Saturday, 15 July 2017

10 Ways To Eat Few Calories And Control Your Weight

1. Make sure you are eating whole grains

Make sure you are eating a kernel of wheat, rice, barley, or
other grain together with the outer shell or bran because the shell is
full of fiber,
vitamins, and minerals. This is recommended because fiber
helps you feel full even on fewer
calories. This will help you to control your weight.

2. Avoid Trans
fats. Saturated fats which are found in butter, coconut
oil, animal fats in meat, dairy,
bacon and chicken skin are better than trans fats but let them
contribute just 10% of your calories. It will help you to control your

3. Let fruits and vegetables contribute most of your daily calorie
portion. Doing this will have a positive effects on your weight.

4. Eat less of foods high in fat and sugar.
Such foods include sweets like cookies and cakes, yeast breads etc.
Eating less sugar means better weight control

5. Eat less of foods high in calories such as chicken dishes (often breaded
and fried), energy drinks, sodas, tortilla dishes, sports drinks,
Pizza, alcohol,
pasta, and beef
dishes. This will help to control your weight.

6. Try to delay the urge to eat for like 5 to 10 minutes to confirm
maybe you actually want to eat. Avoid eating just because you feel
This will help you to control your weight.

7. Make sure you keep unhealthy snacks far away from where you can
easily see or take them. This will make you to eat less of them. Is
one of the best ways to control your weight.

8. Always use small plate to eat. The trick behind this is that you
cannot put more food on the plate than the size of the plate. This
will serve as caution and guide against eating large portion of food

This will help you in controlling your weight.

9. Try to eat your food slowly. The science is that you eat more food
when you are rushing than when yo are eating slowly.
This will help you to avoid excess weight.

10. Make sure you drink water while you're eating, usually between few
folklorks. This strategy will make you full, cut back on calories and
control your weight.

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