Wednesday, 17 August 2016

6 Ways To Keep Your Household Safe From Heat Exhaustation

The following are how you can keep your family and your pets safe
from heat exhaustation:
1. Try and learn the the signs of heat-related
illness such as
dehydration due to
exposion to high temperatures.
It is important to know that without proper treatment, heat exhaustion
can eventually lead to heat stroke, which can be deadly.

2. It is recommended you consider indoor exercise, or
stay safe when exercising

3. Why not try working out in the morning or better in the evening
when temperatures are cooler.

4. Try to understand the signs of heat cramps and dehydration, which
can occur during exercise or work in the heat.

5. Be on the look for symptoms of heat illness and dehydration in kids
when they're playing outside because kids are at greater risk for
heat illness than adults.

6. It better to knnw that is not only human that can suffer from
dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn, pet too can. Heat exhaustation
in pets can lead to confusion,
seizures or even death.

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