Thursday, 29 September 2016

5 Things You Should Never Do Before s*x

A recent study proved what
many post 50s already know —
older people are having s*x. A lot
of s*x. Clearly, they know a thing
or two about getting in the
mood. But here are some things
they — and everyone else —
need to know before hopping
into bed with someone to
guarantee a good time — and
they have nothing to do with
strawberries or chocolates.

1. Don't eat a heavy meal.
No, we're not just worried about
bad breath and flatulence. We're
worried you might fall asleep
before the opportune moment.
Think of s*x as a workout. You
wouldn't wolf down heaping
portions of creamy pastas and
decadent desserts before hitting
the gym, now would you?
Yes, the "food coma" is pretty
real. Carby, fatty and sugary
foods can all trigger a pretty
strong slow-down signal to your
brain as soon as they hit your
gut. The signal tells your brain to
slow down so the body can
focus on the task at hand —
digesting all the food you just
chowed down. As you eat more
and more, your body releases
more insulin in the digestion
process — which only leads to
increased serotonin and
melatonin in the brain — making
you drowsy.
2. Don't drink too much.
Not only do you want to make
sure you will remember your
lovemaking sesh, you want to
make sure you're at peak
performance for it. While light
drinking can put some people in
the mood, heavy drinking dulls
your sensations, making arousal
and climax difficult. Alcohol also
dilates your blood vessels,
making it difficult to maintain an
erection when you have high
blood alcohol content.
3. Don't worry about how you
Stop scrutinizing your muffin top
or examining your thigh gap.
Feeling self-conscious about your
body can hurt your s*x life as
you might be less likely to initiate
s*x or even be able to enjoy it. If
you're too worried about how
you look, your wandering mind
will make it more difficult to get
satisfaction. Stop worrying and
start enjoying.
4. Don't forget the lube.
After menopause, vaginal
dryness is a problem quite a few
women experience — which can
sometimes make you reluctant to
have s*x. Lower estrogen levels
in the body can make your
vaginal tissues thinner and lead
to dryness. Doctors can prescribe
creams, tablets and other
estrogen therapies to help
reverse the thinning, but lube
used prior to intercourse is a
simple, effective measure.
Gynecologist Cheryl Iglesia told
The Huffington Post that water-
based and/or silicone-based
lubricants are an option. Water-
based lubes tend to be less
irritating, she says, while silicone-
based ones can last longer.
5. Don't forget to pee (before and
Iglesia says that, for older people
with bladder issues, going to the
bathroom before can help avoid
any discomfort or embarrassing
And of course, there's peeing
afterwards, which you might
have heard can help prevent
UTIs. s*x can push bacteria into
your urethra, which is why it's
good to pee afterwards. Iglesia
says it's particularly important for
post-menopausal women. She
says that after menopause, lower
estrogen means a rise in the
v**ina's pH and an upswing in
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