According to the famous lover
Giacomo Casanova in order to
have a good potency, one must
consume the right foods that
have the power to increase the
libido. Therefore, you should

include some of these foods in
your diet to have a stronger and
more lasting penis erection. According
to certain studies, it was
discovered that the nutrition of a
sexually active man has to be rich
in foods that contain vitamin E, A,
and B. Moreover, in order to
improve the potency, the foods
which you consume must have
satisfying level of proteins,
calcium, cholesterol, potassium,
and phosphorus.
Here's a list of foods you should

Pistachios, sesame seeds,
walnuts, peanuts
Cottage cheese, yogurt,
cheese, sour cream
John's wort, anise, purslane,
cumin, mint, turnips
Garlic and onion
Lemons, oranges, bananas,
figs, pomegranates
Honey mixed with chopped
Mussels, shrimp, and oysters
Beef and flounder


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