Discovery: people with type 1 diabetes could produce their own insulin

This is surely a good news for type 1 diabetics. A lasting solution for managing type 1 diabetes may have been discovered.
According to a protein used to
help bones mend can also force
pancreatic cells into producing
insulin. The discovery could help
people with type 1 diabetes
produce their own insulin
without having to take daily
What happen is that, in type 1 diabetes, beta cells in
the pancreas that make insulin –
the hormone that keeps our
blood glucose levels at a safe
concentration – are destroyed by
the immune system. As a result,
people with the disease have to
inject themselves daily with
Now, researchers have
discovered that non-beta cells in
the pancreas can be transformed
into insulin-producing cells,
merely by exposing them to a
growth factor called BMP-7.
"We are very encouraged by the
simplicity of our finding," says
Juan Domínguez-Bendala,
director of stem cell development
at the Diabetes Research Institute
in Miami, Florida.


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