Tuesday, 25 April 2017

7 Tips to Prevent Anaemia

Anemia is an health condition also known as shortage of blood which is due to many factors such as sickness, injury

The followings are tips on how you can prevent this serious health problem termed anemia or shortage of blood.

1. Eat stuffs that are rich in iron like dried fruits, oysters, brown rice, green leafy vegetable, pastas and breads made from whole grain flour, etc.

2. Make sure you are consuming  vitamin B12 from sources, like meat and dairy products.

3. Take Vitamin C daily as it helps in iron absorption.

4. Take an appropriate amount of folic acid.

5. Cook food in iron vessels.

6. Mix your food properly. Yam and beans, spaghetti with egg.

7. If you are anemic, try to avoid coffee and tea as they decrease the rate of iron absorption.

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