Tuesday, 1 August 2017

7 Suggestions for healthy living

general health well-being. The
complication of lack of sleep are poor concentration, fatigue, anger,
cognitive impairment, hallucinations, disorientation, illusions,
persecutory ideas and many unnecessary attitude.
To have enough sleep, we should always try to sleep early and avoid
things such as sleep stimulant drugs, alcohol, stress, moderate
television watching, regular exercise that can affect our sleep – wake

2. Moderate consumption of alcohol
Excessive alcohol drinking can affect your brain thus given you
sleepless night or nights. Alcohol drinking can cause something that
make you feel like the room is turning upside-down or to wake up
earlier than normal and other symptoms such as headache, vomiting,
fear, nightmare etc
Therefore, it is advisable you moderate your drinking or avoid total
drinking of alcohol.
Alcoholic drinking is also linked with illness like hypertension,
brain damage, low memory, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes etc
If you feel like drinking alcohol, look for other interesting thing
you can do which will not be harmful to your health.

3. Lessen your stress
It is almost impossible to avoid stress which is normally associated
with our daily life activities. But to have a healthy living we must
learn how to manage or lessen our stress. Excessive stress can cause
fatigue and can weaken the body immune system thus exposing it to
diseases. Stress can also lead to several complication such as
hypertension and heart diseases.
We can keep our stress under control by having like 8 hours sleep
everyday. This will help us to revitalize our body cells, engage in
activities or works that make us happy. Some of the ways we can lessen
our stress is to know our alcohol consumption limit, avoid anxiety,
taking breaks from daily activities, job or going on vacation, get
enough rest like nap in the afternoon, eat in due time etc.

4. Regular Exercise
It is no news that consistent exercise help to maintain good health by
boosting the immune system . Therefore, exercise helps us to keep such
illness like hypertension, diabetes, and several health problems under
control or at bay. It is better to have a proper routine of exercise
on most days of the week. Regular exercise can keep your heart healthy
and increase your body fitness, energy, stamina along with good body
shape through reduction of cholesterol. At least 30 minutes of
physical exercise such as jogging, walking, cycling, swimming,
climbing the stairs are considered inexpensive. However, those with
health problems should consult their doctor before embarking on any
form of exercise.

5. Don't/Quit Smoking
Smoking can lead to premature death among both active smokers and
passive smokers as smoking is a major cause of cancer of the lung,
oral cavity, bladder, pancreas, esophagus, larynx, bronchitis and
Kidney. It can also cause other diseases such as chronic obstructive
pulmonary, emphysema, acute respiratory infections, asthma, ear
problems etc.

6. Have good diet
Having a good or balanced diet is essential to have a healthy living.
You can have good diet by making sure you always eat breakfast and as
early as possible in the morning. Eating home cooked meals is
healthier than restaurant meals which tend to have more fat, sugar and
salt, don't eat til you full, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole
grain snacks, and drink healthy beverages like water, milk, pure fruit
juice instead of soft drinks and alcohol.

7. Keep a happy mood
Many sicknesses are linked to emotional problems, anxiety and
depression. Therefore it is necessary you maintain a joyful positive
outlook of life. Journal of the American college of cardiology let us
know that "current findings suggest a harmful association between
anger and hostility and CHD [Coronary Heart Disease].

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