Friday, 30 September 2016


Bedwetting is a popular, old and common health problems prevalent in
kids and sometimes adults, where the victim unintentionally and
unconsciously passes urine in the bed especially during sleep at night
when sleep is sweet and the duration is long.
One of the reasons for bedwetting is that the bladder size is small in
children, thus they may not be able to hold urine throughtout the

night. Hereditary and lack of discipline may also be responsible.
Diseases could also be responsible for bedwetting.


Banana is considered an effective home remedy for bedwetting because
eating 2-3 bananas daily has been found to reduce the problem of
bedwetting to a large extent. It us recommended to eat one banana at
breakfast and one at night after dinner to control bedwetting.

Mustard powder is a great home remedy for bedwetting because the seeds
contain properties which are very effective in solving all urinary
problems. A handful of mustard seeds should be eaten to the affected
child regularly to control bedwetting. Another method is to mix a half
spoon of dry mustard seed powder with one cup of a little warm milk
and be taken one hour before sleep.

Honey is good for many illnesses including bedwetting. To control
bedwetting with honey, one teaspoon of honey should be consumed before
bedtime as this will help to completely eliminate bedwetting problem
in children. The victim can mix the honey with milk or consume it raw
to achieve the desired results.

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