Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar : Feeling Dizzy or Shaky

Every diabetes patients should
learn how to know whether their
sugar is low or high. In my two
previous articles, i wrote about
to know that your blood sugar is
high through excessive
thirty/frequent urination and
Feeling of fatique/tiredness. I
you to read those two articles
because knowledge is power.
Today, am writing about one of
the symptoms that your blood
sugar is
low. High blood sugar is the
problem or cause of diabetes but
sometimes due to many factors
blood sugar could drop low in
patients. It must be noted that
low blood sugar is a serious and
dangerous sickness on it own.
Low blood sugar is a silent killer
kill fastly.
One of the symptoms of low
blood sugar is DIZZINESS. Feeling
dizzy or
shaky can be a sign of low blood
sugar or hypoglycemia.
Low blood sugar is very
dangerous and kill fast because
brain needs glucose to function,
a drop in blood sugar means the
brain will malfunction which

Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High : Fatigue or Tiredness

If you are diabetic, it is very
important to be able to read your
blood sugar level without meter
but through how you feel inside
Being able to read how you feel
from time to time concerning
will help you to balance your
blood sugar if it rises.
One of the symptoms that shows
your blood sugar is high is
feeling of
fatigue or tiredness.
Fatigue is one of the major
signals that
your blood sugar is high. The
reason why you are feeling
fatigue or
tired when your sugar is high is
that your sugar which is suppose
be diverted to your body's cells is
instead staying in your
bloodstream. Therefore, your
muscles do not have
enough fuel to use for energy.
The fatigue may range from
feeling only a little tired to
needing a
nap. When your blood sugar is
high you will be feeling tired all
time or after just a little work or
after eating a big
Fatigue for diabetes people is a
signal and symptom that their

Health Updates : Climbing Stairs Improves Health

Climbing stairs improve health
long time ago, a group of
researchers asked 69 sedentary
employees to use only the stairs
at their place of working instead
of using the elevators. The
researcher's found out after just
two weeks that the workers'
aerobic capacity had increased
by 8.6 percent and this allowed
for 15 percent decrement in
mortality risk from any cause.
The workers blood pressure,
weight, size and cholesterol also
improved. It was then concluded:
That taking the stairs regularly is
a simple and effective way to
improve health.
Ear tubes may not improve
children hearing over long term
Ear pain can occur as result of
allergy, chillness, filling of wax
and fluid in the ear, entry of
foreign object in the ear. It can
also occur due to infection in the
Eustachian tube.
According to a recent study on
the long term effect of
implanting ear tubes in children
with hearing disability termed

Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High: Thirst And Frequent Urination

There are many ways you could
know that your blood sugar is on
rise. First, people with type 2
diabetes need to be reminded
their blood sugar
levels can be keep under control
with diet, exercise, and drug.
However, you need to be
checking your blood sugar level
every day with a
meter, to get best results.
Therefore, it is advisable for
anyone with
diabetes to be checking their
blood sugar regularly as this will
them know the kind of action to
take or maybe to keep doing
what they
are doing right.
However, if you do not have time
or your needle has finished, one
the ways to know that your
sugar is high is that you will be
and excessively thirsty.
Thirst and frequent urination are
two significant symptoms of
diabetes due to too much sugar
in your blood.
You will need to urinate more
than normal if your blood sugar
is high
because your kidneys work
harder to
filter out the sugar, pulling more
fluids from your tissues in the

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Infants

Worldwide, many infants are
dying from sudden death (SIDS).
Medical personnel are working
round the clock to correct and
control this problem. According
to the Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA), it
seems that the risk of SIDS highly
reduces when infants sleep with
their back than with their belly.
Though, the relationship
between sleeping with the face
up in infants and SIDS cannot be
well established but some
researchers noted that sleeping
in this manner can prevent
infants from inhaling back the
carbondioxide that has already
been exhaled which can lead to
concentration of carbondioxide
in the blood stream. Making
infants to sleep with their belly
can also lead to excessive heat
Not the best sleeping position for
Many countries such as England,
New Zealand, Australia, Denmark
and Norway usually urge parents
to lay their child on the bed with
their face up and this has
resulted in great reduction of
SIDS death to 5…


In my previous article, I wrote
about the importance of fiber to
diabetes diet. If you have not
read the article it is advisable you
do so. Reading it will give the you
the knowledge about the
importance of fiber for the
controlling and balancing of
blood sugar.
Food rich in fiber is usually
recommended for diabetes by
doctors. Diabetes people should
consider eating fruits and foods
that are high in fiber but low in
sugar calories, fruits, starch and
carbohydrates. Foods high in
vitamins and minerals are also a
must for diabetes diet.
The problem that most diabetes
patients have is that they
concentrated much on using
drugs that flush or balance their
blood sugar than on eating
foods that could equally do the
same or outperformed the drugs

Excessive Eating Increases The Risk Of Eating Bacteria In Food

Excess food intake at a go can
increase the risk of fallen sick
through getting infected with
The acid in our intestine usually
kill the bacteria in the food we
eat. But excess food will be more
powerful than the acid in our
intestine thus reducing the
power of the intestine to kill