Friday, 5 May 2017

Brief information about diabetes

Diabetes is defines as a lack of
production or improper use of
the hormone insulin within the
body. Insulin is the body's natural
sugar, starch and other foods
converter because it breaks
down the food you eat into
energy so you can burn it off.
Even though there are large risk
factors that can lead to diabetes:
obesity, low thyroid levels, low
activity rate, pregnancy, etc,
doctors have yet to pinpoint an
actual cause.

Both children and adults can
suffer from this disease and
about 18 million people have
already been diagnosed. Even if
you haven't been diagnosed, you
could have a high-risk lifestyle
that puts your blood sugar levels
at a dangerous possibility of
getting the disease in the future.
If you or someone you know
thinks they might be at risk for
diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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