Wednesday, 29 March 2017

6 Top Fruits For Weight Control

1. Lemon
 Exclusive Lemon diet is used and effective for weight and obesity control.

2. Guava
It helps to lower cholesterol in the blood: guava is used for the treatment of excess cholesterol because guava seeds contains some fatty acids which is anti-cholesterol. High level of bad cholesterol causes weight gain and obesity.

3. Ginger

It lowers cholesterol.
High cholesterol is not healthy for our body and is one of the major causes of weight gain and obesity. Ginger helps to prevent the various illnesses caused by high cholesterol.

4. Garlic

It decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood and thus help to control weight: garlic helps to burn up the cholesterol level in the blood because it contains allicin. The best way to obtain allicin from garlic is by crushing it.

5. Garden egg

Garden egg can help to prevent obesity and accumulation of fat. Since, we said garden egg can quench or reduce appetite, this means the person will be eating less. And when you are eating less it will directly reduce the amount of fat you could accumulate. Obesity is uncontrolled accumulation of fat over a long period of time. Obesity is unhealthy as it is a major cause of high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.


Obesity is a major cause of many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, therefore it is discouraged. Carbage contains a type of acid called tartronic which help to prevent the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. Fat is the cause of obesity and when you do not accumulate fat, you will not be obese and you will avoid many sicknesses that goes with obesity.

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