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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Health Benefits of
Coconut Oil - The health
benefits of Coconut Oil

1. hair care

2. skin

3. For relieving stress

4. Coconut oil is used for maintaining cholesterol


5. It is used to manage weight loss

6. One of the major functions of coconut oil is to increase immunity

7. To aid proper digestion and

8. Coconut oil helps to relief from
kidney problems

9. To manage and reverse heart

10. Coconut oil is used for treating high blood

11. Coconut oil can control blood sugar thus needed by diabetes patients

12. Coconut oil can be used to treat, manage and cure HIV

13. For cancer treatment

14. For dental care

15. Coconut oil can help to build and maintain bone strength.

16. The health
benefits of Coconut Oil
is traced to the
presence of Lauric Acid,
Capric Acid and Caprylic
Acid and its properties.

Coconut oil is
17. Antimicrobial,

18. Antioxidant

19. Anti-fungal

20. Antibacterial

21. soothing

Coconut Oil also helps in
treating various skin
problems such as

22. Psoriasis

23. Dermatitis

24. Eczema

25. Coconut
Oil is healthy for the
heart because it contains about
50% Lauric Acid.

26. The lauric acid in coconut oil
helps in preventing
various heart problems like high cholesterol
levels and high blood

27. Coconut Oil is easy to

28. It helps in
healthy functioning of the
thyroid and enzyme

29. Coconut oil
increases the bodies
metabolism by removing
stress on the pancreas.

30. Coconut Oil
helps the
digestive system and
irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach problems.

31. Coconut Oil aids the absorption
of other nutrients such as
vitamins, minerals and
amino acids.

32. Coconut Oil contains
antimicrobial lipids, lauric
acid, capric acid and
caprylic acid which have
anti-fungal, antibacterial
and antiviral propertiesis thus help to build up the
immune system.

33. The lauric acid in coconut is converted into
monolaurin which help to fight viruses and bacteria
causing diseases such as

34. Herpes

35. Influenza

cytomegalovirus, and

37. HIV.

38. Coconut oil helps to
fight harmful bacteria
such as listeria
monocytogenes and
helicobacter pylori, and
harmful protozoa such as
giardia lamblia.

40. Coconut oil when applied on wounds help to protects the infected
body part from external
dust, air, fungi, bacteria
and virus.

41. Coconut Oil speeds up the
healing process on bruises by
repairing damaged

42. Coconut Oil due to its anti-fungal, antiviral,
and antibacterial
properties help to fight against infections.

Coconut Oil
kills viruses that cause
43. Influenza

44. Measles

45. Hepatitis

46. Herpes

47. SARS.

Coconut oil kills bacteria
that cause

48. Ulcers

49. Throat

50. Urinary tract
infections, pneumonia,
and gonorrhea, etc.
Coconut Oil is also
effective on fungi and
yeast that cause
candidiasis, ringworm,
athlete's foot, thrush,
diaper rash, etc.
Liver - The presence of
medium chain
triglycerides and fatty
acids helps in preventing
liver diseases as these
substances are easily
converted into energy
when they reach the liver,
thus reducing work load
on the liver and also
preventing accumulation
of fat.
Kidney - Coconut Oil helps
in preventing kidney and
gall bladder diseases. It
also helps in dissolving
kidney stones.
Pancreatitis - Coconut Oil
is also believed to be
useful in treating
Stress Relief - Coconut Oil
is very soothing and
hence it helps in
removing stress. Applying
Coconut Oil to the head
followed with a gentle
massage helps in
removing mental fatigue.
Diabetes - Coconut Oil
helps in controlling blood
sugar, and improves the
secretion of insulin. It
also helps in effective
utilization of blood
glucose, thereby
preventing and treating
Bones - As mentioned
earlier, Coconut Oil
improves the ability of
our body to absorb
important minerals.
These include calcium
and magnesium which
are necessary for
development of bones.
Dental Care - Since
Coconut Oil facilitates
absorption of calcium by
the body, it helps in
getting strong teeth.
Coconut Oil also stops
tooth decay.
HIV and Cancer - It is
believed that Coconut Oil
plays an instrumental role
in reducing viral
susceptibility of HIV and
cancer patients.

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