Wednesday, 10 August 2016

18 Tips to keep your liver healthy

Tips to keep your liver healthy
1. Quit alcohol consumption.

Quit smoking.

3. Try to clean your liver by eating liver-cleansing foods, such
as garlic, turmeric, walnuts,
grapefruit, beet root, apples,
broccoli, avocado and lemon.

4. Also eat foods high in probiotics for toxins removal.

5. Try drinking green tea like 3
cups daily.
6. Make sure you are eating foods rich in vitamin C,
for protection
against liver oxidative damage.
7. Cut your intake of animal protein.

8. Cut your intake of salt .
Stop eating processed and junk
foods, as they are not good
for liver health.

10. Avoid
dairy products.

11. Avoid refined
sugar products.

12. Engage in daily exercise like walking,
yoga, swimming, jogging or
13. Avoid constipation, as it may
worsen the liver condition.
14. Keep your cholesterol at healthy

15. Keep your triglycerides at healthy
16. Maintain moderate weight.

18. Diabetics should keep theirblood sugar level under

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