Monday, 8 August 2016

LETTER: T.B Joshua shares secrets of his good health

On Sunday 4th January 2015,
Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed to
his congregation at The
Synagogue, Church Of All Nations
(SCOAN) in Lagos the secret
behind his good health – lots of
"Blessing without good health is
a crisis because you cannot enjoy
it," Joshua began in his message

televised live on Christian
network Emmanuel TV.
He explained that he had
received numerous emails
questioning how he was able to
sustain his good health over the
years as he had never been seen
absent during a church service,
neither had there been reports
of his travelling abroad for
medical treatment.
"We are a spirit, we have a soul
and we live in a body," the cleric
informed his listeners, referring
them to the Scriptures in 1
Thessalonians 5:22-23. "The
same body can get sick or tired
and needs attention."
He further clarified, "The natural
and the spiritual must function
together. For the natural to
function, you must take care of
the body."
Joshua went on to reveal a habit
he says he has cultivated over the
course of many years. "Before my
morning prayer or immediately
after my morning prayer – I am
talking of 4am, 5am or 6am in
the morning – I will take a 150cl
bottle of water, pour it into a cup
and in under two to three
minutes, I make sure that I finish
According to him, the secret
behind this is not to drink when
feeling thirsty, as most would do
today. "I am not drinking it
because I am thirsty. I am
drinking it for a purpose – to
flush my system," he admonished
the crowd.
The pastor added that people
should take another smaller 75cl
bottle of water between 2-3pm
and another one around 5-6pm.
"This should replace all sugary
drinks and tea if you want to
have a good life," he advised.
He also clarified that the water
should be room-temperature, not
icy or cold, further explaining
that tap water could as well be
used if people did not have
sufficient resources to purchase
bottled water.
Joshua stated the benefits of this
habit were multiple although it
would be difficult to cultivate at
the beginning. He claimed such
regular intake of water would
moderate eating habits, foster
growth of natural hair and purify
the skin.
"God has given us everything we
need to live a good life but we
are ignorant," he concluded,
stressing that people would
share testimonies in their health
if they followed this advice.
Ihechukwu Njoku – freelance
Nigerian journalist

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