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About Thrush: A Mouth Problem

Thrush is a mouth disease caused by candida yeast. Is most common in
older adults
or babies. You will give candida a chance to
grow wild if you have a weakened
immune system, use antibiotics, have
diabetes, or use certain medications such as inhaled corticosteroids.

You will have soreness if you are wiping away the

2 Top Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

In early Alzheimer's, the victim will have
difficulty in remembering common words. The
disease will also disrupts speech, so that the victim might be
struggling to remember
common words.

The victim will also be struggling with short-term memories while long-term
memories usually remain intact. The victim easily forget conversations you
had. The victim may be repeating questions
that were already answered.

Symptoms of Allergy To Meat

Some people are allergic to meat. Researchers at Vanderbilt
University noticed that
thousands of people in the
Southeastern U.S. were having
severe allergic reactions to meat,
such as rashes, vomiting,
diarrhea, and trouble breathing.

When you have this type of allergy you need to avoid red meat and live
your life like a vegetarian.

Avoid red meat and
possibly dairy. I know of a woman who is allergic to eating snail. She
used to have serious diarrhea anytime she ate snail. Is not like that
before, she develop it along the line.

So, you can develop allergic to meat at any period of your life, be watchful.

14 Ways To Prevent Vertigo

Vertigo can be prevented through the following ways.
1. Avoid taking caffeine.
2. Drink lots of water.
3. Take fresh and organic fruits
and vegetables juices.
4. Spend some time doing
5. Do yoga and meditation.
6. Eat healthy food.
7. Avoid stress.
8. Develop and live a healthy lifestyle.
9. Form the habit of eating
10. Curb smoking and tobacco.
11. Stop consuming alcohol.
12. Have enough sleep at least for 9 hours.
13. Avoid sudden jerky
14. Avoid keeping your head tilted
back for a long time.

Great Food Combination for Losing Weight: Dark Leafy Greens and Avodacado

A combination of spinach or kale salad with avocado can be very
effective for weight loss and control. This is due to the fact that a
spinach salad is low in calories and high in nutrients,
but it can leave you wanting
more but you will be more filling when you top it with avocado.

Avocado has a kind of
good fat (monounsaturated) that staves off hunger which make people
who ate it felt 23% more satisfied
afterward than those who didn't.
Plus, avocado helps your body
absorb more of the veggies'
disease-fighting antioxidants.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract which is often
linked to growing older, but
sometimes develop in
younger people,
is a progressive,
painless clouding of the natural,
internal lens of the eye.

Cataracts can
cause blindness over an extended
period of time, because its
block light, making it hard to
see clearly.

3 Other Causes of Sleep Trouble

If you have trouble sleeping it may be due to health issues such as:

Other Causes of Sleep Trouble

1. Pregnancy is one of the reasons for
insomnia, especially in the first
and third trimesters.

2. Menopause
is, too, as hot flashes are
uncomfortable. Both men and
women tend to have sleep
problems after age 65.

3. Shift workers and frequent flyers can
get a circadian rhythm disorder.
This means their "internal body
clock" is out of whack.

List of Health Problems Causing Sleeping Problems

If you have trouble sleeping it may be due to health problems such as:
Heart failure

Thyroid problems



Neurological disorders such as
stroke, Alzheimer's, or


Chronic pain


Mental Health Problems Can Caused Insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by mental health problems such as depression,
anxiety, and post-
traumatic stress disorder. However, it is dissapointing that some of the
medications used to treat these
conditions can also make you not to sleep properly and as at when due.

If you think you're
losing sleep due to the medication you are using for your mental
health problem or any other health issue, why not talk to your doctor
about changing your medication.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods To Nourish Your Heart

Fiber Rich Foods Are Good For Your

It is good to start your day with Oatmeal and bran cereals as they are
heart-healthy foods. Oatmeal and bran cereals have soluble fiber,
which helps lower your LDL
"bad" cholesterol.

Beans and whole grains like barley
are other good sources of fiber for the heart. You
can also get it as a supplement,
like psyllium. However, a diet that's got lots of fiber is best.

Way to loss weight after age 40

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Is very easy to gain weight at the age of 40 and above than to lose
it. To loss weight at this stage, one of the best method is to fill
half your plate with them at
every meal. Fruits
have more nutrients and less fat
and calories than meat, dairy
products, or grains.

It will make you feel satisfied, even if you
eat less. Fresh fruits, such as apples
and berries, are highly rich in nutrients and great substitute for
high-fat or high-sugar

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy
substance. Every cell in your body has
cholesterol and it's something
you need.

Cholesterol helps you digest food as well as make vitamin D
and certain hormones. How much you have is what will determine
whether is harmful to your body.

Cholesterol which is carry throughout your
system by a substance called lipoprotein comes in two varieties:
1. Low-density lipoprotein
( LDL). It's often called the
"bad cholesterol."
2. High-density lipoprotein
(HDL). That's the "good
When levels of LDL are too high,
your chance of heart disease
increases. You should try to
lower your LDL levels while raising the good HDL

You could do this by focusing on foods that
are low in natural cholesterol and
saturated fat but high in "good fats" such as
monounsaturated fats which give you lot of fiber.

doctor or dietician can direct you on how to measure how
much fat and dietary cholesterol
you're consuming…

Less sleep makes you more hungry

It is medically known and proven that less sleep makes you more

When you're short on sleep,
your body's systems get out of
whack. This makes the body systems to messes with the
hormones that let you know
you're hungry and makes your
body think it needs calories
when it actually doesn't.

That is why you feel you are hungry when you don't sleep.

Rehydrate to get fit faster after workout

Eric Oliver, owner of Beyond Exercise, an athletic development and
physical therapy facility in Cincinnati says
"Replenishing your water is critical to optimize your recovery." It is
proven that sipping water after a workout helps your body's cells,
boosts circulation, and brings your body temperature back to normal.

It is recommended to drink 8 ounces before your workout, 7 to 10
ounces every 20 minutes during exercise, and 8 ounces afterward.

If you want to give your water a flavor taste, add a splash of 100%
fruit juice or a slice of lime fruit.

A Roller Coaster Ride Might Break Small Kidney Stones

According to researchers, yearly more than 300,000
people in the United States seek
emergency care for kidney
stones, costing an estimated $2.1
billion. The report also said that about 11 percent
of men and 6 percent of women
will have a kidney stone in their

Preliminary research now suggests that anyone
who's suffered a kidney stone might get relief and get the obstruction
gone in a fun way: a roller
coaster ride.

According to Dr.
David Wartinger, a professor of
urology at the Michigan State
University College of Osteopathic
Medicine, in East Lansing, some kidney stones suffers have been saying
that these
amusement park rides can help
pass a small stone.

Accordingly, his team's
conducted research on the Big Thunder
Mountain Railroad and Space
Mountain roller coasters at
Orlando's Walt Disney World to support that view that riding a roller
coaster could eliminate kidney stones.

In this study, Wartinger's group
used 3D printing to create a clear
silicone model…

Headaches : Symptom of Lack of Magnessium

If you have headaches a lot, you might be suffering from lack of magnesium,
found in beans, nuts, and green
leafy veggies.

Magnesium helps
your nerves work properly. It also help to keep your blood
sugar levels in check.

According to the Association of Migraine Disorders, 400 milligrams a day can help some people who get

Fatigue : Symptoms of Lack of Iron & Vitamin B12

One of symptoms of fatigue is tiredness after a full night's
rest. This could result from a lack of
iron (found in lean meat, beans,
and fortified cereals) or vitamin
B12 (in beef liver and clams).

Iron and vitamin B12 are both important for
healthy red blood cells, which get
oxygen to your body's tissues.

In essence, lack of iron and vitamin can cause fatigue and they should
be consumed appropriately to prevent and fight fatigue.

Meaning, Causes & Treatments For Hives (Urticaria)

Hives (Urticaria)
Hives look like welts and can itch,
sting or burn. They vary in size
and sometimes join together.
They may appear on any part of
you and last anywhere from
minutes to days.


Causes of hives include
- extreme temperatures,
- infections
like strep throat, and
-allergies to
medications, foods, and
- food


- Antihistamines
- Skin creams

Meaning & Treatments for Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Shingles are rashes of raised dots that turns
into painful blisters and shingles
causes your skin to burn, itch,
tingle, or become very sensitive.

Though can appear anywhere,
Shingles often shows up on your
trunk and buttocks. An outbreak
lasts about two weeks. You'll
recover, but pain, numbness, and
itching might linger for months,
years, or even the rest of your


Treatment includes
for your skin
- antiviral drugs,
-steroids, and even

It's important
to treat early so the victim don't
develop residual pain.

Grapefruit can help you lose weight

Grapefruit is no magic bullet for
weight loss. Grapefruit cannot
"burns" fat. No
food can do that. But if you eat
grapefruit as a snack instead of
chips or a candy bar, that can
help you lose weight. Its also a good source
of vitamins A and C.

7 herbal foods for diabetes

Fresh Herbs

Replacing salt, fat and cholesterol with fresh herbs make other foods
to be healthy. Fresh herbs can help protect us against diabetes and
keep our blood pressure and sugar balanced after developing the

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are richly blessed with ample fiber, vitamin A,
lycopene and low glycemic index. All of these compound help to keep
your blood sugar level safe while preventing any quick spike in blood
sugar.Sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes when it comes to


Oat is one of the recommended foods for diabetic patients. WhY? It
fills your tommy for a while and helps keep your blood sugar level
safe at the same time.


Those who already have diabetes are advised to stay away from coffee
because caffeine in coffee can complicate diabetes and hypertension.

However, studies show that those who consume about 4 cups of coffee
daily can cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent.



13 herbal remedies to increase male libido

As we get older, our body natural ability to manufacture testosterone
will reduce drastically. Many men tend to experience less energy, gain
weight and have a lower appetite for sex after their thirties. So,
they need supplement, medicine or herbs to produce large amount of

10 Fruits And Herbs And Their Health Benefits – Part 1

Apple is one of nature's most useful and nutritious fruit. Daily
consumption of apple can prevent as well correct many health
condition. The minerals and vitaminsof apple are concentrated mainly
near the peel, so it is advisable to eat the peel. To obtain maximal
benefit from apple consumption, it must be slowly and thoroughly
chewed. Apple contain fat, carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus, calcium,
potassium, iron, vitamin A, B, B2, and C. It also contains Niacin,
malic, citric and salicylic acid. Apple is useful in the following

1. For treatment of children's diarrhea: apple is an excellent
infectant for the stomach and intestine. It has the ability to absorbs
toxins produced inside the intestine.

2. Prevent dental disorder: when thoroughly chewed, the acid content
kills germs present in the mouth. It contains a mouth cleansing
property which no other fruit possesses. It is a natural preserver of
the teeth and should be taken on all cases of tooth trouble.

3 foods that can treat kidney disease and help boosting renal function

More than 100,000 individuals in the United States are
diagnoized to have kidney illness every year. This a genuine, life-debilitating
condition in which the kidneys can no more channel waste items from
the blood. (1) The National Kidney Foundation appraises that one in
three American grown-ups is right now at danger of creating kidney
illness and those chances increment to one in two through the span of
a lifetime. (2)

The main sources of poor kidney wellbeing are diabetes and
hypertension, which thusly are brought about by a less than stellar
eating routine and way of life. Thusly, the main genuine long haul
answer for kidney ailment is to drink all the more spotless water, get
more practice and, in particular, to reject handled and unfortunate
sustenances for characteristic entire nourishments. The sustenances
recorded beneath are turned out to be especially successful at
boosting renal wellbeing.


Asparagus was viewed as the ideal mending nourishment for o…

10 Nutritional And Health Benefits of Snails

Snail is a small soft creature with a hard round shell on its back. It
moves slowly and often eats garden plants and waste. Many varieties of
snails are edible. Have you eaten snail before or not? Do you know the
nutritional benefits of snail or not? The following list will increase

6 Top Health and Herbal Benefits of Apple

Apple is one of nature's most useful and nutritious fruit. Daily
consumption of apple can prevent as well correct many health
condition. The minerals and vitaminsof apple are concentrated mainly
near the peel, so it is advisable to eat the peel. To obtain maximal

New-onset diabetes patients should test for pancreatic cancer

Diabetic patient are advice to visit a physician for pancreas cancer
as these diseases are linked to each other.If you have diabetes, you
can consider enrolling in a screening program for pancreatic cancer.
This is the advice of researchers from the University of Melbourne, in

Diabetes Women Are More Vulnerable To Stroke Than Men

A recent study found that diabetes was a risk factor in developing
stroke for women but not men. This stroke is related to age as women
with diabetes over 55 years old had a significantly increased risk of

9 Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Diabetes

Frequent urination – This is the common man sign or symptoms of
diabetic. Though, not all frequent urination is related to diabetics
but is one of the primary sign of diabetes. This is a result of

14 Top Ways To Manage Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is the commonest type of diabetes between the two
types of the disease ( type 1 and 2 ).

This is why most information about diabetes is based on the type 2
diabetes. According to report over 5000 people are diagnosed daily for

Rwanda's health sector undergoes revolution with drone delivery of medical supplies to rural areas

Rwanda's health sector is set to
lead the way in the supply of
medical kits to rural areas in
Africa. The country has
inaugurated delivery drones
dubbed "Zips" which can make
up to 150 blood deliveries daily.
The Zipline project as it is called
is funded by US package-
delivery giant UPS and global
vaccine alliance Gavi to the tune
of $1.1million.
Keller Rinaudo, CEO of Zipline
"So this is a really urgent
product. 80% is going to
people, mums and kids
whose lives are on the
line. And the challenge
with blood is that it
doesn't last very long and
there are lots of different
types of it. The project
which is hailed as the
world's first commercial
regular drone delivery
service will initially be
used to deliver blood,
plasma, and coagulants to
hospitals across rural
western Rwanda. Zipline
plans to open a second
base in Rwanda next
Source: African News

Adequate breastfeeding will save your child from developing diabetes and hypertension at early stages

Research shows that more babies stand the risk of developing chronic
disease such as diabetes and hypertension at their young age since
many nursing mothers have preferred baby foods to exclusive
breastfeeding for their infants.

Accordingly, many more babies are vulnerable to malaria and other

Breastfeeding may reduce moms’ risk of diabetes

Breastfeeding may reduce moms' risk of diabetes

According to a new research, mothers who had gestational diabetes
during pregnancy but breastfeed their baby for like 2 months or more
have a lower risk of
developing type 2 diabetes.

The study found that there a link between type 2 diabetes and
breastfeeding since breast-
feeding for more than two

Air pollution has higher heart risks for diabetes women

According to a new US study, women with diabetes
are even more vulnerable than
most people to particle pollution like soot and others like car
exhaust and plant fumes that pose serious health hazard and linked
to the risk of heart disease and

According to the lead
author Jaime E. Hart of Brigham
and Women's Hospital and
Harvard Medical School in Boston,
"There is a convincing literature
that long-term air pollution is
associated with a higher risk of
cardiovascular disease. A number of studies of
short-term air pollution
exposures have suggested that
individuals with diabetes are at
higher risk of cardiovascular

114,537 women were studied a the decades-long
Nurses' Health Study monitoring their data on pollution
exposure and health outcomes.
The result shows that there
were 6,767 cases of
cardiovascular disease, 3,878
cases of coronary heart disease
and 3,295 strokes in the group between 1989 and 2006 .

Though, all women …

End of daily injections for type 1 diabetes as scientists restore insulin production

TELEGRAPH (UK) – The end of
daily injections for diabetes
sufferers could be in sight after
scientists showed it is possible to
restore insulin production for up
to a year by boosting the
immune system.

Hundreds of thousands of people
in Britain suffer from Type 1
diabetes and need to inject
themselves daily to keep blood
sugar levels under control.
The disease attacks insulin-
secreting cells in the pancreas.
Healthy people have billions of
'peacekeeping' cells called 'T-regs'
which protect insulin-making
cells from the immune system
but people suffering Type 1
diabetes do not have enough.
Now researchers at the
University of California and Yale
have shown that the 'T-regs' can
be removed from the body,
increased by 1,500x in the
laboratory and infused back into
the bloodstream to restore
normal function.
An initial trial of 14 people has
shown that the therapy is safe,
and can last up to a year.


This morning i bought
groundnuts and someone that is
diabetics asked me to give her,
so i did. I now decided to ask
from google whether eating
groundnut is good for diabetic.
Though, the answer i found do
not mention groundnut
specifically but it says the overall
effects of nuts as a whole on
diabetes and other sickness.

The article says diabetics can eat
any kind of
nuts as long as they
eat it in moderation and balance
it with healthy choices because
have general health benefits
which diabetics also can benefit

1. One of the reasons why
groundnut and nuts are good for
diabetes is that it helps to lower
High cholesterol levels is
detrimental to our health as it
contribute to the risk of heart
disease. However, the
unsaturated fats in nuts help
lower low-density
lipoprotein, the "bad" cholesterol
while raising the levels
of high-density lipoprotein, the


Many young people are now living with diabetes unlike before where the
disease is viewed as a sickness for the adults. There are concerns
worldwide about the rate at which young ones or teenagers are


There is a popular saying that prevention is better than cure. The
same thing goes for diabetes. Preventing diabetes is definitely better
than curing it.

Diabetes is popular now than before so to prevent it should be easy
than before. Although, many people that develop the sickness do not
have any fault on their part, to be sincere. We must be sincere and


Everybody should be tested for prediabetes and diabetes regardless of
your age, gender or status. Prediabetes is a very dangerous condition
because it can be in the body for a long time without manifestation.
Though, few individuals may show symptoms of diabetes, for instance,
weakness or increase pee, many people's with high glucose level

Association Between Diabetes And Advance Breast Cancer

According to Dr. Lorraine
Lipscombe, a scientist at the
Institute for Clinical Evaluative
Sciences and Women's College
Hospital in Toronto, Women
diabetes may have an increased
risk of being diagnosed with
advanced breast cancer.
to read full article visit

How Important Is Fiber To Diabetes

Anyone with diabetes will know how important is fiber to diabetes
diet. This is because doctors usually advised diabetics to be
consuming foods high in fiber but low in sugar, fats, starch,
carbohydrates and calories.

Food rich in fiber helps to prevent many illnesses including diabetes
and many cardiovascular diseases. Fiber will also help in the
management, control, treatment and cure of those diseases.

People with diabetes should be selective in their diet. Selecting
healthy and high fiber foods is the beginning of wisdom and treatment
for diabetes. Many people were able to control and balance their blood
sugar level through eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables
which are usually high in fiber an other classes of foods with low or
no sugar, fats, starch, calories, carbohydrates.

Food rich in vitamins and minerals also help in the treatment and
management of diabetes. Therefore, should be given serious
consideration by diabetics.

If you have diabetes, yo…

Question: I have been going to the gym every day for a year. I see no difference in my physique. What am I doing wrong?

Answer from Seth Whalen
This first picture is of me fresh
out of highschool, I went the the
gym but I was not focused on a
A few years later, I completed my
goal of competing in the
strongman which was hosted in
my town.
In order for you to see the
results you wish for, you need to
fully commit.
Plan your routines
Have a workout ready before
you hit the gym
Dont waste time talking in the
Keep your he
Read More: https://

Lady Claims Her Boyfriend’s S.perm Cleared Her Pimples

A woman claimed on twitter that she used her boyfriend's sperm to
cleared off all pimples on her face.

People are wondering whether the claim is true or false since there is
not yet any medical hypothesis or fact to back it up.


Erectile dysfunction could be described as the inability or improper
functioning of the male organ. This condition tends to affect the
sexual life of the victims because the penis will not be able to erect
properly for sexual intercourse or penetration.

What Makes Chocolate Healthy?

Whether you're an avid baker, or
just love a sweet treat, it's hard
to resist the appeal of chocolate.
But increasing evidence shows
that resistance may not be
necessary. Studies demonstrate
myriad benefits of chocolate,
from creating a feel-good buzz to
boosting cardiovascular health.
Read on to learn more, then try
some healthy recipes.
The Latest Research
A recent study in the journal
Heart shows that habitual
chocolate consumption is linked
to a lower risk of cardiovascular
disease and stroke. Keeping in
mind that the study only
demonstrated correlation (not
causation), it's nonetheless
exciting to see that among
participants who consumed a
relatively high volume of
chocolate every day, 12%
developed or died of
cardiovascular disease during
the 12-year study. Compare that
to participants who didn't eat
chocolate at all, among whom
17.4% developed or died of the
disease. How much were the
chocolate-eaters consuming?
About 16 to 100 grams per day,
or roughly one half…


Diabetes patients will surely know the importance of keeping track of their
blood sugar levels. But how do they handle a spike called
"postprandial" blood glucose, that comes
after they eat?

Taking some simple
steps, can help diabetes patients to their spike under
control and avoid health complications.

Why Is It Important To Keep an Eye on
Blood Sugar After Meal?

It is important because when blood sugar is high, diabetics can get
symptoms like a
foggy-headed feeling that makes
it difficult to concentrate, focus or meditate very normally.
Their energy may also take a swing,
and they may feel nervous or
could even pass out if their blood sugar levels go too low. And, if
their blood sugar stays up,
they could be at risk for heart
disease, stroke, kidney disease etc.

The American Diabetes
Association (ADA) recommends that diabetics check their blood sugar
levels right before mealtime with
a blood sample from a finger
stick. Then the…

7 Things You To Know About ‘Tuta Absoluta’, The Pest That’s Making Tomatoes Scarce In Nigeria

Nigerians have been severely
affected by the scarcity of
tomatoes, which is a key
ingredient in most of the
delicacies prepared in this part of
the continent. The price of the
fruit has increased by 400
percent; Nigerians now pay
around 200 Naira for the same
quantity of tomatoes which was
sold at 50 Naira few months ago.
But while there have been
different rumours concerning the
tomato scarcity, the real reason
for the scarcity is a devastating
pest attack which has affected
this year's harvest. The pest
known as Tuta Absoluta has
reportedly affected tomato farms
in Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina
and Plateau states.
Initially when Dangote Farms
Tomato Processing Factory
announced that it has halted
operations in its $20 million
tomato paste facility due to a
scarcity of tomatoes, barely two
months after beginning
operations, it came as a surprise
to many that believed Dangote
was the reason for the tomatoes
shortage plaguing Nigeria.
Nigeria is the …


Back ache is a common problem to both male and female but it affects
male most because of the tedious work, long working hours, busy
lifestyle and diets. Backache not only affects the elderly and middle
aged people, but also young people.
The pain may range from little to severe pain which could be so
painful that the victim may not be able to bend his/her waist or walk.


Bedwetting is a popular, old and common health problems prevalent in
kids and sometimes adults, where the victim unintentionally and
unconsciously passes urine in the bed especially during sleep at night
when sleep is sweet and the duration is long.
One of the reasons for bedwetting is that the bladder size is small in
children, thus they may not be able to hold urine throughtout the


Insulin is a hormone that acts
like a key by unlocking your cells to
let in glucose (a kind of sugar)
from your blood to make energy.
Insulin resistance is a condition where your cells do not allow
insulin to unlock and let in glucose from blood to cells to bring out
energy. Since, glucose cannot enter your cells, then
glucose builds up in your blood,
even when you make more
insulin. The reason why cells stop responding to insulin is still
baffling scientists.

You could have insulin resistance for a
long time without any symptoms.
patches of skin on their necks,
elbows, knees, hands, and
armpits are some symptoms of severe insulin

You are at risk of having
insulin resistant if you're
overweight, don't get enough
exercise, have high blood
pressure, or you smoke.

Blood and Heart Trouble
malfunctioning blood
system can also high the chance of getting insulin
resistance, including low HDL


Fatigue is not an health issue to joke with. The following 4 factors
can lead to fatigue.

Not getting enough