risk of infection
occuring in the bladder which is the common causes of urinary tract infections
in women, and it could be avoided by urinating right
after se.x.

Also, unlike
men, female ejaculation does not
occur through the urethra so the
only way to draw and expel all
those substances or particles
that are introduced during
penetration is through urination after intercourse. Try to urinate
preferably within 45minutes
after penetration.
However, you really need to avoid messing to shield yourself from
se.xually transmitted diseases.
Once you are aware of the
importance to urinate after s.ex,
remember that maintaining good
personal hygiene just before and
after se.x is also key to avoid
infection in the urinary tract,
protect your health and enjoy
total comfort of your intimate
Especially for women prone to
cystitis, vaginal area should be
washed with water and a little
neutral pH soap at the end.

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