Thursday, 20 October 2016

10 Nutritional And Health Benefits of Snails

Snail is a small soft creature with a hard round shell on its back. It
moves slowly and often eats garden plants and waste. Many varieties of
snails are edible. Have you eaten snail before or not? Do you know the
nutritional benefits of snail or not? The following list will increase

your knowledge about the nutritional value of each gram of snail meat.

Health benefits of eating snail

Contain fatty acid
100g serving of snails contain approximately 119mg of a long chain
omega -3 fatty acid in seafood known as elcosapentaenoic acid. Taken
an average of 250mg per day of elcosapentaenoic is beneficial to your
health as it helps to lower your risk of heart disease.

Fat control
Snails have less than 2g total fat with less then 1g unhealthy
saturated fat meaning there is no risk of becoming obese and risk
associated with obesity with high consumption of snails.

A 100g serving size of snail meat provides 11g of protein. This means
that daily consumption of snail can help fill the protein requirement
of your body.

As a source of vitamin B12
Snail is a good source of vitamin B12 which can prevent you from
mental disorders due to gradual brain damage. Some of the symptoms of
lack of vitamin B12 in the body are fatigued irritation, depression,
bad memory.
Eating proper serving of snail meat can prevent you against these
aforementioned illnesses and others type of illnesses that can result
from insufficient vitamin B12 in the body.

Weight control
Losing weight means that you will limit your calorie consumption while
maintaining your weight . This means that you will be taken meals with
low calories. Snail consumption can help you to control your weight as
a 100g serving of snail meat only has 90 calories. Foods with high
calories are known to be detrimental to health while food with low
calories are said to be good for our health, therefore snails are very
beneficial to our health and should be considered part of our regular
meal as it contain 1000 calorie per serving size.

Low in carbohydrate
Carbohydrate giving foods are good for our health since it provides
the needed daily energy but high consumption of carbohydrate is bad
for our health. Snail fits perfectly into our low-carbohydrate diet
plan as a serving only contain 2g total carbohydrates.

Good source of minerals and salts
The following minerals and salts are present in a snail meal

Iron in snails is easier for our body to absorb than iron in plant
because snails provide almost 20 percent of daily body requirement of
iron which is 3.5mg. Therefore, snails should be considered as part of
our daily diet plan since we need iron for the production of red blood
cells among other usefulness of iron in our body.

Potassium and sodium
Our healthy body system needs more potassium daily than sodium or in
other words, potassium should be more than sodium in our body at any
particular point in time. Since we are more expose to sodium then
consumption of snails is required because 100g serving of snails meat
have a healthy level of 382mg of potassium and as low as 70mg of
A high – potassium, low – sodium diet is what is beneficial to our
health while a low-potassium, high – sodium diet can lead to high
blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases and kidney disease. And
excessive consumption of snails can help you to maintain a balance
ratio of potassium-sodium.

Snails are known to also contain magnesium which is an essential
mineral for healthy body.
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