Doctor implants artificial vagina

A study published in the Lancet,
to show the power of
regenerative medicine, shown
that four women have had new
vaginas grown in the laboratory
and implanted by doctors in the

What would happen if I cut down all the sugar in my diet (except fruits, honey)?

Incredible things happen when
you do incredible things.
I've deleted sugar from my life
about 1.5 yrs ago, along with
wheat and dairy and increased
the frequency of my running
exercise and thank G-d have
been feeling better than ever – in
every way, in mind and body (&
My diet does include sweets,
mainly fruits (including raisins
and dates) and honey replaces
sugar as desired.
Highly rec
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High levels of the hormone insulin can stimulate breast cancer

People with diabetes may have a
cause for relief because high
levels of the hormone insulin can
even stimulate the growth of
breast cancer.
melatonin is a sleep hormone
that help us to have a sound
sleep at night, but low levels of
this hormone in the body can
stimulate the growth of breast
some 75% of cases are in
women above 50 years. Thus,
risk increases with ages.
Treatment for breast cancer
The best treatments for breast
are restrictive diet and early
detection. Treatment depend on
the stage of the breast cancer.
When cancer is early detected it
can be confined to the organ it
started from where it can be
perfectly removed or cured. But if
the treatment is not commenced
early due to late detection, it can
spread to large area of the breast
as well to other vital organs of
the body. Making oneself
available for the screening
procedures (regular checkup)
can lead to early detection of
cancer while increasing the
chance for cur…

Too much flouride is bad for your health

Fluoride is a natural mineral
abound in water, soil and foods
like tea leaves, egg, fish and
meat. Fluoride is useful when
consumed in reasonable quantity
such as when small quantity is
used in washing our tooth and
mouth regularly.
Benefits of fluoride to our health
Fluoride helps to strengthen the
teeth and prevent cavities,
prevent against tooth decay
when taken in small quantity.
Journal of America Chemical
Society says, "Fluoride helps to
harden the enamel coating that
protects teeth from the acid
produced by decaying bacteria."
Fluoride makes it easy to wash
away decay-causing bacteria
through brushing and other
activity by preventing the
bacteria from having a strong
grip on the tooth.
Despite of all these
aforementioned benefits of
fluoride, it also have it side
effects on health especially if
used or consumed in excess. One
of the side effects of fluoride is
Dental fluorosis occurs during
tooth formation. It ranges f…

No evidence of relationship between fluoride and cancer

No evidence of relationship
between fluoride and cancer
Carcinogenicity studies in
rodents along with human
epidemiological studies have
been used to determine whether
a harmful relationship exist
between fluoride in drinking
water and cancer.
Five carcinogenicity studies in
animals have been reported in
the biomedical literature on
whether fluoride in drinking
water can cause cancer but no
association was found to exist
between fluoride and cancer.
Also, over 50 human
epidemiology studies have been
conducted to identify the
statistical association or
relationship between cancer
rates and fluoride. And again a
formidable association cannot be
established between cancer and


Everybody should be tested for
prediabetes and diabetes
regardless of your age, gender or
status. Prediabetes is a very
dangerous condition because it
can be in the body for a long
time without manifestation.
Though, few individuals may
show symptoms of diabetes, for
instance, weakness or increase
pee, many people's with high
glucose level will have no
outward signs by any stretch of
the imagination.
This implies that everybody
should be tested for prediabetes.
Anybody that falls under the
following categories should be
tested for diabetes. It is quite
advisable to go for diabetes and
prediabetes screening if you fall
under the following categories.