Thursday, 25 August 2016


A situation where there is a depletion of blood as a result of lack of hemoglobin is known as blood shortage.  This a serious medical problem and is common now as people don't have access to raw foods like before. Also, there are lot of blood sucking disease now than before.
Material: banana, pineapple, tin of milk, honey.
Preparation: mash the banana, squeeze out the juice in pineapple, and mix them together with a
tin of milk and add 2 spoons of honey.
Usage: drink every night until you get the desired result.
Herbal remedy 2
Material: a bottle of Maltina or Malta Guiness and a tin of milk
Preparation: mix a tin of milk with either of the two drinks.
Usage: drink regularly
Herbal remedy 3
Material: guinea corn leaves known as 'poroporo oka baba' in Yoruba, egg and milk.
Application: boil the guinea corn leaves with water. Mix the red liquid it brings with egg and milk. Drink until you get result.
You can also drink only the red liquid alone.
You could also mix egg and milk for blood tonic or mix egg with gin.
Herbal remedy 4
Material: pumpkin leaves (Ugu), a tin of milk or malt.
Application: extract the juice of pumpkin leaves by crushing with hands. Add one tin of milk or malt or the two. Drink it every night until you get result.


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