Monday, 4 July 2016


Scientists have revealed the
shocking s*x position that could
make your p*nis break and
subject you to bitter pain.
It might have emancipated
women from the drudgery of the
'Missionary Position', but it seems
that men are paying a painful

price for revolution in the
"Woman on top" is the most
dangerous sex position,
according to a new scientific
Scientists have found that the
position, dubbed "cowgirl", is
responsible for half of all penile
fractures in the bedroom.
The research also revealed that
the "doggy-style" position, with
women on all fours, is behind 29
per cent of afflictions.
In contrast, the traditional "man
on top" is responsible for just 21
per cent.
Doctors and academics looked at
patients attending three A&E
units with suspected "penile
fractures" over a 13 year period.
Half of them reported hearing a
crack before experiencing pain,
with some also suffering
Their average age was 34 and
some of the men waited up to
six hours before seeking medical
The research concluded: "Our
study supports the fact that
sexual intercourse with 'woman
on top' is the potentially riskiest
sexual position related to penile
"Our hypothesis is that when
woman is on top she usually
controls the movement with her
entire body weight landing on
the erect penis, not being able to
interrupt it when the penis
suffers a wrong way penetration,
because the harm is usually
minor in woman with no pain
but major in the penis.
"On the contrary, when the man
is controlling the movement, he
has better chances of stopping
the penetration energy in
response to the pain related to
the penis harm, minimizing it."
The study found that 44 men had
attended hospital, with 42
having "the condition confirmed
after clinical, radiological and
surgical evaluation".
Of these, 28 were injured in
heterosexual romps, four during
homosexual intercourse, six as a
result of "penis manipulation"
and four in circumstances which
were "unclear".
The study, published in the
Advances in Urology journal,
reads: "Half of patients (50 per
cent) presented with the classical
triad of an audible crack followed
by pain.
"The presentation time of
patients to the hospital after
penile fracture ranged from 0.5
to 6 hours."
"Penile fracture is a relatively
uncommon clinical condition that
frequently causes fear and
embarrassment for the patient,
hypothetically resulting in
delayed search for medical
assistance, which can lead to
impairment of sexual and
voiding functions," said the
"Considering that most studies
are retrospective and based on
patients records information
regarding the social dynamics
surrounding penile fracture is
scarce in the literature, mainly
potentially risky sexual
The scientists, who looked at
three hospitals in Campinas, a
city of three million people in
Brazil, used hospital records and
in some cases interviewed the

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