Wednesday, 29 March 2017

13 Natural/Home Remedies To Increase Your Eating Appetite

Food and water are needed by our body in order to carry out our daily
activities, to boost our immune system and protect our body against
diseases and ultimately to survive. Lacking appetite means we will be
deprived of the above body operations. Therefore we need to act fast
in making sure we reverse our loss of appetite to normal by using
medications or finding alternatives.
This article is about remedies and alternatives that can help us to
safely improve our eating appetite.

Cook with herbs and spices
When we smell a good aroma, we usually feel the appetite to consume
that food in question. Therefore, foods with fragrant smell can make
your belly rumbling thus increase your appetite. One of the best
spices you can add to your diet and which can greatly boost your
appetite is cinnamon. It is said that cinnamon can stimulate your
appetite because it contains a potent compound in the name
hydroxychalcone which can naturally help to stimulate appetite. Adding
a little to a cup of tea or baked foods, sprinkling on buttered toast
and healthy foods such as cocoa and wheat bread can give that needed
appetite to consume more.
Adding herbs such as oregano, thyme, basil etc can add aroma to our
diets and can help to stimulate our appetite.

Consume orange peels
When you are lacking appetite, grinding orange peels and adding it to
your drinking water especially in the morning can help to stimulate
your appetite. This is possible because orange peels contain many
glycosides which can help to improve digestion, boost the immune
system, lessen flatulence and increase appetite.

Bitter melon
Bitter melon can help to improve your digestive systems because it
contains useful substances such as lectins, charantine and momordicine
and when your digestive system is good, your appetite will likely be

Exercise will make your body to burn calories and to lose water. This
makes your body to crave for more calories and water to replace the
used ones thus increasing your appetite.

Drink water and tea
Water and tea can serve as an alternatives to food when you loss your
appetite. Drinking like 10 cups of water or tea daily especially when
you loss appetite can help to fill the needed daily water requirement.
Your appetite to eat food also increases after drinking water.

Have a sleep
One of the first things we like to do after waking up from sleep is
eating. This is due to the fact that our body would have used the
available nutrients for metabolism and cells rejuvenation. Therefore,
your appetite can increase after waking up from sleep.

Take drugs
Multivitamins and blood tonic will definitely increase your appetite.
That is why your pharmacist will advice you to have enough food
available before taken those multivitamins and tonic.
Taken dandelion root capsules can help to boost your appetite as it
contains a natural substance known as inulin which increases your
appetite by stimulating your digestive system.
Taken capsules of slippery elm bark contains potent polysaccharides
which also stimulate the digestive system to boost appetite.

Note: see your physician for proper drug prescription before taken any drug.

Miscellaneous recommendations

Try to eat in the company of others.

Eat small portion at a go but oftenly .

You can also keep a timetable of your diet to know may be you have
consumed more of a certain food which might likely be the cause of
your lack of appetite.

Fiber rich foods tend to take long time to digest. Therefore it is
advisable to take smaller portion of fiber diets when lacking appetite

Eat much of fruits as they are less stressful to consume and they
digest easily. Eating smooth and succulent fruits such as banana
should be considered when lacking appetite.

Try to always eat something for breakfast even if it is in small
quantity to give the needed energy and essential nutrients for body
metabolism for the day ahead.

If you try all the above suggestions and others you know but your
symptoms persist, try to see a doctor.

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