Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Health and nutritional benefits of hibiscus

Medicinal usefulness of hibiscus

The common name for hibiscus flower are hibiscus, Roselle, Jamaica sorrel, Agua de Jamaica, Rose mallow and red sorrel among others.

The following are the medicinal value
of hibiscus

1. Diet and weight loss
2. It is used as herbal tea
3. For controlling hypertension
4. As a longevity tonic
5. Nutrition among other value of hisbicus
6. For conceiving

Hibiscus medicinal properties are as follows

1. Anticancer
2. Emmenagogue
3. Diuretic
4. Astringent
5. Cholagogue
6. Refrigerant
7. Antibacterial
8. Appetite
9. Depressant

The parts of hibiscus used for medicine are the flower, calyx and some people even cooked the leaves as vegetable.

The constituents in hibiscus include

1. Calcium
2. Carbohydrates
3. Malic-acid
4. Ascorbic acid
5. Hibiscus acid
6. Mucilage
7. Allohydroxycitric acid
8. Citric acid
9. Chromium
10. Pectin
11. Anthocyanins among others

For preparation and dosage, the calyx portion of the flower is dried, prepared and consumed as tea. As i said before, some people prepared the leaves as vegetable.

The side effects of hibiscus flower is not yet noted.

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