Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Toothpick can make your teeth decay

A dental practitioner, Abdulkadir Katagum,
has exhorted the general population against the utilization of toothpick in light of
the harm it could do to the gum of the teeth.

Katagum, who is the wellbeing organizer, Nigerian Medical
Affiliation’s dental unit, FCT section, told NAN in Abuja on

Tuesday that during the time spent
uprooting the dirt on the tooth with toothpick, it could deliver harm on the gum, which could
lead to tooth rot.

He suggested the utilization of
dental floss rather than toothpick,
which he said could be found in most centers or stores.

He said quite a few people in the wake of eating,
make utilization of toothpick to pick in
between their teeth. It is definitely not sound or useful for the teeth.

He suggests that individuals should use dental flush. This
will go far in avoiding
harm to the spot of your teeth.

He prompted against successive utilization of sugary sustenances like sweet, chocolate, bread rolls and
mulling over gum, among others.

He said that maintaining a strategic distance from such propensities would lessen the shots of
getting dental caries (or tooth rot).

Katagum said different measures to
avert tooth rot incorporate flushing the mouth after each
supper, brushing the teeth twice day by day.

He said, medium textured toothbrush is
prescribed and it ought to be put away in an upright position to keep germs from interfacing on the swarm and change your brush at regular intervals.

He advised the use of toothpaste that contains fluoride, which will help to battle tooth rot and keep the gum

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