5 symptoms of low blood sugar

5 symptoms of low blood sugar

The following are warning signs you will have if your blood sugar is lower than normal.

1. Undue hunger

If you’ve already eaten but
still not satisfied, or if you suddenly, feel as if you’re starving, your body is telling you that it needs more sugar.

2. Sleepless nights

If your blood sugar is low, you might be experiencing sleepless nights and inability to sleep. It may be a sign that your blood sugar is low. You can eat a sugar-free snack before bed so that it can reduce the sleep disruption.

3. Undue/Excessive sweating

If your blood sugar is lower than normal, you might be sweating excessively without warning, regardless of how warm or cold the temperature may be. In case like that, you need to take more sugar.

4. Fatigue

One of the major symptoms of low sugar is fatigue. Tiredness and low energy are serious signs that your blood sugar level is low. This is because your body doesn’t have enough energy in the form of sugar to perform.

5. Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is also a major sign that your blood sugar has fallen below normal. If your vision suddenly becomes unclear, a decline in blood sugar may be the problem.


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