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Chocolate Helps Lower Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes And Cancer

Chocolate Helps Lower Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes
And Cancer

Harvard University studied a tribe of Indians known as the Kuna tribe
from a Caribbean Island of Panama who have perfect and balanced blood
pressure and a lower rate of death from heart attacks, strokes,
diabetes and cancer.

The research centered on their diet especially on five cups of cocoa
they drink each day. Since cocoa is highly rich in chocolate, the
research studied the effects of chocolate on their health.

Through the research, they found out that chocolate has a relaxing
effect on blood vessels, which have a better flow of blood due to the
presence of flavanoid. Chocolate is one of the best sources of the
anti-oxidant, flavanoids.

Nitric oxide increases blood flow, acts as a blood thinner and
consuming chocolate free of damaging sugar can help to aid diabetes
since nitric oxide helps to stimulate insulin production.
Flavanoids in chocolate helps to stimulate the production of this nitric oxide.

The finding is backed up by a study published in 2003 in the Journal
of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
The research studied 13 people of ages ranging from 55-64 with blood
pressure numbers of 153 over 84. This control group was directed to
consume a 100 gram bar of either dark or white chocolate daily.

The dark chocolate won the one with the highest health benefits as
people who consumed it are the most-healthy after the study.

Other Health Benefits of Chocolate
Chocolate contains healthy nutrients
Chocolate contain nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and
iron. The cacao bean contains fiber that reduces cholesterol.
Chocolate increases the good cholesterol level HDL-C and reduces
oxidation of bad cholesterol LDL.
Chocolate contains vitamin B, E and copper. Therefore it is known to
help memory retention.

Chocolate helps mood

Phynylethylamine in chocolate raises the serotonin and the dopamine
receptors that control brain chemistry and pain reaction. As a result,
chocolate helps to reduce hunger and improve libido.

However, sugary chocolate is not that healthy for the body. Dark, raw
or organic chocolate or one with low sugar content is one recommended.
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

13 Natural/Home Remedies To Increase Your Eating Appetite

Food and water are needed by our body in order to carry out our daily
activities, to boost our immune system and protect our body against
diseases and ultimately to survive. Lacking appetite means we will be
deprived of the above body operations. Therefore we need to act fast
in making sure we reverse our loss of appetite to normal by using
medications or finding alternatives.
This article is about remedies and alternatives that can help us to
safely improve our eating appetite.

Cook with herbs and spices
When we smell a good aroma, we usually feel the appetite to consume
that food in question. Therefore, foods with fragrant smell can make
your belly rumbling thus increase your appetite. One of the best
spices you can add to your diet and which can greatly boost your
appetite is cinnamon. It is said that cinnamon can stimulate your
appetite because it contains a potent compound in the name
hydroxychalcone which can naturally help to stimulate appetite. Adding
a little to a cup of tea or baked foods, sprinkling on buttered toast
and healthy foods such as cocoa and wheat bread can give that needed
appetite to consume more.
Adding herbs such as oregano, thyme, basil etc can add aroma to our
diets and can help to stimulate our appetite.

Consume orange peels
When you are lacking appetite, grinding orange peels and adding it to
your drinking water especially in the morning can help to stimulate
your appetite. This is possible because orange peels contain many
glycosides which can help to improve digestion, boost the immune
system, lessen flatulence and increase appetite.

Bitter melon
Bitter melon can help to improve your digestive systems because it
contains useful substances such as lectins, charantine and momordicine
and when your digestive system is good, your appetite will likely be

Exercise will make your body to burn calories and to lose water. This
makes your body to crave for more calories and water to replace the
used ones thus increasing your appetite.

Drink water and tea
Water and tea can serve as an alternatives to food when you loss your
appetite. Drinking like 10 cups of water or tea daily especially when
you loss appetite can help to fill the needed daily water requirement.
Your appetite to eat food also increases after drinking water.

Have a sleep
One of the first things we like to do after waking up from sleep is
eating. This is due to the fact that our body would have used the
available nutrients for metabolism and cells rejuvenation. Therefore,
your appetite can increase after waking up from sleep.

Take drugs
Multivitamins and blood tonic will definitely increase your appetite.
That is why your pharmacist will advice you to have enough food
available before taken those multivitamins and tonic.
Taken dandelion root capsules can help to boost your appetite as it
contains a natural substance known as inulin which increases your
appetite by stimulating your digestive system.
Taken capsules of slippery elm bark contains potent polysaccharides
which also stimulate the digestive system to boost appetite.

Note: see your physician for proper drug prescription before taken any drug.

Miscellaneous recommendations

Try to eat in the company of others.

Eat small portion at a go but oftenly .

You can also keep a timetable of your diet to know may be you have
consumed more of a certain food which might likely be the cause of
your lack of appetite.

Fiber rich foods tend to take long time to digest. Therefore it is
advisable to take smaller portion of fiber diets when lacking appetite

Eat much of fruits as they are less stressful to consume and they
digest easily. Eating smooth and succulent fruits such as banana
should be considered when lacking appetite.

Try to always eat something for breakfast even if it is in small
quantity to give the needed energy and essential nutrients for body
metabolism for the day ahead.

If you try all the above suggestions and others you know but your
symptoms persist, try to see a doctor.

6 Top Fruits For Weight Control

1. Lemon
 Exclusive Lemon diet is used and effective for weight and obesity control.

2. Guava
It helps to lower cholesterol in the blood: guava is used for the treatment of excess cholesterol because guava seeds contains some fatty acids which is anti-cholesterol. High level of bad cholesterol causes weight gain and obesity.

3. Ginger

It lowers cholesterol.
High cholesterol is not healthy for our body and is one of the major causes of weight gain and obesity. Ginger helps to prevent the various illnesses caused by high cholesterol.

4. Garlic

It decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood and thus help to control weight: garlic helps to burn up the cholesterol level in the blood because it contains allicin. The best way to obtain allicin from garlic is by crushing it.

5. Garden egg

Garden egg can help to prevent obesity and accumulation of fat. Since, we said garden egg can quench or reduce appetite, this means the person will be eating less. And when you are eating less it will directly reduce the amount of fat you could accumulate. Obesity is uncontrolled accumulation of fat over a long period of time. Obesity is unhealthy as it is a major cause of high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.


Obesity is a major cause of many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, therefore it is discouraged. Carbage contains a type of acid called tartronic which help to prevent the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. Fat is the cause of obesity and when you do not accumulate fat, you will not be obese and you will avoid many sicknesses that goes with obesity.

Monday, 27 March 2017

11 Top Health And Nutritional Benefits of Banana Fruit

Banana fruit and it health benefits
The banana is a high herb that can attain up to 15 metres of height.
It is a perennial plant that grow from a bulb or rhizome. Banana takes
between 9-12 months before it is ready for harvesting and is available
all year long as it usually replaces itself.

Banana are best grown in tropical or rain forest region of Africa and
other continents with a yearly rainfall of 78-98 inches. Banana
require moist soil and a good drainage but can also grow abundantly
during the dry season.

Botanically, the friut belongs to the family of Musaceae.

Banana comes with nature gifted protective layer of skin which protect
it from contamination such as germs, dust and bacteria.

There are over 1000 known banana varieties in the world. The common
types include the popular yellow cavendish/the baby banana, the red
banana with pinkish flesh, the smaller apple banana and the plantain.

Banana is consumed as fruit by removing the peel and enjoy.

Uses includes can be use as fibre in textile and paper

2.As animal feeds

3.As fertilizer

4.As medicine and for skin care and some people rub the inside of the
banana skin with their skin to prevent swelling and irritation from
mosquito bites

5.It leaves can be used for wrapping food during cooking especially in Africa.

The banana can be keep at room temperature by hanging on a rack and
placed on a counter or expose them to the sun for fast ripening. You
can also peel the skin of a ripe banana and freeze.

The following nutrition are contained in 100g of banana

1.Energy 90kcal

2.Carbohydrates 22.84g

3.Protein 1.09g

4.Fat 0.33g

5.Cholesterol 0mg

6.Dietary fiber 2.60g

7.Thiamine(vit.B1) 0.031MG

8.Riboflavin(vit.B2) 0.073mg

9.Niacin(vit.B3) 0.665mg

10.Pantothenic acid(B5) 0.0.334mg

11.Folate(vit.B9) 20ug

Images for different variety of banana fruit

12.VIT A 0.64IU

13.VIT C 8.7mg

14.VIT 0.10MG

15.VIT K 0.5ug

16.Calcium 5mg

17.Iron 0.26mg

18.Magnesium 27mg

19.Phosphorus 22mg

20.Potassium 358mg

21.Zinc 0.15mg

22.Sodium 1mg.

Some health benefits of bananas

Brain sharpening
The potassium in banana is an essential nutrient that helps to improve
brain memory and alertness.

Lessen stress
Stress is not good for your body and eating a handful of banana fruit
can help you to lessen your stress because banana help our body to
re-filled the potassium it has loss due to stress. Potassium also
helps to send oxygen to the brain and regulates the water balance of
our body thus reducing stress.

Blood pressure regulation
High level of sodium in the body is one of the major causes of high
blood pressure. However, banana is high in potassium and low in sodium
thus constantly helps to find the balance by bringing our high blood
pressure back to normal.

Increase libido
Bananas are great source of sexual energy, libido and endurance
because of it helps in the production of testoterone. It is a great
source of energy because of it richness in vitamin B.

Lessen constipation
Banana helps to normalize bowel action, aid digestion thus prevent or
lessen constipation. This isdue to it richness in fiber.

More nutritional than apple
The vitamin A in banana is five times that of apple. The phosphorus,
protein, iron and carbohydrate in bananas are five times, four times,
thrice , and twice that of apple respectively.

Minimizes stroke
Experts say that regular eating of bananas can cut the risk of dying
from stroke and stroke related illnesses by 40 percent.

Production of blood
Bananas can help in the treatment of anemia because of it richness in
iron that enhance the production of red blood cells.

Reduces depression
Serotoxin make the body feel relaxed and banana contain a type of
protein called tryptophan which the body converts into serotoxin.
Banana is also rich in vitamin B complex which helps to calm the nervous system.

Good for peptic ulcer patients
Banana neutralizes excess acidity in the stomach and is naturally good
for peptic ulcer patients because of its soft texture and smoothness.

Miscellaneous health benefits
Banana can serve as a natural cure for such diseases like
hypertension, cancer, ulcer, diarrhea, constipation, asthma,
constipation, eye problem such as cataract etc
The plantain type is recommended for diabetes patient as it contain
less sugar and more fiber.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

8 top health benefits of garden egg

The garden egg is known as Igba in my native language of Yoruba from
the western part of Nigeria but is botanically known as solanum
melongena. It is given the name ' garden egg ' because the shape of
the fruit is in form of an egg and can be grown around the house or in
the garden.The garden egg can be eaten as fruit and can as well be
prepared and enjoyed as stew popularly referred to ' garden egg stew

It is delightful to know that you are doing yourself great benefits
anytime you eat garden egg either as stew or fruit. The following are
the nutritional benefits of garden egg.

Health benefits of eating garden egg

Eating a lot of garden eggs can help you to reduce your weight.

Garden egg lowers the eye pressure. Therefore eating a lot of it can
be helpful for people with glaucoma. It serves as antioxidant which
can prevent the cell of the body especially the eye from further

Garden egg is low in calories but high in fibre therefore beneficial
for diabetic patients and people with high blood pressure. Garden egg
helps to suppress sugar level in diabetic patients and in bringing
down the blood pressure.

Garden egg is a vital source of essential nutrients and minerals such
as magnesium, nasunin, chlorogenic acid, copper, vitamin B1, B6,
folate, potassium etc.

It can be use to suppress stomach ulcer because of its antioxidant remedy.

Garden egg helps to protect the heart since it reduces bad cholesterol
and boost the production of high plasma cholesterol HDL which is
considered as a good cholesterol because it does not support the
incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

Garden egg helps in controlling constipation.

Research shows that garden egg is better at reducing blood cholesterol
than apple and oat.

I couldn't count the number of times I have eaten garden egg stew and
I can tell you that is one of the most delicious soup in the world
especially when eaten with yam. Garden egg stew is popular among
Africans and is a delicious soup especially if one knows how to go
about the cooking. Though i can cook garden egg stew to my own state
and i will be satisfied by it but for the interest of the public a
description by a food expert will be better. The following is a
description of how to prepare a delicious garden egg stew as given by
one food expert

How to prepare a garden egg stew
The garden egg stew is simple, quick to prepare, delicious and nutritious.
It is best served hot and can be eaten with boiled rice, yam or
plantain. It is commonly served with yam.

· Garden egg
· Dried prawn
Garden egg stew
· Smoked fish
· pepper
· Onion
· Salt

· Wash some garden egg and boil until they are soft.
· Squash in a small mortar or with a grinding stone until the skin
blends with the rest of it.

Alternatively, peel off the skin before squashing.
· Dice some fresh pepper and slice some onions
· Rinse or wash your smoked fish and pick clean of bones
· Rinse or wash dried prawn
· Heat some quantity of groundnut oil
· Add in the sliced onions leave to simmer for 10 seconds
· Add in your squashed garden eggs
· Add some salt and seasoning
· Allow it to boil for a few minutes and then add your smoked fish and prawn
· Let the stew cool until all the water in it is drained. At times,
for variety, fresh pumpkin leaves are added to the stew along with
smoked and prawns.

with all the aforementioned health benefits of a garden egg or egg
plants as some people will call it, it is therefore necessary to plan
eating of garden egg either as a fruit or as stew to our diet routine.

it is also said that the leave can be used to treat snake bite which
means that all part of the plant is beneficial for our use.

Note: garden egg stew preparation is culled from punch magazine.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

8 Natural Heart-Healthy Foods

Red wine

Red wine contains two antioxidants, resveratrol and catechins. These
antioxidants help to protect artery walls. Since alcohol can boost the
good cholesterol HDL, drinking a little red wine may be a healthy
choice for your heart.

However, it is important to know that too much alcohol can damage the
heart. Talk to your physician before deciding whether you will be
drinking alcohol or not because a little alcohol is not even healthy
for some people.


Albacore which is a white tuna contains more omega-3s than other
varieties of tuna. Tuna is highly rich in omega-3s which is really
healthy for our heart.

Extra virgin olive oil extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is highly rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and
monounsaturated fats. All these are good for our heart. Extra virgin
oil is made from the first press of olives and helps to lower
cholesterol levels. Olive oil should be used as substitute for
saturated fat like butter since the anti-oxidants, polyphenols may
protect blood vessels while consumption of saturated fat overtime may
lead to blockage of the blood vessels due to build up of cholesterol.


A medical research shows that oranges can improve blood vessels
functions which in turn lower blood pressure. Oranges contains pectic,
which is a cholesterol-fighting fiber.

It also contains the antioxidant, hesperidin, which helps to lower
blood pressure. Oranges are known to be rich in potassium which helps
to keep blood pressure level in balance.


Almonds are rich in vitamin E, fiber, heart-healthy fats, plant
sterols which help to protect the heart against diseases.

Low fat yogurt

Milk is known to be rich in calcium and potassium. Therefore, low-fat
yogurt can control high blood pressure since yogurt has twice as much
of calcium and potassium in milk. Potassium is a mineral that greatly
help to check blood pressure.


Walnuts are highly rich in fiber, omega-3s and monounsaturated fats.

Walnuts replace bad fats LDL thus lowering cholesterol and
inflammation in the arteries of the heart.


Salmon is rich in omega-3s EPA and DHA. The American Heart Association
recommends two servings of salmon a week because the omega-3s in
salmon and other oily fish such as mackerel, lake trout, herring,
sardine lower risk of cardiac arrest and death, blood triglycerides
and inflammation.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Another name for diaper rash is diaper dermatitis. It is the skin
problem that occurs in infants beneath the diaper area. Skin affected
with diaper rash will turns red and may cause itching and severe cause
may lead to bleeding.


To cure diaper rash with baking soda what you need to do is to put
some baking soda in the water during bath. Or apply directly on the
affected parts. You should know that the more the baking soda you will
use the earlier the rashes will go.

Using mustard oil is considered as the best way to cure diaper rash.
What you need to do is to warm the oil a little bit and apply on the
babies back. This will go a long way in reducing the rashes. The
mustard oil will relieve itching and moisture the skin.

You could cure diaper rash by putting little vinegar in warm water and
apply to the skin. Use only the white vinegar in water and splash it
on the babies back and wipe it with a smooth cotton cloth.
Is not necessary that you rub the skin, just pat dry. Then put any
light skin ointment on the skin. The effect of the rashes will be
reduce in less than a day.

To treat diaper rash with egg white, remove the baby diaper and apply
egg white on the affected area. Allow it to dry naturally. Then fasten
the diaper as normal.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Chicken pox can be described as an infection caused by virus. Symptoms
in adults include loss of appetite, headache, fever and aching
muscles. Chicken pox starts with a skin rash in the body and the head
and also ulcers in the oral cavity and the tonsil areas. There is no
real cure for chicken pox but the symptoms could be gradually removed
through medications.


1. GINGER: You can reduce itching caused by chickenpox by adding
ginger powder to warm water. You can also crush the ginger, boil it in
water, strain and then drink.

You can cure chickenpox by preparing an herbal solution of chamomile,
Holy basil and lemon balm and drink it regularly.

You can effectively treat chickenpox by regularly and consistently
apply raw honey to the rashes.

Add one tablespoon of marigold flower and hazel leaves in a cup of
water and soaked overnight. Then grind it to make a paste and keep
applying on the rashes.

Cut carrot into pieces and boil in water. Strain and allow to cool.
This is called ' carrot coriander soup'. Drinking the soup once in a
day has been proven to be very beneficial and effective in treating

Friday, 17 March 2017


Most women if not all like to have a big-moderate breast. This is
because it helps to increase their self-esteem, confidence and ego.
The high costs and risks of plastic surgery restricted many women from
following that course to increase their breast. However, the following
4 home remedies will help you to get a more elaborated and robust


Eating banana is an easy and ideal way to increase your breast size.
Therefore, you should consider eating like two to three bananas
everyday to enlarge your breast.


To increase your breast, mix some fresh onion juice with honey and
turmeric. This mixture should be use to rub your breasts because it
helps to increase breast size and tighten up sagging breasts. Do this
twice a week for at least 3 months in order to get a desirable result
and feel among.


To increase your breast size, soak some red lentils in warm water for
like 2 hours. Then grind them into a fine paste. Then apply this paste
on the breasts and leave it for at least 30 minutes, or till it is
fully dried. Wash it off after like 30 minutes.

Note: is not necessary you massage your breast with this mixture, you
should just apply and leave


You can enlarge the size of your breasts by just massaging them with
your palms. Rub the palms together so that the friction makes them
slightly warm. Then do circular massages on each of the breasts for
like fifteen minutes in the morning and at bed time. It is recommended
you do a minimum of 100 rubs on each breast. Do this twice a day for
like four months and you will definitely have a good result.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Reason for Blood Sugar Rise : caffeine

Your glucose can ascend after
you consume coffee – even dark
without any calories because of


When we are talking about skin care we are talking about a clear,
shining, glowing and fully beautiful skin. Most women, especially the
ones with no clear, shining and smooth skin think it is impossible to
achieve such a feat. However, clear skin can be achieve with proper
attention to your skin and with good diet.


A clear skin can be achieved with mixture of honey and oatmeal applied
everyday on your face for about 15 minutes and then washed off.

Mix yeast with milk and apply on the spots and blemishes that have
spoiled your skin. Leave it for few hours and clear it with lukewarm

Note: yeast with milk is also a bleaching and moisturising agent.

Lemon will remove the top layers of skin and lightens your skin with
its bleaching ability, leaving it bright and awesomely clear.
Apply lemon juice on the skin for about 20 minutes daily and washed
off after that until you achieve result.

Add olive oil to salt and rub with on your face. The logic here is
that this will remove the dead cells on your skin as well as cleanse
it and leave your skin glooming, clean and clear.


Dilute Apple Cider Vinegar with water and rub on your skin to clear
dead cells and revitalise the skin. Consume 2 tablespoons of Apple
Cider Vinegar along with water to keep a host of skin diseases and
problems at bay and leave it beautifully clear.

Neatly separate egg white from the yolk and beat it to soften it. Then
apply on the face, leaving the eye and mouth area. Then allow it to
dry and clear it off afterwards.

Monday, 13 March 2017

6 herbal foods for diabetes


Oat is one of the recommended foods for diabetic patients. WhY? It
fills your tommy for a while and helps keep your blood sugar level
safe at the same time.


Almonds may help lower bad cholesterol LDL and reduce the risk of
developing diabetes.


Carrots are rich in fiber that checks excessive cholesterol. This
soluble fiber makes carrots a top cholesterol-fighting food, control
blood sugar and invariably reduce the risk of diabetes

Fresh Herbs

Replacing salt, fat and cholesterol with fresh herbs make other foods
to be healthy. Fresh herbs can help protect us against diabetes and
keep our blood pressure and sugar balanced after developing the


Onion is used in treating diabetes. Onion has hypoglycemic properties.
It is natural and is effective herb to lower blood sugar level. Onion
is one of the herbs and vegetables that are very healthy yet less
valued by us. The reason is that most people believed that onion is
just a spice that should be used for cooking only in other to make the
food sweet or have a kind of pleasant aroma and taste. consuming a lot
of onions as a herbal medicine can help us to prevent, control and
cure some of our major illnesses.


Those who already have diabetes are advised to stay away from coffee
because caffeine in coffee can complicate diabetes and hypertension.

However, studies show that those who consume about 4 cups of coffee
daily can cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent.

NTUC launches ready-to-eat meals suitable for people with diabetes

NTUC launches ready-to-eat meals suitable for people with diabetes There is new innovation for providing food for diabetics and thos...