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9 safety precautions to avoid car accident and stay healthy

The Population Reference Bureau reports that worldwide "an estimated
1.2 million people are killed in road crashes each year, and as many
as 50 million are injured." As a result car accident is one of the
major causes of death aside natural death such as death from old age
and sicknesses.
I always considered that anytime someone is in a vehicle or any other
means of transportation one should consider him/herself as being in a
virtual or half coffin because millions of people move from vehicle
particular car to coffin every year mainly as a result of some human
or mechanical fault from the driver or car respectively.
Car accidents cannot be completely eliminated. However,the following
safety procedures can help you do avoid some common accidents.

Safety precautions to avoid car accident
Don't exceed speed limit
Speed limit differs from road to road. Don't increase your speed limit
because you consider the speed limit on the road you are driving as
too low. Increasing your speed limit from safety limit to danger limit
means you increase the risk of having an accident with just few
minutes increment in arrival time.
For instance, when you ride a distance of 80 kilometers at a speed of
104 kilometers per hour and your friend ride the same 80 kilometers at
129 kilometers per hour, your friend will arrive at your target
destination just 9 minutes early than you.
There is an adage in my language which when translated to English
means that a fast rider will not pass his destination and a slow rider
will not sleep on the road.

Use seat belts
It is important that drivers and passengers which are required to wear
seat belts do so since seat belts are for safety not for fashion.
Buckling up can save you from unwarranted death as a result of
collision or trying to avoid collision with other vehicle.

Don't use cell phone
Calling or receiving phone calls while driving will surely divide your
attention and only a minor distraction can result to accident. Many
drivers have injured or cut their live short when they received bad
news such as death of a loved one when driving.
Reading or composing text messages while driving is even more
dangerous than making or receiving phone calls.

Consider the road conditions
It is advisable to slow down on roads covered with dust, sand or
gravel and on wet roads because the tires can slide especially when
braking as a result of less friction.
Using snow tires on sky or snow-covered roads can be a wise decision.

Pause briefly before entering the intersections
Don't rush to intersect after the traffic light permit you to do so.
By pausing just briefly, after a traffic light turns green can help
you to avoid being struck by a rushing driver running the red light.

Avoid driven when drowsy
The following is a list of symptoms indicating that you are drowsy. It
is better to switch drivers when you have other people that can drive
with you and if not pull off to a safe area to take a nap. The
symptoms include among others

Difficulty in focusing

Frequent blinking

Repeated yawning

Missing traffic signs

Shifting from your lane without giving sign

Don't tailgating

Don't drive too closely behind another vehicle. The driver can move
back carelessly, thus hitting you unexpectedly. Fire outbreak from the
vehicle so close to you can quickly reach your car. In other words,
avoid bumper to bumper driving.

The bridge after the crash

Image of car accident from BBC News

Don't drink and drive
About a third of world wide car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.
Many drivers risk their lives and that of others by drinking while
driving and some simply cannot drive without drinking. However, it is
important to know that only small amount of alcohol can impair your
sense of driving. Therefore, it is better not to drink any sort of
alcoholic beverages if you are going to drive.
Do proper car check up or maintenance
Periodic check up or car maintenance is important to avoiding car
accidents. Before putting your car on the road, make sure you either
personally check the conditions of the various part of the car or hire
a competent mechanic. Keeping your car in proper condition is vital to
avoiding car accidents.
Putting all the above suggestions can help you to stay healthy by
avoiding car accidents thus saving your life and the lives of others.

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