Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Benefits and side effects of lime

Effect of lime juice on womb

Health benefits of lime

Lime can be amazing for healthy women who are not pregnant. This short list of the advantages of taking water with lime (1 or 2 fruits per a glass of water is enough) or making fresh juice sounds really cool:
  • Source of multivitamins (vitamin C, beta-carotene, biotin, magnesium)
  • FightS acne by clearing the extra testosterone and balancing hormones
  • Weight loss

Side effects of lime

  • Bad teeth: the extreme levels of citric acid can lead to severe decay of your teeth enamel, lead to cavities, add stains to your teeth or ever destroy the tooth completely.
  • Heartburn and nausea: the acid contained in fresh limes can irritate your stomach and one important muscle involved in digestion which can cause the unpleasant side effect and GERD health issue.
  • Stomach pain: once again, these side effects can also be caused by citric acid contained in limes (if you get abnormal pain, begin to lose weight suddenly while taking lime juice or eating this fruit you better stop and quickly consult your doctor).
  • No iron absorption: the human body could stop absorbing iron (while it will still be obtained from meals you are taking every day) because of the excess amount of Vitamin C, and this could simply store too much iron inside of you, which is not good for your health (there are possibilities of heart pains, joint problems, and even fatigue).
  • Kidney problems: the high levels of potassium are not good for people who have kidney illnesses as this could cause further problems.
  • Allergies: this is a possible issue with some people who could start coughing, itching and suffering from other issues while taking lime.

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