Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sugar causes high blood pressure and heart disease regardless of weight

US medical expert says sugar causes
hypertension and heart illness regardless of our weight. However
pundits question
the results.

Sugar is a greater risk to wellbeing than people assume,
as indicated by a study which
claims it causes metabolic maladies, for example, high blood weight
and coronary/heart illness
regardless of whether we put on weight.The study was done
by Robert Lustig, a pediatric
endocrinologist in San Francisco
also, writer of the book "Fat
Chance: the shrouded truth about
sugar". He says the health of 43 fat
kids under the watchful eye of his center
drastically enhanced when the
sugar in their eating routine was supplanted
with starch sustenances like crisps.

They ate the same number of
calories, he says, but then their
metabolic sickness, which can
cause diabetes, was turned around within 10 days.

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