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Remedy For Shortage of Blood: Beetroot-Apple Juice for Anemia

Apple is highly rich in iron together with various nutrients that are so good for our body. That is why a combination of app

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Foods high in fibre may fight against asthma

A group of scientists at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland had came out to reveal through the experiment they carried out on mice that the high and low fibre diets altered the types of bacteria living in the guts of the mice.
Good bacteria which can munch on soluble fibre, the type found in fruit and vegetables, were found to flourished on the high-fibre diet and they in turn produced more short-chain fatty acids which is the type of fat, absorbed into the blood.
Accordingly, the scientists said these fatty acids acted as signals to the immune system and resulted in the lungs being more resistant to irritation.
The opposite happened in low-fibre diets and the mice became more vulnerable to asthma.
Their report argued that a dietary shift away from fibre in favour of processed foods may be involved in rising levels of asthma.
In recent decades, there has been a well-documented increase in the incidence of allergic asthma in developed countries and coincident with this increase have been changes in diet, including reduced consumption of fibre.
Consumers are encourage to try and go for foods that are high in fibre against the ones that are low in fibre. High fibre foods are good for the overall benefits of the body from lowering high blood pressure to diabetes and many more.

Widespread Hype Gives False Hope To Many Cancer patients

Widespread Hype Gives False Hope To Many Cancer Patients

Liz Szabo

Michael J. Uvanni of Rome, N.Y., sits in one of his two interior design business showrooms in April 2017. Uvanni said his brother may have gotten more time from the many drugs

14 Major Causes of Shortage of Blood or Anaemia

What causes Anaemia

The following are the various factors which could be responsible  anaemia or shortage of blood.

1. Certain clinical effects, like bleeding

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Meaning of congestive heart failure

Congestive heart failure is a condition, where poor heart capacity causes liquid
and blood to move down in the substantial veins of the body can bring about liver swelling and aggravation.
Typically, bile streams from the liver into the gallbladder and at last into the digestive system to help with the processing of sustenance.
On the off chance that bile stream is discouraged, it can
cause irritation inside of the liver. Most normally, gallstones
can bring about a check of the pipes that empties bile out of the liver.
Variations from the norm of the opening of the bile pipe into the little digestive system (sphincter of Oddi) can lead to variations from the norm of bile stream.
The sphincter of Oddi goes about as a "valve" that permits bile to stream from the regular bile pipe into the digestive system.
Essential biliary cirrhosis and essential sclerosing cholangitis
can prompt dynamic scarring of the bile pipes, making them
ended up slender, which brings about
diminished bile move through the liver. In the end, harm and
scarring of the liver construction modeling
happens bringing about liver malfunctioning or failure.

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Milk and pepper balls can be used to correct shortage of blood in the body. To use it to treat anemia just add about 5-7 black pepper b

Universal Cure For Blood Shortages

Universal Cure For Blood Shortages

Medical scientists have discovered a simple method of converting blood from one group

What is Anaemia?

What is Anaemia?

Anaemia is a medical condition or disease where the red blood cells in your blood become less than their normal

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11 Herbal remedies For Blood Shortage

These days millions of people throughout the world are suffering from anemia, which is a condition whereby the body’s red blood cell count is less than normal.

When you are anemic, your blood

Profound effect of weight on diabetes

Very few people realize the profound effect that weight has on diabetes. Even instances of gestational diabetes are much greater in patients that are overweight than in those that are not. Type 2, or adult onset diabetes is more commonly found in overweight people than those that are within their 'ideal' weight ranges. In fact, almost 90% of those with Type 2 diabetes are overweight. If you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, the best gift you could possibly give yourself just might be the gift of getting your weight under control.
Among those that suffer from Type 2 diabetes almost 40% have high blood pressure, which is another condition that is believed to be exacerbated by excess weight. Being overweight might also lead to a condition known as insulin resistance in which the body no longer responds to the insulin that is needed to assist the body in using sugar and glucose as fuel on a cellular level.
There are some things you can do to help yourself out if you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or labeled at risk for this devastating condition. First of all, take off the pounds. I know this is much easier said than done. Dieting is never easy and rarely fun for the average person. However, if you do not begin to take drastic steps toward procuring the best possible health for yourself you may not be able to enjoy the quality of life you had planned for your golden years. Let your condition be your motivation and make plans to enjoy watching your grandchildren and great grandchildren graduate college.
Fight it standing up. Don't sit down and let Diabetes control you. Stand up and take control of your body back. This is a fight to the finish and if you let it, diabetes will be your end. If you fight it standing up, lose the weight, get out there and exercise, listen to the doctor's orders and follow them. Find the strength within you to battle this disease head on. You'll be amazed at what happens when you decide to stand up and fight for your health.
Get active. Find activities that you enjoy and get out there and do them. Don't make those activities passive activities either. Even if it's just going out to play shuffleboard everyday get out there and play. Enjoy your time in the sun. Pick flowers with the little ones. Take up golf. Do whatever it takes to get up and moving each and every day in order to remember why you want to live forever in the first place.
Watch what you eat. Garbage in, garbage out, right? You have strict dietary requirements once you've been diagnosed with diabetes. This means that you absolutely must follow your dietary restrictions. Learn to live within those limits in order to live and enjoy life to the fullest you can. The amazing thing is that there are all kinds of foods available that are friendly to those with diabetes that weren't around just a few short years ago. It is quite possible to live and eat quite nicely with diabetes if you stick to your plan. The most important thing about dieting with diabetes is that you never lose sight of how crucial it is to do so.

7 Tips to Prevent Anaemia

Anemia is an health condition also known as shortage of blood which is due to many factors such as sickness, injury

10 Herbal Remedies For Blood Shortage

These days millions of people throughout the world are suffering from anemia, which is a condition whereby the body’s red blood

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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss And Diets

If you’re on a diet, or considering going on one, you’re in luck. We’ve put together ten of the most frequently asked questions about diets and weight loss and compiled them here. 

1. How much should I weigh?

Your doctor can answer that question most accurately. More important than how much you weigh is your body/mass index, which measures your height against

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Unborn babies test for type 1 diabetes supported by $8mS

The first study in the world to

test unborn babies for type 1

diabetes has reportedly been supported by an $8

million funding injection.
University of Adelaide where the national study is being carried out

is the first in the world to test

pregnant women for the probability that

their unborn child may have the

The funding is being provided by

the Juvenile Diabetes Research

Foundation and the Helmsley

Charitable Trust and comes on

top of a $35 million Federal

Government grant over five


The Foundation's chief executive

Mike Wilson said unlike type 2

diabetes, authorities still did not

know what caused type 1.

"Type 1 diabetes has a very

strong genetic element to it, but

that doesn't determine alone

whether you develop the

disease," he said.

"You need to know what

happens in the environment to

trigger its initiation."
Researchers are hoping to find

out whether environmental

factors trigger the onset of type

1 diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes affects the

body's ability to make insulin,

which controls blood-sugar

levels, and can be developed at

any age though it is most

common in children.
Principal investigator Professor

Jenny Couper said the money

would allow researchers to test

1,400 pregnant women who

have type 1 diabetes, have a

partner with type 1 diabetes or

who have already had a child

develop the disease.

"It's the only study in the world

that is going right back into

pregnancy to look at what is

causing diabetes and what we

could change, most importantly,

to prevent diabetes," she said.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Mama June reveals daughter Honey Boo has lost half a stone after being inspired by her mum’s dramatic weight loss makeover

Mama June reveals daughter Honey Boo has lost half a stone after being inspired by her mum’s dramatic weight loss makeover

MAMA June said she was so happy after seeing her daughters Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Thompson following in her footsteps and have lost 11 lbs between them.

The good news comes after June, 37, undergone surgery to shed a huge 21 stone to become a US size 4.

Mama June has revealed her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 11, is following in her footsteps and has lost 7 lbs

Mama June said: “Alana’s lost about seven pound and Pumpkin’s lost about four.”

“I know myself — I’m never going to go back to what I was before,” she said. “It’s all about maintaining. I’m kind of obsessed with the scale, and beating myself up even if I gain a few ounces or a pound.”

Honey’s sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Thompson has also lost 4 lbs

Asked if she had any regrets, she responded: “I don’t regret anything. I have this philosophy in life: If you regret anything, you shouldn’t have done it to begin with.”

The mother-of-four umdergone surgery as something of a  “revenge body” after her marriage to Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson collapsed and he moved on to a new wife named Jennifer Lamb in February.

Some of the procedures she underwent include a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and operations to remove fat and skin from her arms and neck.

June also had a gastric band fitted to limit what she could eat – something that she discovered would make her sick when she tried to binge eat.

June previously admitted to People magazine: “I’m not going to lie to you: I have thrown up, because you can’t over eat with the gastric sleeve.

June underwent procedures including a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and operations to remove fat and skin from her arms and neck

“That’s not a thing that I recommend to somebody. You realise what you can and can’t do, and when you do it that one time, you don’t do it again.”

She hope her weight loss documentary series, Mama June: From Not To Hot would have maximum impact.



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Researchers at loggerhead over benefit of diet soda to weight gain and diabetes

Diet drinks are good but like other things should be consumed in small
quantity. As there are lots
of theories about why diet
drinks is safe and vice versa.
For instance, a study
published in the journal
Trends in Endocrinology and
in 2013 pointed that frequent
consumers of these sugar
substitutes (such as aspartame,
sucralose and saccharin) may
also be at increased risk of …
metabolic syndrome, type 2
diabetes and cardiovascular
Also the findings of the San
Antonio Heart Study suggested a
strong link between diet soda
consumption and weight gain
over a long period of time.
Meanwhile there are also studies that
suggesting zero-calorie sweetened
beverages, including diet soda,
may help people in maintaining their
For instance, a study
found that overweight teens maintain their weight by switching from sugar-
laden drinks to zero-calorie
options such as diet soda.
So as researchers are at loggerhead over the benefit of diet soda
especially in relation to weight gain and diabetes, my advice for
consumers is to drink diet drinks moderately.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Type of Drug For Diabetes Can Cause Heart Failure

A new study published in the

current issue of The Lancet

Diabetes and Endocrinology has

examined that the type of glucose or sugar-

lowering medications prescribed

to patients with diabetes may increased risk for the

development of heart failure in

these patients.
The study was conducted at American

College of Cardiology and examined

clinical trials of more than 95,000

patients and found that for every

one kilogram increase in weight as a result of sugar-lowering

diabetes medication or strategy,

there was seven

per cent increased risk of heart

failure directly linked to that

medication or strategy.
Dr. Jacob Udell, the study's

principal investigator, and

cardiologist at the Peter Munk

Cardiac Centre, University Health

Network (UHN) and Women's

College Hospital (WCH), said that

patients randomized to new or

more intensive blood sugar-

lowering drugs or strategies to

manage diabetes often showed an

overall 14 per cent increased risk

for heart failure directly

associated with the type of

diabetes therapy that was

chosen, as some drugs cause heart failure than

others, compared with placebo

or standard care.

Dr. Barry Rubin, Medical Director,

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre,

University Health Network (UHN),

asserted that the results of this

study could prove to be the

catalyst for how diabetes

patients at risk for heart disease

were managed.
It must be noted that heart failure is a common

occurrence for patients with type

2 diabetes and a major determinant of one's life expectancy

and quality of life and

healthcare costs.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Weight Loss Tips: don’t skip meals and choose healthful low-calorie snacks

Even though, you want to lose weight, make sure that you eat. Many people find that going longer than a few hours without food makes them more likely to overeat later (often on high-calorie treats). Find a meal-

How many calories should I consume to lose weight

To loss weight you must definitely burn calories. However, the amount of calories to be burn by each person depends on factors such as age, activity level

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3 Steps To Reduce The Risk of Diabetes

3 Steps To Reduce The Risk of Diabetes
Diabetes is a condition that causes the victim to have excess level of sugar in the bloodstream. There are two type of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 starts mainly in childhood and only account for about 10% of all diabetes. Type 2 which this article is about, accounts for about 90% of all diabetes cases.
Risk For Type 2 Diabetes
One major risk is excess body fat, especially fat accumulated in the belly and waist. Also, fat in the pancreas and the liver appear to disrupt the body's blood sugar metabolism.
Effects of Type 2 Diabetes
Damage to vital organs, impairment of blood circulation, may lead to foot or toe amputation, kidney disease and blindness. It can also result to death through heart attacks or stroke.
3 Major Steps To Reduce The Risk of Diabetes
1. Eat Healthful Food
Drink water, tea, or coffee instead of carbonated beverages and sugary fruit juice. Eat small portions of meat, nuts, fish and beans. Avoid refined foods, instead eat whole-grain bread, pasta and rice in small portions.
2. Exercise
Exercise can make you active physically while lowering your blood sugar and help you maintain a healthy muscles.
3. Took Action If You Are In A High-Risk Group
A medical disorder known as prediabetes often precedes type 2 diabetes. Unlike diabetes, it can be cured. Prediabetes may go unnoticed as it may have no obvious symptoms. Therefore, if you have a family history of diabetes, overweight or not physically active, you might already have prediabetes. Take action by having your level of blood sugar tested.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Association Between Diabetes And Advance Breast Cancer

According to Dr. Lorraine

Lipscombe, a scientist at the

Institute for Clinical Evaluative

Sciences and Women's College

Hospital in Toronto, Women with

diabetes may have an increased

risk of being diagnosed with

advanced breast cancer.
She said:

"Our findings suggest that

women with diabetes may be

predisposed to more advanced-

stage breast cancer, which may

be a contributor to their higher

cancer mortality."
The research which took place in Canada analyzed data

from more than 38,000 women with age range 20 to 105 who were

diagnosed with invasive breast

cancer between 2007 and 2012.
The result of the study published

March 24 in the journal Breast

Cancer Research and Treatment shows that about "16 percent of the women

had diabetes and that women with diabetes were 14

percent more likely to have stage

II breast cancer, 21 percent more

likely to have stage III breast

cancer, and 16 percent more

likely to be have stage IV breast

cancer, compared to having

stage I breast cancer, which is

the most treatable stage.

Five-year survival for breast

cancer patients with diabetes

was 15 percent lower than for

those without diabetes."
The researchers also notice that

breast cancer patients with

diabetes were more likely to have

larger tumors and cancer that

had spread, compared to those

without diabetes due to lower

mammogram rates in women

with diabetes, which could

account for later-stage disease.
It must be clearly understand that the research only found a link

between diabetes

and advanced breast cancer and not that diabetes will cause advance

breast cancer or any type of breast cancer.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Discovery: people with type 1 diabetes could produce their own insulin

This is surely a good news for type 1 diabetics. A lasting solution for managing type 1 diabetes may have been discovered.
According to a protein used to
help bones mend can also force
pancreatic cells into producing
insulin. The discovery could help
people with type 1 diabetes
produce their own insulin
without having to take daily
What happen is that, in type 1 diabetes, beta cells in
the pancreas that make insulin –
the hormone that keeps our
blood glucose levels at a safe
concentration – are destroyed by
the immune system. As a result,
people with the disease have to
inject themselves daily with
Now, researchers have
discovered that non-beta cells in
the pancreas can be transformed
into insulin-producing cells,
merely by exposing them to a
growth factor called BMP-7.
"We are very encouraged by the
simplicity of our finding," says
Juan Domínguez-Bendala,
director of stem cell development
at the Diabetes Research Institute
in Miami, Florida.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Benefits and side effects of sugar to your body

Sugar is the building block of life. Without sugar we cannot exist. Yet nowadays, much is said and written about the side effects of sugar than it benefits. In this article, am going to write about the benefit of sugar to the body, side effects of excess sugar, about added-sugar and benefits of a sugar free diet to your health.
Benefit of sugar to your body
One of the foremost benefits of sugar to the body is that it is used to provide the needed energy for our daily activities and to carry on as a living creature. Carbohydrate foods are the main source of energy for our body. During digestion, the sugar in carbohydrate is converted to glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar and glucose is what the cells utilize for energy. Therefore, consuming sugar is not what is bad and there is no way we will not consume sugar because it occurs naturally in our foods but consuming excess sugar, added-sugar, sugar-laden foods and being an habitual sugar consumer is what is bad for our body and health.
Some health hazard of excess sugar in the body
Sugar can lead to fast increment of glucose level in the blood.
Sugar can result to pathological changes in the kidney as well as increment in kidney size.
Chronic added-sugar consumption can lead to habit and addiction and side effects which are no less than that of smoking and alcoholism.
Sugar increase the risk of gastric and ovarian cancer and it also plays a role in pancreatic cancer in women.
Sugar is full of calorie. Therefore excessive consumption can lead to obesity.
Linda Pages in her book titled ' Linda Page's Healthy Healing,' says that " sugar may lead to irritability, anxiety, poor concentration and emotional outburst.
Sugar can suppress your body immune system thus reduces the body's ability to fight against bacteria infection and diseases.
Sugar can damage the cells and body tissues through increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS).
Sugar can reduce high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and increase low density lipoproteins (LDL).
Sugar can make the eyes more vulnerable to eye defects such as hypoglycemia and myopia (near sightedness).
How much added sugar can I consume per day
America Heart Association recommends that added sugar such as honey, high-fructose corn syrup and brown sugar should be limited to 9 teaspoons or 36g for men per day and 24g or 6 teaspoons for women per day.
One of the reasons why added sugar is bad for your body and health is that added sugar reduces the production of a brain chemical in the name, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This chemical is required by our brain to form new memories, to learn and to remember things. BDNF help in sugar breakdown and formation which is usually poor in diabetics patients or people with defect glucose metabolism.
The ability to produce BDNF and level of BDNF reduces for every sugar you eat. This lowered level of BDNF lead to insulin resistance which can then lead to health problems such as type2 diabetes.
Eating added sugar can also lead to obesity because consuming diet filled with added sugar such as soft drinks and sweet candies seems to make us want more and this can make us obese since sugar contains much calorie.
Therefore, it is advisable to avoid much of processed foods high in added sugar since they do more harm than benefits to our health.
Benefits of a sugar free diet
A sugar free diet can help you to minimize your body weight. Foods such as oats, whole grains and vegetables are good to reduce and maintain your weight as they produce only small blood sugar thus preventing insulin surging.
Reducing or removing sugar from your diet can help to improve your mood by helping to avoid unnecessary mood changes or fluctuation.
Avoiding sugar or having a sugar free diet can help you to reduce your risk of diabetic by a huge percentage. Though, sugar consumption is not the major cause of diabetes but study shows that chance of having diabetes goes up with increment in one's sugar consumption overtime. Regular consumption of sugary diets such as drinking one or more sugar-sweetened drinks daily can increase your diabetes risk by 50 percent.
This article does not preach total avoidance of sugary diet, sugar-laden foods, added sugar, soft drinks, beverages and beers but that consumption should be done minimally and occasionally with proper consideration of the relationship between sugar and your health.

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How To Stay Healthy

Staying healthy or being healthy is a delight of many people or better still everybody.  Humans want to stay fine always because that is the way we can enjoy life

Sunday, 9 April 2017

10 ways to eat less calories to control diabetes and weight

1. Make sure you are eating whole grains
Make sure you are eating a kernel of wheat, rice, barley, or
other grain together with the outer shell or bran because the
shell is full of fiber,
vitamins, and minerals. This is
recommended because fiber
helps you feel full even on fewer
calories. This will help you to control diabetes and your weight.
2. Avoid Trans
fats. Saturated fats which are found in butter, coconut oil, animal fats in meat, dairy, bacon and chicken skin are
better than trans fats but let them contribute just 10% of your calories. It will help you to control
diabetes and your weight.
3. Let fruits and vegetables
contribute most of your daily calorie portion. People with diabetes should specially select the kind of fruits to eat after consultation with physician. Doing this will have a positive effects on your blood sugar level and weight.
4. Eat less of foods high in fat
and sugar.
Such foods include sweets like cookies and cakes, yeast breads etc. Eating less sugar means
better blood sugar control for diabetes and good for weight control as well.
5. Eat less of foods high in calories such as chicken dishes
(often breaded
and fried), energy drinks, sodas, tortilla dishes, sports drinks, Pizza, alcohol,
pasta, and beef
dishes. People with diabetes should probably avoid those food. This will help to control blood sugar level and your weight.
6. Try to delay the urge to eat for
like 5 to 10 minutes to confirm maybe you actually want to eat.
Avoid eating just because you feel like.
This will help you to control your weight and diabetes. However, people with diabetes should not go hungry before eating even if it is small portion.
7. Make sure you keep unhealthy snacks far away from where you
can easily see or take them. This will make you to eat less of them. Is one of the best ways to control
your weight. Diabetes patients should avoid unhealthy snacks totally.
8. Always use small plate to eat.
The trick behind this is that you cannot put more food on the
plate than the size of the plate.
This will serve as caution and guide against eating large
portion of food always.
This will help you in controlling
your weight and diabetes.
9. Try to eat your food slowly.
The science is that you eat more food when you are rushing than
when yo are eating slowly.
This will help you to avoid excess
weight and lessen risk of diabetes.
10. Make sure you drink water while you're eating, usually between few folklorks. This
strategy will make you full, cut
back on calories and control your
weight and blood sugar whether you are diabetic or not.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Super food for weight loss and diabetes

So-called Superfoods are
nutritional powerhouses that
help build bones,
prevent chronic diseases,
improve your eyesight, and even
keep your mind
sharp. But did you know new
evidence suggests these foods
can also help you
get—and stay—slim?
Read on for the top superfoods
for weight loss, and how to pack
them into
your daily diet!
Black beans A cup of black beans
packs a whopping 15 grams of
protein and doesn't contain any
of the saturated fat found in
other protein
sources, like red meat.
Try this recipe: Spiced Black
Bean Hummus With Marinated
< recipes/10000001989969- spiced-black-bean-hummus- with-marinated-peaches >
Oats Oats are rich in fiber, so a
serving can help you feel full
the day. Just a half cup packs 4.6
grams of Resistant Starch
< article/0,,20409809,00.html>, a
healthy carb
that boosts metabolism and
burns fat.
Try this recipe: Dark Chocolate
and Oat Clusters
< recipes/10000002002350-dark- chocolate-oat-clusters >
Avocados There's no reason to
be afraid of eating fats—as long
as they're
the right fats.
Oleic acid, a compound in
avocados' healthy
monounsaturated fats (MUFAs),
may trigger your body to actually
quiet hunger. Stick to a quarter
or a
half of an avocado and watch
that belly fat melt away. The
creamy fruit is
also packed with fiber and
*Try this recipe:* Avocado,
Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwiches
< recipes/10000001063327-alt- avocado-lettuce-and-tomato- sandwiches >
Salmon Lean sources of protein
help you feel full without adding
However, 50% of women ages
18 to 50 don't know if they get
enough of this
essential nutrient.
Up your intake with salmon; it's a
leaner choice than red meat and
chock-full of MUFAs to boot. A
2001 study found that dieters
eating a
MUFA-rich diet lost an
average of 9 pounds, while their
low-fat diet
counterparts gained, on average,
Try this recipe: Pan-Grilled
Salmon With Pineapple Salsa
< recipes/10000000521971-pan- grilled-salmon-with-pineapple- salsa >
Blueberries Best known for their
anti-aging effects, blueberries,
tiny, are a powerful figure-
friendly eat: A 1-cup serving sets
you back
only 80 calories, and helps you
feel full with 4 grams of fiber.
Try this recipe: Blueberry-
Lemon Sorbet
< recipes/10000001208194- blueberry-lemon-sorbet >
Broccoli Cooked or raw, this
cruciferous veggie is well-known
for its
cancer-preventing powers, but
with a punch of filling fiber in
less than 30
calories a serving, it's bound to
prevent weight problems too.
Try this recipe: Broccoli Salad
With Sesame Dressing and
< recipes/10000001046799- broccoli-salad-with-sesame- dressing-and-cashews >
Brown rice
Brown rice is a
heartier, fiber-packed alternative
less-than-super white rice. A half-
cup serving contains 1.7 grams
of Resistant
Starch , a
healthy carb that boosts
metabolism and burns fat.
Plus, brown rice is a low-energy-
density food, meaning it's heavy
filling but low in calories. One
study found that women who
ate a
higher-energy-density diet
gained three times as much
weight over six years
than women eating a low-
energy-density diet.
Try this recipe: Wild Salmon
and Brown Rice Bowl
< recipes/10000001949717-wild- salmon-and-brown-rice-bowl >
Just one pear packs 15%
of your daily recommended
amount of fiber.
One study found that women
who ate three pears a day
consumed fewer
calories and lost more weight
than those who didn't. Ditch the
though; the skin is where all that
filling fiber is hiding!
Try this recipe: Warm Pear
With Cinnamon Ricotta
< recipes/10000002002233- warm-pear-with-cinnamon- ricotta >
Wine Resveratrol
The famed antioxidant found in
grape skin, stops fat storage.
Studies show
that moderate wine drinkers
have narrower waists and less
belly fat than
liquor drinkers. Downing a glass
can boost your calorie burn for a
good 90
Try these: Best Bargain Bottles
of Wine
< gallery/0,,20333668,00.html>
Grapefruit Even if you changed
nothing else about your diet,
eating half a
grapefruit before each meal may
help you lose up to a pound a
A compound in the tangy fruit
can lower insulin, a fat-storage
hormone, and
that can lead to weight loss. It's
also a good source of protein,
because it's at least 90% water, it
can fill you.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

10 Top Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease characterized by high level of blood sugar in the body which causes all sort of complications in the body. Diabetes itself does not kill but the complications. In order to prevent yourself from the harmful effect of complications you need to control your blood sugar by controlling your food and use your drugs.
Diabetes can make you urinate more than usual especially during the night. If you are getting up like 3 times or more during the night to urinate, then you might need to check your sugar level or control what you are eating. If you need to urinate frequently more than usual that you are feeling concern about your level of urination, it could be a
symptom of diabetes.
This is because the kidneys are working hard to get rid of all that extra blood glucose.
Diabetes will make you feel thirsty than before. Since you are urinating more than before, your
body will be trying to replenish those lost fluids from the body and that is why you will be feeling so thirsty for more water.
Just like diabetes can make you more thirsty, it can also make you more hungry. This
excessive hunger can
come from sharp peaks and lows in blood sugar levels as the body craves more or less of the glucose that cells need to function.
Yeast candida and other fungal infections could be a symptom of diabetes.
Fungi and bacteria are known to grow in sugar-rich environ, so they tend to thrive in a diabetic body.
Also your body is vulnerable to all sort of infections since your immune system will be low.
Dry skin such as itchy skin can be a sign of diabetes. Other skin conditions like acanthosis nigricans which is the darkening of the skin around the neck or armpit area is also a great sign of diabetes.
If you have acanthosis
nigricans it is better you check your blood sugar and talk to your doctor if your blood sugar is still normal because acanthosis nigricans may be a sign of high insulin resistance.
Having cuts, and bruises that
fail to heal as at when due is a great symptoms of diabetes.
This is because the excessive amounts of glucose traveling the veins and arteries will get the veins and arteries damaged making it hard for the blood needed to take part in the healing process to reach the injured part of the body.
One of the symptoms of diabetes is weight loss as a result of high blood sugar levels. The reason for this weight loss is because the the body starts breaking down protein from the muscle to get energy as insulin hormone is not supplying glucose into the cells, where it can be used as energy.
Another reason for the weight loss is that lots of calories are loss as the kidneys are also doing a great work to eliminate the excess sugar.
Another symptoms of diabetes is Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet as well as burning pain or swelling in those part of the body. Diabetes damages nerves and tingling, numbness and burning pain are those symptoms that your nerves are going through the process of damages. This is termed neuropathy (nerve damaged).
Fatigue and irritability are two among many of the symptoms of diabetes. You will be sick if your blood sugar is high. The weakness that comes with it will make you feel fatigue and irritable. The reason for these symptoms is that the body will be working hard to fill the gap or make up for the lack of glucose.
Failing vision is also one of the symptoms of diabetes or high blood sugar level.
There is no way a high blood sugar level will not cause blurred vision because high blood glucose changes the shape of the lens and the eye causing distortion in vision. If care is not taken and your blood sugar is higher for an unchecked long period of time, it can lead to blindness. But is changeable before blindness if you reverse your blood sugar level to normal.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Betel nut and your health

The name betel comes from the betel-pepper plant. Though the nut and
the betel – pepper plant are unrelated but the name was derived from
the betel –pepper plant because betel chewers usually wrap a piece of
areca fruit in betel – pepper leaf, together with a little mineral
Therefore, betel nut is actually the tropical, fleshly fruit of the
areca palm (betel palm), usually found in the Southeast Asia and the

Betel nut and your health

The lime promotes the release of alkaloid stimulant which can make
chewers wanting to chew more and more of the nuts thus making chewing
of betel nuts their second nature.

Many chewers spit repeatedly because spices, tobacco or sweetness are
usually added in the preparation to make the taste better. This makes
the color to be blood –red, stimulates the production of saliva and
this result to frequent spitting.

Consistent chewing of betel nut can give the teeth a brownish – red
staining. It can also result to various mouth disease such as oral
submucous fibrosis and gum disease.

Chronic betel nut chewing can lead to serious medication complications
such mouth cancer known as oral squamous cell carcinoma and
cardiovascular disease.

Chewing betel nut can disrupt or damage the DNA of an unborn baby.
Therefore, pregnant women should avoid the chewing of betel nut so as
not to disrupt the development of the fetus.

Chronic chewer of betel nut usually exhibit such cholinergic (altering
of the state and function of the central nervous system and the
neurotransmitters) symptoms such as sweating, vomiting, diarrhea,
frequent salivation, excessive tearing etc.

Habitual chewing of betel nut can result to side effects such as
excessive heart beat, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, cardiac
arrhythmia etc.

Since those fond of chewing betel nut do so because of one reason or
the other, betel nut definitely have it own benefits, health wise or

The habitual chewer will give one or more health benefits for the
reason why they are chewing it. But the fact is that such claim by
chewers cannot be scientifically or medically proved. Research also
shows that the health hazards of chewing betel nut far outweigh any
associated benefits.

What the news says about betel nut

"World wide, betel nut sales bring in billions of dollars".

"The highest population of betel nut chewer is found in the East
Africa, Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia, Papua new Guinea and
Micronesia and they are about 10% of the world's population."

"Users often consider it harmless and report a sense of well – being
and a warm sensation of the body …. Evidence has shown, however, that
it is far from harmless". – Oral Health

"Papua New Guinea's favorite chew, the betel nut, is killing at least
2000 people a year and is responsible for many health problems,
according to the PNG Medical Society". – Papua New Guinea's post –

"Taiwan's rate of oral cancer – one of the Island's top 10 causes of
death – has nearly quadrupled in the past 40 years". – The China post

Saturday, 1 April 2017

10 Health And Herbal Benefits of Apple Consumption

Do you know that daily intake of apples can help to reduce the risk of
diabetes, cancer and other cardiovascular disease? If not, this
article will open your eyes to at least 10 health and nutritional
benefits of apple.

Apples are great source of vitamins and many essential minerals,
antioxidants and fiber. Apples also contain phytochemicals and
antioxidants such as catechin, phloridzin, quercetin and chlorogenic
acid, phenolics, flavonoids, carotenoids as well as vitamins that help
to boost the body immune system and fight against bacteria and
infections. These phytochemicals and antioxidants can also reduce the
risk of developing such disease such as diabetes, cancer and various
type of cardiovascular ailment.
Worldwide there is increased awareness of the nutritional value and
health benefits of apples which account for its increased popularity
and consumption rate.
Apple is one of the most popular and fast selling fruits in the street
and market of Africa, A sia, America and world in general. Apple
fruits come in variety of colors ranging from green, light green, red
or a mixture of both colors.

10 Health Benefits of Apple Consumption

1. Apple help to build up the immune system
Apple is a good source of vitamin C. This vitamin is needed in great
amount by the body especially by the immune system to prevent our body
against uninvited guest such as bacteria, infections and other
ailments that usually capitalize on poor immune system.

2. Reduce the risk of diabetes
The red color in apple is caused by an antioxidant called
anthocyanins. This class of antioxidants is known to lower the risk of
developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Reduce the risk of cancers
Adequate consumption of apple can help to minimize the risk of
developing various types of cancer such as pancreatic cancer, liver
cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, epithelial lung cancer and other
forms of cancer. The ability of the apple to prevent or curb the
growth of all sort of cancer is linked with the abundant presence of
compounds such as flavonol, triterpenoids, catechins and antioxidants.

4. Increase brain memory
Apples contain compounds that are good for brain proper functioning
and retention. Acetylcholine helps to sharpening your memory and apple
helps in the increase production of acetylcholine. Therefore, apple is
recommended for teens, elderly and people with poor memory.

5. Apples helps to lower cholesterol
Apples contain fibre in the form of a soluble compound named pectin.
The fibre, pectin discourages the absorption and storage of
cholesterol while encouraging the immediate use of it, thereby
preventing the body from ailments caused by high cholesterol.

6. Apple reduces obesity
Apples are anti-calorie, since it boosts calorie burn. The
anti-calorie nature of apples is caused by the presence of the
component, ursolic acid. Therefore, eating lot of apples can help to
burn calorie, increase muscle, keep you slim thus reducing the risk of
illnesses associated with obesity.

7. Apple helps with breathing, asthma and pulmonary function
The skin of apples is abundantly rich in quercetin, an antioxidant
which improves the lung performance and ensuring proper breathing.
Though, apple cannot cure asthma but it can help to minimize the risk
of asthma and bronchial hypersensitivity.

8. Minimize the risk of developing cataracts
In general, antioxidants which are present in fruits help to minimize
the risk of developing the eye defect 'cataracts.' Since apples are
abundantly rich in antioxidants, eating plenty of it can help prevent

9. Apple helps to manage your calorie intake
Our digestive system takes longer time to digest fibre which is a
complex material than sugar and other simple materials. Therefore,
eating a lot of apples can make you full for long period than eating
other foods that are highly rich in calorie. Therefore, helps you to
manage your calorie consumption.

10. Apples reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
Apple is abundantly rich in flavonoids thus high consumption of apple
can help to decrease the risk of all sort of cardiovascular disease.
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