Tuesday, 13 June 2017

- WHO issues new guidelines for antibiotic use

- WHO issues new guidelines for antibiotic use

The change aims to ensure that antibiotics are available when needed, and that the right antibiotics are prescribed for the right infections

- Study finds teen pregnancy rates drop as government fu
nding of sex ed decreases
The reigning orthodoxy among public health officials is that more government spending on sex education for youth means fewer teen pregnancies. Now, however, British researchers have found empirical evidence of exactly the opposite effect.

- TOWARDS the alleviation of the plight of persons living with Sickle Cell Disease, the Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI), recently received a huge boost in its fight against sickle cell with a donation by foremost oil and gas exploration company, Midwestern Oil and Gas Limited.

- Source of Georgia street drug that killed as many as 4 people still unknown
Days after a counterfeit street version of a prescription painkiller caused dozens of overdoses in Georgia and as many as four deaths, authorities say they are still trying to identify the source of the new drug.

- It is important to eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables for good health.

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