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14 Top Ways To Manage Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is the commonest type of diabetes between the two
types of the disease ( type 1 and 2 ).

This is why most information about diabetes is based on the type 2
diabetes. According to report over 5000 people are diagnosed daily for

type 2 diabetes. So, you are not alone if you have been diagnosed for
diabetes or someone close to you have been. Diabetes on it own is not
that dangerous but what is hard is how to manage the disease. Though
there are many information both online and offline on how to cope and
effectively control the disease, mos diabetics willingly fail to abide
by the rules because it involves total changes in food and lifestyle.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes the best thing is to learn the
rules and ways you can rightly manage and control your blood sugar.

The following 14 points will help you to know what you can do to live
longer with diabetes.


1. Eat Healthy Food For Diabetes:

Whether you like it or not diabetics have their own class of food for
proper management of their condition. Not that the foods are new
created ones by God but it means a selected class of foods from the
various foods eat by humans. The foods for diabetes are low in
calories, fats, sugar etc. Diabetes patients should eat more of
vegetables, fruits and food rich in fiber. Doing this will help to
control your blood sugar.

2. Control your weight: weight and diabetes are positively related.
Uncontrolled excess fat or obesity is one of the major causes of
diabetes. Therefore, if you are diabetic and still has excess weight
start reducing it now. Having a balanced weight may help prevent you
from the adverse effect of diabetes combined with obesity. Eat food
low in fat and sugar. Try to do things that could help you to managed
your weight or keep it balanced. It will be hard to do but you have to
do it because if you don't do it yourself, diabetes will force you to
slim down and it will not be funny. Being obese and diabetics is two
problem in one.

3. Try to control the portion of food you are eating. If you are among
those that eat large size of food, that have to change because large
size or portion of food is not meant and healthy for diabetes.
Therefore, you are advice to eat the proper size of food that is
acceptable for diabetes in order to properly control blood sugar level
and weight.

4. Do not be hungry before you eat. Diabetes patients should eat
regularly. As said above, you should not eat large size of food at a
go but eat smaller sizes of foods and snacks many times a day. This
will help you to keep your blood sugar checked. The logic is that
eating smaller size will save you from consuming huge calories, fats
and sugar at a go. The little fats, calories and sugar you eat in
smaller portion will be easy for the body to used up and controlled.

5. Make sure you exercise regularly.

Exercise is one of the ways to control your blood sugar and have a
healthy body generally.

A lot of people are controlling their diabetes through exercise.
However, it is advisable you talk to your medical expert on the kind
of exercise that is good for you. The problem most people have with
exercise is that they believed it is until they engaged in vigorous
exercise before they could be considered to have exercised.
Contrarily, simple exercise like walking for few minutes is good or
walking round your house or little space in your compound is okay or
any form of light exercise.

6. Diabetics should check their blood glucose on a regular basis. If
you are diabetes one of the lifestyle adjustment you have to make is
checking your blood sugar level regularly. Checking your blood sugar
level will help you to know the kind of food or drug that is good for
you. You will be able to know the kind of food that is spiking up your
blood sugar or the one bringing it down. Checking your blood glucose
will also help you to keep your blood sugar in check before it goes
out of hand or viral.

7. Diabetes patients should take their drug as at when due. Any
diabetes patients that is tired of using his or her drugs is tired of
living. It is surprising that many people do not take their medication
as prescribed. And the truth is that 'it is not easy to be using
medication everyday.'

Another thing is that a medication that works for Mr. A may not work
for Mr. B. Therefore, by trial and error, you will know the diabetes
medication that works for you without creating side effects and you
should stick to it. Use it as prescribed by medical experts.

8. Diabetes patients should stay alert to latest news and information
on diabetes. That is why blogs on any topics are moving nowadays.
People need to stay tune to the latest news and article on what really
matter to them. There are many blogs and website online dedicated to
health and diabetes to be precise. The duty of any diabetes patient is
to stay alert to the current advice on how to better manage and
control their disease. People are more informed now, thanks to the
growth of online blog and website. One cannot compare the information
available now on diabetes or any other health issues to that of 10
years ago. Which means diabetes did not have to kill and harm people
like 10 years ago. However, one can only gain from the the enormous
availability of information by staying informed.

9. Get help for swing in mood. Diabetes patients usually have mood
problem. Their mood may change at any time. This is usually due to
changes in blood sugar level. Diabetics may be feel fatigue and
irritable when their blood sugar spike up. That could be one of the
important sign that something is wrong with their blood sugar.
Understanding this may help them to control their blood sugar level

10. Diabetes patients should try to fight against depression. Knowing
that they have diabetes make some people feel depressed. And
depression is a serious disease on it own. Depression can also bring
the immune system down leading to diabetes complications.

11. Control your blood pressure

Blood pressure and diabetes go hand in hand. When your blood pressure
is high, blood sugar will also be high. Therefore, do not focus mainly
on your diabetes or sugar level but also manage your blood pressure at
the same time.

It might be that it is your blood pressure that is high when your
blood sugar spike despite the fact that you are using your medication
and following necessary diabetes guidelines.

12. Diabetes patients should make sure that they guide themselves from
injury resulting in sores, scars etc. It is important that diabetes
people keep checking their feet to look out for sores and cuts. If you
notice any sore on your feet try to treat it as soon as possible and
under the guidance of a medical expert. Untreated sore or cut that
does not heal in time can lead to amputations. One important fact is
that if you control your blood sugar very well, you will not have sore
on your feet as a result of sugar and any sore that appear on your
feet because of other reasons will heal quickly.

13. Diabetes patients should enlighten their family, friends and
co-workers about their condition. High and low level of blood sugar
usually show signs. You could tell them to be watchful of certain
signs in you. Sometimes, they will be the one that will tell you that
their is changes in your body which you might not be aware of. This
will help you to avoid the tragedy that high or low blood sugar can
cause. Letting people know your condition will let them know how they
can help you. Some might even suggest medicine or lifestyle changes
which they know works for someone they know that has the same problem.

14. Diabetes patients are advised to always go out with an
identification card that inform
people that they are diabetic especially if they are going out alone.
The identification card will speak for them if you're in a state of
coma. The will help doctors to know the kind of treatment to give the
patient brought to them on emergency without anyone close to the
patient around to inform them about the health issues concerning the

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